I can still remember how happy I was that day! Woke up in a Saturday morning and Barry decided to bring me out for a date since it's been a really long time we never get to go out and enjoy good food and good tea time. Our weekends are mostly packed up with my dance/singing performances, launching new collections on Twenty3, and his all time favorite game, Magic the gathering.

Honestly, I don't really like dining at restaurants that serve expensive local food. I refused to go in when we first found out about them in Bangsar. I was like no! Nasi lemak wey.

We then heard quite a lot of good reviews about them and Barry did a lil bit more research about them and successfully convinced me to try them out.

"I get convinced easily one laaaa hahaha"

So we went and seriously, I will regret if i never try them out! We both left with happy stomach!

From left to right :

Black Spider Fried Rice RM20.90

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I'm not an expert on this but I've been through this stage especially when my relationship of 5 years ended. I've got a few friends recently ended their relationships with their partners and most of them were cheated by their partner. I normally don't know what to say to them in person. 

Guess this is what I can do to help them to at least feel better.

It's hurting you crazily I know. Especially in the night time. You kept thinking about how happy you were, kept thinking about how your ex spending their happy time with their current partner. You kept thinking about all the things that you did for your ex and kept questioning about how can they turn their back to you and leave just like that. How can they change so fast and live so happily with their new partner like nothing happens. You're angry cz you've contributed so much to the relationship. You gave them almost everything!! You loved him/her more than yourself! You stalk their FB page hoping to see some sad status and if they don't, you get mad. You kept checking your whatsapp or mailbox hoping that they still care about you. You called them in the midnight telling them that you press the wrong buttons etc hoping that they will talk to you and you guys will get back together. You told them you will change and you guys just need to work things out together.

I know it hurts. And I can't just tell you to move on just like that! Cz they used to stand a huge part in your life. You both do everything almost together. You talk about dreams together, gossip together, achieve your dreams together, countless promises.

But...you have to let go.

You have to love yourself more. 

Get a tub of ice cream, cry out loud and forget about the calories.

Set a time frame for yourselves to be sad.

If it's a week, spend a whole week sad to the max. Cry to the max. Cz u can't do it anymore right after the week.

Here's something that you can do.

1) Pick up a hobby
If you already have one, do it. And keep doing it. Doing things that you love make you happy. If you don't have any yet, find one! Be it swimming, playing tennis, watching your favorite drama, reading books (helps the most) and etc.

2) Write down your feelings.
Writting your feelings help to release your feelings. Sometimes it's hard to talk to ppl. Not every understands you. You're the only one understand yourself the most. Writing down your feelings help to control your emotions as well. At least, it helps to stop you from calling your ex telling them how much you miss them.

3) Plan a trip
Traveling helps to speed up the healing process. When you're out of the country, you see more things! And soon you will realize that the world is so beautiful that you don't want to miss any moments being sad.
I have a friend travel by herself, alone and I can see that it helps a lot. So, go travel! Go out and see the world!

4) Shopping! The so called retail therapy!
Dress yourself up! Follow your heart! Turn yourself into a stunning bitch! Shine the world! When you look good, eventually you will be more confident! And when you're confident, you will be more happy!

5) Meet new ppl
Go all the way out to meet new ppl! Don't by shy! I was really shy but I told myself I need to do that cz firstly it kills my time, secondly it's a chance to prove that I still have the market wtf! Trust me. Meeting new ppl makes you feel brand new! And sometimes, it's actually better to talk to ppl that u've just met.

6) Surround yourself with positive people, positive things, positive event!
Stop listening to sad songs! Cz it will not help. It will make you feel even worst. Surround yourself with ppl that you love and ppl who love you! Your friends and family! And most importantly, ppl who r positive!

The healing process takes time. Don't rush it but go along with it. 

Be happy when you're happy! Cry out loud when you're sad!

Let everything out.   

It takes time but it's 100% possible.

You just need to focus on what's happening right now and appreciate them!

Learn from the past, appreciate the present, create the future. 

And most importantly, don't be afraid to fall in love again! You wouldn't have the chance to see a double rainbow without heavy rain :) 


Read here to understand more about the stages of break up. 

You will feel better if you know what might be happening next!


When my past relationship ended, i read a lot of articles and books! And i learned a lot and now turned into a different person. A much mature person. 

If i can do it, you can do it as well!


Dear my love,

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I'm now in my lovely hometown Penang!

Grandma was really sick and she's now in the hospital.

Mom said in the past 2 days, she had high fever and got no appetite for food.

She's not eating anything for about 2 days. All these problems begin right after she got her ulcer.

My grandma used to be very healthy and she loves eating! This is not normal.  

Mom decided to send her to the hospital for the first check. 

She admitted for one night and everything seems to be quite ok after the consultation. 

Mom brought her back to my house for 1 day to rest and everything seems good cz she started eating. 

Mom brought her back again to my uncle's house after that cz she used to stay with my uncle for years.

 And all of the sudden, she got high fever again and she purged in her pants unconciously. 

This consumed a lot of her energy and she can't even walk properly.

 Mom was really panicked and send her to another hospital in the Island for the 2nd time.

 Grandma doesn't look good at all. 

During the first 2 days, doctor actually claimed that "it's not a good sign"


Mom didn't want to proceed talking and asked me to come back ASAP to spend quility time with my grandma.

I was shocked and i bought the ticket next day and came back straight to Penang, which is yesterday.

When i got there, grandma actually feel much better already! (After all the crazy antibiotice injections and the IV drip).

She started eating yesterday and she ate 3 times! She had not been eating for so many days and FINALLY SHE'S EATING!

She was super happy when she saw me and kept praising that i'm very pandai came back here alone to see her. 

hahah And she kept mentioning my husband look very gentleman wtf (she said she assumed that i'm married already and she's thankful that now i have a gentleman looking guy by my side)



So ahma started talking lame jokes then I know she's totally fine now.

She kept telling my mom that she wants to go home because she wants to send me back to KL --> what a good excuse! 

And of course everyone said no to her! 

Everyone feel so relief now!!! Atleast she can talk us lame jokes now and started eating again and didn't puke nor having any diarrhea.

Helping her to wipe her face and i insisted mom to take a picture of me doing that and send to my bro to haolian that i'm a good cucu! hahaha





ps:I need to go now! Will reply all comments and emails tonight! thank you dearies for still staying here reading my blog and give me so much support! I love ya all!!!! 

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Is anyone still here??

Seems like I've been away from my blog for a very long time even though my last update was just 5 days ago...

I feel like a new born baby who just arrived to this colorful world and who was just started to explore the world.

There's this one good day 2 months ago, I told myself that I'm gonna continue dancing and I want to see some result from it, which means, not just saying but doing it! Not just that, but the most important thing is to push my online store to another level! I love fashion and love seeing people receive and love the items that they bought from Twenty3 happily! 

I chose my job over everything in the past 1.5 years. It's a give & take thingy. I need more knowledge and experience to find out what I want to do in future, who I want to be in future and help to create the future that I wanted. 

And if you're wondering like how my close friends did, "why is Sherlyn so active lately?"

The answer is yes, it's like what ya thinking now. I quit my job.

I quit my job without another job on hand...

I quit my job without proving that I'm a superb dance who had won championship in those colorful competition..

I quit my job without a stable singing career like those professional singers who were booked up till next year for shows and performances...

I quit my job without having a business which can feed me the rest of the months with no worries.

Honestly, it scared the shit hell of me! 

Quitting a job also means giving up a very good salary income.

There's a lot of uncertainties.

Quitting my job is not something that came to my mind lie just all of a sudden.

I've been thinking about it long time ago.

I have had a good salary income. good experiences amd good knowledge from my job...

but i'm not satisfied...

Not satisfied doesn't mean that I'm not happy or I hate my job, my office or the people around me. 

I love them, I love Groupon! They're the most awesome people that I've met throughout my life! My sales team, my bosses! My awesome office with ping pong table and bean bags where I can just hide inside whenever I need a power nap.

My job was really challenging and they're something that I NEVER thought that I could achieve!

I've achieved pretty good results and everything were perfect. There's only a thing that is missing...my soul...

I can't feel myself...I can't feel the achievements! I might be happy on that day itself, when i achieved something but I would feel the same again in the rest of the days. 

I started questioning myself...IS this something that I really want? More and more doubts going on.

It's my first job and I couldn't see anything good that wil happen if I quit my job cz it was such an awesome job.

People asked, if this is such an awesome job....why did you choose to quit? You can still do all those things while working right?

The answer is No. I can't do anything aside from focusing on my job. 

I was a leader and I needed ultra focus on my job. Ensure the team is performing well, everybody is happy working, company's goal achieved and think of more and more great ideas to bring the team to the next level. MY responsibility was kinda heavy. I'm still singing and operating my online store when it first started. But everything just gone like that cz I can't focus and I'm just too tired every single day when I got home.


After months and months, I realized that I can't do this anymore. I want to explore the world! I need more new challenges and I want to be excited about my life and my future. One of my BFF colleague told me that, if you can do so well in something that you don't really like, you can surely do well in the things that you like! 

But I'm scared! The only thing about me is that I don't believe in myself. 

There're countless nights that I can't sleep because of this. 

Until there's one day my dad called me all of the sudden saying that he needs to talk to me seriously and it was about my dream.

You will not do it when you're old and when you have a lot of commitment. Go for your dreams he said.

I was touched and I cried heavily deep down in my heart. 

I want to be an entreprenuer and I love performing! And looking on what I'm doing right now, I feel that it's time for me to move to another stage.

Bf had been really supportive all the time. I don't think I can go through this crazy decision makeing process without him.

Althogh bf and the parents were very supportive..I don't have the courage to do it still.

Until there's this one day, I don't know where this 20s courage came from, I spoke to my boss that I'm resigning.

I was so brave until I couldn't recognize myself. 

He asked, what you gonna do then? you don't have a job yet. how?


And that's it. My ended up my working life and I'm here now to go after my dreams! 

If you follow my blog consistent enough LOL, you would've already know what i'm up to.

An entreprenuer, A singer & A dancer. That's my life now and that's the life that I wanted for so long!!!!

It's hard to juggle so many things at one go especially everything is still at the very beginning stage.

But I have faith in myself for the first time throughout my 25 years of living, I can do it. 

The only important thing that I need to remember now is "DO NOT GIVE UP! DON'T YOU EVER THINK OF GIVING UP SHERLYN TAN!"

I told myself over and over again! I'm still scared and there're a few nights that i broke down doubting myself. 

It's normal and the most important is how to get myself up after each break downs. I can't just sit down there and cry cz it's not gonna help me to achieve my dreams. 

I'm super thankful to my customers from Twenty3, my teachers from my dance schools, Talent Hub & Viva Vertical, and one of my colleague who gave me the chance to sing in a wedding function for the very first time! And also, everyone in Groupon whom I spent the most of my time in the past 1.5 years together, growing and learning together!

I need to keep going! I know I can do it! I just need to keep going no matter how hard the journey is...I'm just need to work my ass out to reach out the things that I want to achieve. 



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Part 1 : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/30304969

Full album : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.466314416753094.128795.243458082372063&type=3

Orders / Inquiries : admin@twenty3.my

Back cut out skater dress 
Good quality, can be washed using washing machine unlimited times, thick material.
Salmon Pink
Bust 14.5- 16.5 inches
Waist 12-14 inches
Length 32 inches

Glitter collared dress 
Good quality, thick material, not hot, very comfortable
Bust 17 inches
Waist 14 inches
Length 31 inches

Pearl embellished collared top 
Bust 18 inches
Length  23 inches
Sleeve length  22 inches

Ribbon lace crop top 

Glitter collared top 
Dark brown
Bust 18 inches
Length - Front 21.5 inches
            - Back 26 inches

Glitter collared long sleeve top 
Light brown
Bust 17 inches
Length 22 inches

Scallop collared top (imported from Korea)

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14/11/2012 4 Strands Braid Hair Tutorial


This braid might look complicated to you but it's actually not complicated at all.
You just need to keep practicing it, especially when you have nothing to do at home or while you're sitting in the car, use that free time to practice.


Important : Always start from one side. If you start from the most outer strand, keep doing it until the end and vice versa. I'm kinda use to starting from the inner strand and that's what you can see in the video.

Feel free to send me a picture of you if you managed to do it! :) Share the love! :)


Headband can be found here : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=467123770005492&set=a.467123470005522.128956.243458082372063&type=3&theater


ps: I'll keep updating this post whenever i learned a new hair style. I'm not so good in hair styling but i want to learn more and share with you girls what i've learned! Just like how i started my fashion diary years ago when i know nothing about fashion! Hopefully I can be better and I hope you girls learn something from here too! :)


11/11/2012 Fish Tail Braid Hair Tutorial


I learned this braid since a year ago.


I love braidng my hair although i don't really look as good as i should LOL


However, if you're bored with your long hair and you still yet to know how to braid fish tail hair, here's a video for you.


There're thousands of videos out there showing you how to do fish tail braid. You may search more online if you don't find this useful :)



This is my first time doing it.


Hope you guys will like it!




Subscribe to my 


Youtube channel here : www.youtube.com/sherlynlicious


Nuffnangx : Sherlynlicious


Twitter : Sherlynlicious


Blogshop : www.facebook.com/Twenty3.paris or www.twenty3.my (Website under renovation)

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Note : Ah Hock haven't look through this blog post and i can't wait to update already! haha he might add in some info and correct some grammar mistakes later! So pls pardon all my mistakes for now yo.

Note 2 : Watch our surprise vlog at the end of the blog post! :) I walked you guys through the whole house too!!!! 

Note 3 : Our Ah Hock is on NEWSPAPER!!!! 




I guess this is the best stage for a relationship - the honeymoon period. *can we stay forever here? LOLOL*

I felt like a high school gf again!

Want to do lots and lots of things to surprise the bf!

But i to make sure that i don't do too well this time so that i can still do better in the next few years *hopefully* hhaaha

Me and the parents pakat together not letting him know that we actually do plan for his birthday.

His birthday was on Wednesday and i knew i can't make it that day cz i have dance class. The mom suggested to get him a cake on Tuesday night for midnight celebration just to pretend that that's the only birthday celebration for him.

So all set! The parents prepare the cake and i'll be the president of AHHOCK'S 50 YEARS OLD BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION EVENT! hahaha

He don't allow me to post his topless naked picture with his birthday cake cz he shy wtf hahahahahah

*I really wanted to TRUST ME!*


If you never heard about Huck's cafe*click* yet, they provide private home dining experience. They serve only people who have advanced booking with them, no walk ins allowed.

All the food were freshly prepared and cooked by the owner himself. Ah Huck! hahahah 

We did a lil chat with the restaurant manager. Got to know that this place used to be an art gallery.

The boss Ah Huck owns a house in Gasing and he used to cook for his kids. 

He posted some pictures on his FB just for fun. He got more and more inquiries from FB asking him about where to get his food & etc. 

So he decided to do it and started cooking for people at his house at Gasing.

As time goes by, his house couldn't fit that much people anymore (can only fit 20 ppl max). So he rented this place at instead and proceed to expand his business (they can now fit 50 ppl in one go). 

They gave us a private room! say yeay!


You can even dine outside yo! next time should try here!!!!


I don't really know what to order so i ask for menu of chef's choice. 

They have only 3 choices of menu, RM88, RM100 and RM128. We picked 2 RM88 and 2 RM128.

All menus include 3 drinks (before, during and after the dinner), an appetizer, a soup, a main course & a dessert :)

I don't know what this drink call but it's something like ice cream soda! 3 drinks were served through out the dinner. Only get to take the picture of this LOL

Our appetizer. 

Pumpkin & Mushroom soup.

Lamb shank!!! This is the RM88 menu main course!

Don't know what this call but it's super yummy! my favourite main course of the night! And this is the RM88 menu main course too!

This whole thing was fully stuffed by salmon i'm not even kidding! It was full with salmon!!!!

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Note : Do wait for a while for the pictures to load. It might need sometime since this post is full with pictures!


nahh don't laugh ar u all!!! 



Say Hi to the birthday girl Beatrice! She's onyl 21 years old! #jellyarrrrrr 

21 d! it's time for party and alcohol!

Mad Cute!

Minnie mouse and pikachu!!! Back to our childhood time! 

Decorations by the sales team. Awesome right?!

Little Black Swan!

Love her eye make up! Not sure how she did it! it looks complicated for me to learn loll

Christina rocking her ourfit with her new born tatto! SEXAYYYY

Ballerina my love!!!

I love her outfit the most! Never seen such a nice spiderwomen costume!!! #jakun

Save-money-outfit. All you need is your gf's hair extension and KFC bucket wtf


Sushi!!!! so cute and creative!!!

My eyes can't stop looking at her! Our new model at Twenty3, Cheryl rocking her halloween in her most sexy playboy outfit!

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I wanted to write about this for a VERY long time. I just couldn't find the right time to blog about it.

Until i saw a tweet about someone committing suicide because his loved one cheated on him @.@

And i have this urge to write this post cz i hope everyone who's involved in such cases know that you're not alone cz this happens everyday everywhere in the world.

Let me tell you my stories. I've been cheated on twice, by 2 different guys on 2 different occasions. And it's not like we were in short term relationships. 

The first one was 2.5 years. The other was twice longer.

Honestly, you will be seriously sad when you find out that your loved ones cheated on you, whether it's emotionally or physically. 


Why not stand up proudly and point your middle finger at them?

There are a few stages that you will go through.


1) You guys break up.

2) You find out that it's because he had been cheating on you emotionally/physically.

3) You feel like it's the end of the world. You guys had been together for so long and why! why would he/she go for someone else? 

4) Start blaming yourself and think that you're the worst person in the world and that you must've done something wrong that's why he/she doesn't want you anymore.

5) You can't trust anyone anymore. You want to run away from the world.

6) Tears, tears and more tears.


I just want you to know that you're not alone! Not everyone has been through this BUT I DID! TWICE! AND I SURVIVED! 

Feel the sadness but don't overdo it. Don't let your feelings control you. 

This is very important cz there're so much more things in the world that you still want or need to do.

You still have your family and friends. 


And most of the time, we think...

- We can still get them back.

- It's just temporary. We've been together for so long and no, he/she is not serious about this and eventually he/she will regret and come back to me.

- No, he/she didn't cheat on me. They're just friends. 

- I'm already 24 and i don't think i can still meet someone like him/her.

- He/she is the best person that i've ever met and i'm so used to being with him/her.


All these thoughts hold you back most of the time and eventually you "think" that you still want him/her.

Yes. Sometimes, you just miss those feelings and the memories but not the person. 

But you need to move on. Even if you still want them back you still have to move on!

Why? Cz if you're still there all the time, ready for him/her, they won't feel that they're actually losing you.

In order to get them back, you must at least lose them or make them feel like they lost you first right?

I know that you will not move on cz you "think" that they will still come back, they must've lost their mind temporarily or you will wait for them.

I had the exact same thoughts last time.

In such a case, you don't need to force yourself too hard to move on. But, in order to win him/her back, you must at least brush yourself up a little bit right? Who's gonna love you back when you look like a zombie everyday, crying, and you don't even love yourself?

So, there are a few things that you need to focus on doing now.



I know this is hard but you have to do it if you still want him/her back!  

A relationship is like a rubber band. The more tension you put on it, the higher the risk that it will break. 

So, loosen up your relationship a lil bit and try not to contact them for at least 4 weeks. Why 4 weeks? cz you need some time to calm yourself down and give him/her some time to really think about the relationship too.

You might probably ask what i should do in those 4 weeks? "I don't think i can do it." "We used to talk every night before sleep." "I can't live without thinking about him."

Throughout these 4 weeks, you need to start learning how to move on and make your life better cz you can't just stay in your room the entire day telling yourself not to call him/her.

Find something that you've always wanted to do and do it.

It can be traveling alone, hitting the gym, do something crazy like paragliding etc etc. 

Do something that you love and meet your friends and family more often! surround yourself with positive people!

Talk to your best friend. If they really are your best friends, they won't judge you and they will give you full support. Tell them your plans to get him/her back so that they can help you through the process and you won't feel so lonely. But you don't have to do this if you're not comfortable with anyone.

You will feel a lil bit crazy in the 1st week.

You might start doubting whether this is the right way to get him/her back. Whether there will be a higher chance of losing him/her.

When this happens, you just have to keep the rubber band principle in mind. We're all human and that's what we always do. Holding on to something and doing nothing to improve it because we're too scared of losing it. You must give in order to take. So, just leave it temporarily. If he/she contacts you, keep it formal. No crying no begging no nothing. Just say Hi and if there's nothing important, cut short the conversation. Try to keep minimal or no contact at all with him/her.

If you still find it hard to go through this phase, imagine the days that you will have with him/her in future. Those happy smiles. 

Also, don't stop yourself from crying or being sad. Once in a while, if you feel like it, just cry your eyes out and eat whatever you want. 

Stop listening to all those sad songs though. And stop stalking him/her on their FB or check their phones or whatever. Cz you don't want to be controlled by your emotions. 

Hold on, hold on for just a while. The first few days might be hard but it will not be the same later. 


2) Now, start thinking deeply what's the actual reasons for the break up.

There will surely be more than one reason but you gotta be honest with yourself.

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I bet most of you would've already known about this term. 

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorcer caused by inappropriate food restriction, fear of gaining weight or the thought of being fat all the time even when people say that you're not at all. 

I went through my puberty at my really young age. I was only in standard two and i remember there was one day i felt really uncomfortable around the breast area. 

Mom brought me to see a normal GP nearby our house and guess what? The doctor suggested an immediate surgery cz there's a lump inside my breast.

I cried when i heard that and i told my mom i'm not gonna do that! 

Parents were kinda worried and it was a Sunday. Most of the clinics were closed. 

Mom then drove me all the way up to my grandma house, which is quite far away from my house to the only one clinic that we heard was open. 

The doctor was a Sikh. And the doctor congratulated mom by saying it was not a tumor but your daughter is at the very beginning of her puberty stage now.

Phewwww thankgod!!! Or else i will only have 1 boob you stupid idiot doctor!!!!! Our family never went back to that clinic anymore and the doctor is still operating until now zzz.

So, what's up with this stupid puberty story related to Anorexia? No, don't get me wrong, i've never had anorexia but almost, almost if i continue feeling that way.

I was kinda fat compared to all the students in my school due to early puberty.

I was 157cm, 50kg when i was in standard 5!!! IMAGINE HOW FAT I WAS!

Ya know i was really annoyed when my PE teacher ALWAYS assigned me to throw shot put FML

I was never a confident person and i always go on diets. I care so much, so much about how other people look at me.

I lost 10kgs in around 3 months twice in my life and this is the reason why.

I remember i was eating maybe 2 eggs & 1 bowl of instant mushroom soup only each day. 

There're a few stages involved. Normally it begins with people going on a strict diet because they don't feel good about their looks, then they lose a lot of weight and friends and family start complimenting them that they're prettier now and then they become even stricter on food intake due to the  fear of gaining weight and of going back to the old days again. They will start starving themselves even more than before and whenever they look at the mirror they feel good about each kg that they lost. This will remain for a certain period of time and they start to eat less and less until they stop eating almost completely. Maybe only a little bit of water. 

My cycle went up to only having a small bowl of Nestum for brunch and maybe 2 sausages or nothing at all at night. 

I was really skinny and i felt really good when people said that I lost weight. Even though there were a lot of times when people complained that i  looked sick and weak. But I didn't care cz i wanted to be skinny and i wanted to fit in all those S size pants which i never did throughout my 20 years of living. LOL

Another side effect of going on a strict diet is mood swings. I tend to feel depressed almost everyday when i was skinny, and I wasn't happy at all.

I started eating again like a normal person 6 months ago when i first started my current relationship. 

I've never been this happy before!!! But of course, i gained about 4-5kgs and i'm focusing on a healthy lifestyle instead of strict diets right now. 

The ideal weight wouldn't be maintained if we go on strict diet drastically. It will definitely bounce back one day when you feel good about food again.

My focus right now is to dance and work out as much as i can & eat eat eat eat. Eat healthily of course. Don't starve yourself and don't count the stupid calories! 

I did that and my life sucked! Cz i couldn't really eat anything good and when i thought of the hours that i needed to be on the treadmill i would not eat that freaking super yummy Reese's peanut butter cup!

Eat up people! IF you're like the old me who's not satisfied with your own body shape, eat up and workout instead!

Here're some videos that i use to dance to!




OR you can join dance classes if Gym is just not a very good choice for you.

There're a lot of dance schools everywhere but these are the ones that i go to for now.

Talent Hub - Hip hop, contemporary dance, latin, burlesque etc


Viva vertical - Pole dance, burlesque, yoga




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Note : The reason that i'm sharing this is because i had a hard time finding people to talk about this. Especially when my mood swing & felt nauseous. I read a lot online and it really helps. If you're shy to ask here but would like to know more about this, you may email me at sherlynlicious@gmail.com  :) Every girls must protect themselves. Every guys must know how to protect their girl / women as well. If you're not opting for condoms for a several valid reasons (too costly, skin sensitive etc), this would an important knowledge that you need to know. SAY NO TO TEEN PREGNANCY!

Note 2 : I closed the comment section because of some non related comments left by irresponsible people. Anything pls email me directly. Thanks


 Have been wanting to write about this for a long time.

 Our teacher never really taught us about this and most parents either ignore it or force their children to not have sex.

 But well, everyone know that it's happening. Especially youngsters these days.

 I'm very honest with my family and we talk about sex from time to time. (haha not so often la)

 Honestly, i didn't really know much about this until i met my current bf. 

 He did a lot of research and we finally found the best method of birth control.

 And i would like to share some of the related topics here.



 Birth control methods

 1) Condoms - Male & female condoms Click on how to use a female condoms

 2) Oral contraceptives - Hormone pills that contains estrogen and progestin which will help to inhibit ovulation and so prevent conception. These pills need to be taken for around 21 days each month.

 3) Contraceptive patch - A patch that releases synthetic estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancy. It can be applied to any of your body part. Similar hormones as in birth control pills. You have to stick for around 21 days  each month.

 4) Injection - Can be done in any hospital. This needs to be done every 3 months. Any longer than that will increase the risk of pregnancy.

 5) Vagina ring - A ring that stays inside the vagina for about 3 weeks to prevent pregnancy. It releases hormones similar to oral contraceptives & Contraceptive patches. 


 There're a lot more methods that can be found online. These are the well known types.


Factors to consider while choosing a birth control method

 1) Overall health condition

 2) How frequent your sex life is

 3) Possible side effects


The best method for couples who are very close to each other (seeing each other like every single day haaha) would be birth control pill, patch & injection.

There're a lot of birth control pill brands that can be found in drugstores like guardian, caring etc. 


Why i chose birth control pills instead of others

 Very simple.

 1) Patch : I don't like to stick anything on me and it's quite unsexy LOL haah

 2) Injection : Scared of pain wtf 

 Birth control pills differ according to the dosage of the hormones & the price.


 Side effect of birth control pill

 Headache, dizziness, breast tenderness


 Decreased libido

 Mood swings



My experience

 I knew nothing about BC pills previously. Ooib was the one who did all the research & Carol (the gal who brought us together) was also the one who taught me a lot about sex & pregnancy prevention wtf hahahaha

 I heard a lot of rumours about BC pill where people gained like 5-10kgs after taking the pill. 



I'm on Mercilon and this is how it looks like! 

 So cute right? It's in pink and it shows you when you last took your pill so that you will know whether you missed any of the pill.

 Ooib chose mercilon since it has a lower dosage of hormones, fewer side effects and also affordable, at around RM21-25 per pack.

 So i started the pill in April. I had dizziness, breast tenderness, nausea & mood swings especially in the first few months. 

 I felt like crying almost every other day and i had no idea what was going on. I blamed the pill though hahah

 Lotsa people might ask questions like "what if I miss a pill? this is the most common question i can say cz i asked a few times too.

 According to the pharmacist, couples still need secondary protection for the first month even though the girl is on the pill. 

 Sometimes I tend to forget to take my pill too. Ooib has his alarm set for me everyday at 8pm and i had mine set too so that both of us won't forget again.

 If you forget to take the pill for 1 or 2 days. Don't worry, nothing will happen. Just make sure that you take the pills that you missed immediately whenever you realized it.

 Another frequent question regarding BC pills is about weightgain.

 I did a lot of research before cz i was so freaking worried about getting fat.

 It does make you feel like eating more but that's just in the first few months while your body is adjusting to the hormones.

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I'm not really good in make up yet. Still picking up the skills and this post is gonna be mainly my detailed make up pictures.

You may run away now just incase i kinda blur your eyes with too many of my pic.

Just want to show ya all what i did to make my eyes look 2.5 times bigger. LOLOL

Here's an overall view of my make up. 


Product used : 

The Face Shop HD Perfect BB Cream

The Face Shop Fake Eyelashes (XL size)

Empro Triangular Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)

Majorlica Majorca Eyeshadow Palette (BR355)

Maybeline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black)

Stila All Over Glow Pretty Pink blusher (S1K6-01)

Canmake red lipstick (03)

Freshkon Alluring Eyes contact lense (Winsome Brown) 


What i did to make my eyes look bigger :

1) Lengthened my eyeliners with longer wings to create the dramatic effect. 

2) Lengthened my eyebrows to match the length of my eyeliners.

3) Draw fake bottom dramatic eyelashes.


More pictures! HoOOLaAALaaA

Will update more about Groupon Halloween soon!!!


For the mean time, don't remember to check out our November update tmw at Twenty3 FB! http://www.facebook.com/Twenty3.Paris


Also me at nuffnangX! 


Or search for Sherlynlicious

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Yup! that's the brand name! Too Cool for school! #cute 

I was so excited when i received this! They were imported from Korea and which brought in by a girl who loves Korea so much that she created a fan page just to gather everyone who loves everything about Korea! *Her Korean Things

From left to right, milk gloss, crayon lip sticks & mashmallow puff.

I'm using pink crayon lipsticks & milky pink lip gloss. I've always wanted a pink lipstick cz that's the only weapon for me to look sweet especially when i need to go for any dates, anniversary celebration & etc. 

The crayon lipstick was really soft and easy to apply. But it's kinda fragile at the same time since it's crayon. I broke mine cz i was too harsh while applying it. 

Like mom always said to me : "Can u be more girly ar? you dress up like a sweet girl but always act and talk like a man!" #rolleyes

Sorry la mom! My voice is already like that cannot change. And i cannot be too girly! have to be man a bit so that i won't kena rob wtf *outogtopic* 

Red, Orange, Pink.

The colors are soft and not too heavy. It's perfect for work & school! Not so much for party though. I love it cx it's very casual! 

The next one would be the marshmallow puff. so kewwttttt 

can be used to apply BB cream/foundation/ concealer using the edge or blusher using the bottom.

Love my pink lips!!!!!!! 

In overall, the quality was quite moderate, but it's definitely a good gift to pemper yourself or to your friends! 

I love the crayon lipstick the most. But sadly mine broken d! Gotta buy one from them again.

For more details, head over their FB yo. Click


Before that, pls follow me at NuffnangX-click yo! Search *Sherlynlicious* :)

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