There're a huge range of red color lipsticks out there.

I really wanted one but i don't know how to pick which exactly the "red" that i want.


Should i go after those red with glitters, orangy red, pinky red, chilli red. I have no idea at all.

I've been searching tips online and there's actually quite a lot of websites are talking about it.

It doesn't really make me feel secure about it though. Cz i think different people have dfferent skin tone.

So the best way to get the red lipstick that suits you the most is still, try them out yourself!


Very Basic Tips! You probably already know about this! But sometimes we just need some assurance from people who did that before don't we?

1) Go to drugstores like Watson, Sasa etc! I love Watson the most cz there's not gonna be someone who's gonna follow you throughout your whole buying process. I don't like to be shadowed by those sales girls cz they kind of like adding indirect pressure to me LOL. 

2) Pick ANY brands that you like, be it Revlon or any others, you can even try all of them if you're able to go there for a couple of times! 

3) Pick one of the lipsticks, wipe the surface on tissue paper for cleanliness purpose. Try them out by applying them on your lips. Wipe them off again using tissue paper and make sure that they're clean before you put them back on the rack.

4) Now, walk around with your new red lips if you "kinda" satisfied with the result! You will know whether it's good or not based on the comments that you might get from others. You will have more time to get use to the color too.

5) But well, if you're not satisfy yet, wipe it off with your make up removal tissue (not encourage to do too many times), I'm using biore  though, and try other colors until you satisfy!


And this is my ONLY ONE RED LIPSTICK! From CANMAKE, Sasa, around RM69.90 If not mistaken. 

this awesome reddy last me for about one year and i'm still using it now. 

I'm not a very adventurous person and there's no need to be adventurous on this unless you do heavy make up in most of the time.

And if I need to attend wedding dinner or any important events, i will top it up with my lip gloss to make it more outstanding. 

I rarely do so though. Cz the red from the red lipsticks is good enough for me.

It's more like a orangy red instead of hmm redred.

Took this when i first started using this. My hair still brown that time.

In bright day light.

And some iphone pictures.

One bad thing about red lips is that it hardly last long, especially when you're in an event or something.

This is the most effective and i guess the only way in my knowledge on how to keep the color.

Red lips are fun!!!! You can even create the shape of the lips that you want buy using lipliner and concealer. 

You may read more here.


Hope this help! Got this question quite often lately so i was thinking might as well just blog it here :)

I'm not a pro in make up. I only have 1 very basic set of cosmetics and they're all very easy to use and very afforadble.

And yes, i'm as lazy as everyone else! Once i get used to one brand, i rarely want to switch to other brands unless miracles happen! hahaha

Btw, my red lips look even better with my red hair!!! Red addict!

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It was Friday and as usual, I was lazy to dress up nor do any makeup. 

A simple long dress is always my first choice for lazy day!

Poser playing around her picture with Meituxiuxiu to create the bubble effect so that she don't scare ya all off with her bare face.

N yes. I did draw my eyebrow heeheh

Sunnies : Topshop

Grey Long Dress : BKK

Bracelets: Coming soon at Twenty3, for early reservation, email

Bag : H&M


Was at H&M again yesterday and found this super cute shoes accesories!

you can pin it any part of your shoes.

It's a good alternative especially when you're bored with your plain heels, not just flats. 

They come in a lot of colors and designs. Neon pink, neon yellow, silver, blk etc. And it's cheap. not more than 20 bucks if I'm not mistaken.

Go check it out girls!


Btw, i found quite a bit of interesting pictures to share lately. So this is like a tmblr post la! Mainly on pictures!






I'm looking forward to this coming week! 

Have dance class from Sunday till next Friday non stop + bf took a day off on Monday to chill! woohoooo 

Life is greaT!!!



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Still remember that day i asked Ah Hock..."Ei, Ah Hock ar, today my birthday got plans ar? or i should go dance class?"

Then Ah Hock said "No plans wor, go dance class la!"

I was like !@#$%^&*%$#&*&^%$#@^7 MY BIRTHDAY WEYYYYYYY oklo...go dance class lo.

Then he texted me in the evening to see whether i'm keen to sacrifice my dance class to a dinner date with him or not.

ps in my heart : "Arghhh finally!!!! #spinchair" 

And he major failed lo he don't know the way to get there! hahaha 

I never heard about this restaurant before i thought that it's a fine dinning restaurant but it's not. 


Mom first reaction when she saw this pic : Ceiling pun ho hip =.=" (Hokkien Direct translate to English : ceilling also shoot)

Seriously, hui pun hip? (Hokkien direct tanslate to English : Light also shoot?)

Guess what i brought back their menu for ya all! 

Chunky Smoked Salmon Mousse

Chunky Mushroom Soup

Creamy Cheese Brandade

Salted Egg Yolk Chick Strips

Chroizo fried mushrooms

It's too much for us! Should've ordered lesser. The mushroom soup was really good! My favourite of all.

They're famous for their cempedak cake. We tried one and i don't really like it but Ah Hock likes it. 

Present time!!! Tadaahhh This was from Bro!!! :) Hello Kitty Swarovski necklace!!! Owh i feel young again!!!!! 

I used to love kitty, then put kitty aside, then love back kitty, now love it even more. LOL

Pressies from Ah Hock!!!


H&M Studded Bag & Topshop Studded Purse!!! Owh you know me loveeee!!!! I love both of them so so so so muchhhhhhhh Thank you Ah Hock!!!!

Can't believe that i'm already at the age where i don't want people to know my age anymore :( Lao Liao La!!!!!!!


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Yeah! My little online music lounge! *you may find it at the right side bar*

We gonna have videos updated from time to time whenever we have the chance to work together. 

It's just for fun and i hope that we can do better and better from the now onwards. 

We don't have a very canggih camera nor PA system to do those recordings yet and we still have a huge room for improvement.

Hope you guys enjoy and feel free to drop us an email on your feedback or any song request are welcome too.


Some of the pictures that the photographer, Ethan took for us that night.


Some videos from the night.



New song in music lounge.


Dream, i'm moving towards you. Turning the impossible to possible. Bless me.

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Recent frequent nightmares and night. Only to find that I did not put down the pain.

Wake up during the day and two wet. Holding indulge in the Duke dream of his hahah wtf Constantly sobbing.

After the discovery, Horror, earthquakes piece is also too much of it. Got their own uneasy.

Today went to see his mother-in-law. More than two hundred dollars to buy health care products to her.

Mother-in-law holding my hand, tears. Stop me to say thank you.

Suddenly, I really want to own the only grandmother.

 My grandmother almost with his mother-in-law age. A few are 80.

 Every holding her mother's hand, I feel distressed.

 Often see her pick up the needle, thorn skilled to her stomach, my tears fell.

 Mother-in-law has diabetes, has been ten years.

 Although I am not married, did not understand married have to go to this. I would not be sorry to know this lovely lady. Also willing to see her shouting "Reverend Mother"



Ok la i don't dare to scold google also cz if i translate, it's gonna be even worse! #LOLfact





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The bf's sis was invited to sell her preloved clothes in the Churpout event which was well organized by the Churpchurp team.

There're a lot of blogger celebrities were there selling their prelove clothes which include, chuckei, fourfeetnine, Cheeserland & more.

Publika is always our first choice to lepak during the weekends. It's not too crowded and they used to have a lot of interesting events!

The most important thing is, no jam! I hate to go malls like One U / Pavilion especially in the weekends. SOFREAKINGJAMMM

 ok picture time.

The parents cute right? heeh

Met Jezmine, one of my favourite fashion blogger!

Got this neon spike belt and studded earrings from Aud & Cheesie. 

My boss saw me wearing this earring and he was like ei, u wear bullets on ur ears ar? FML

My pastel nails and double attached ring! <3

Bf with the gun, anti social all the time! *don't u start neglecting me ar not even 6 months i'll cut u into pieces and throw u to feed dogs"

Finally putting down his phone afer i scolded him but still, ASB (anti social behaviour) with the phone.

Woolaaaa seee handsome nia! asked you not to play too much with ur phone! should take more nice pictures like this and practice ur smile!

Me Ms.Nothingtodo decided to force the bf to take my vain pictures while waiting for our tea set from T Forty Two!


I love Tea sets! Especially the one from Delicious! Theirs one is the best!!!!

This tea set was quite good as well but not as good as Delicious that one.

RM59.90 for two, but can fit up to 4. 2 types of teas on your choice were included too.

From the top : 

1) Chocolate Banana Pie (you can pick any of the cakes available), Chocolate truffles (yumyum), Strawberries, mashmallow (must try!), macarons

2) Plain scones

3) Egg Mayo Sandwich, Tuna sandwich, Smoke salmon sandwich & Chicken Tortilla Wrap


ps: Their chicken tortilla wrap was much more nicer than the one that i make for ooib everyday! :( I should go cooking class. Yes. Groupon pls. Thanks.

Met Vivien who i knew from the online world! And we dyed our hair at the same day at the same hair salon!!!

Love her purple and pink hair!


Top : Topshop

Earrings : Twenty3

Skirt : Twenty3

Bangle : Diva

Bag : H&M





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Dear Ena Matsumo,


I wish i can be petite like you! So that i can wear all your clothes from Emoda!




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Parents and bro were complaining that i'm gaining too much weight and my body is running out of shape & YES! 

Although i denied by saying that i'm happy now so what but secretly, deep inside my heart, i felt that it's time to shake off some fats already.

I gained 4kgs ever since I start pak toh wtf!

My life was really happy and we had dessert almost everyday after dinner & froyo every alternate day.

Yes. Suddenly i felt that we're actually quite rich! lol

But i do not want to go on strict diet cz it wouldn't last long! *i love to eat hahaha*

So i started to be more careful on food intakes.

And here's my diet plan :

1) Oat 

2) 2 Tortilla wraps (pork ham, cheese, tuna)  OR mihoon soup (mihun + vege + meat + fishball)

3) mihoon soup / pan mee soup (only if i'm too hungry)


I try not to starve myself at all and i will eat fruits whenever i feel hungry. 

I try not to eat anytime later than 7pm too.

And..And And...Finally i see some results!

1.5kg off in 10 days! *I don't know why so fast. Propably because i've been busy with my dance show and dance classes. I danced almost everyday*

I was like this.



58.5kg WTF SIBEH PUI KA AI SI LIAO! hahaha

Round face! you probably will say that no ar...not so fat also..but i i can't wear my old pants! FML



This is me now!!! *Doesn't look much difference though. But i can see it very clearly when i'm naked cz no more muffin top!*

After burning out the 1.5kg. I'm now proudly weight at 57kg WTF SO HEAVY!

My weight never drop below 50kg ever since the day i reach 11 years old :(

I'm always on the heavy side the heaviest me went up till 65kg which is when i just came from US. FML!


I wan to go down a lil bit more! 55kg. 

2 more kgs to go. 

And this is ma motivations!
























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Siam Paragon

We call it food heaven!

We went to Siam Paragon with only 5 objectives!

1) Mango sticky rice

2) Shibuya honey toast

3) Ice montster (Didn't had it here, had it at terminal 21 instead)

4) Dairy queen ice cream (Didn't had it this time!!!! grrr stomach always full)

5) Lotte (those almond sticks are very cheap here! must buy!)


Ohya! Forgot to talk about tax refund!

Don't forget to ask the people there whether there's any tax refund! Some places like central world do provide you a tourist card where you can get extra 5% discount for all shops in the mall. 

For tax refund, you would need to fill up your passport details. So don't forget to bring your passport there. 

You would need to gather all your tax refund receipts and claim the money at airport in cash term. It might be in credit term as well if the amout is too huge. 


Bobo recommended me this place After you dessert cafe which located at the Ground floor of Siam Paragon, near their food hall.

Their best seller is Shibuya honey toast.

We were kinda full and there's too much things that we want to try. So we decided go for only 1 shibuya honey toast & another mango sticky rice to fill up our tea time.

They do serve full meal course aside from desserts. 

Free tea!!! Yeayyyy

Shibuya honey toast! Toast+ vanilla ice cream + whipped cream + peanuts + honey = A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

The toast was so soft and crunchy at the same time. Especially when it melt together with the ice cream. Felt like I just put in a heaven into my mouth!

Mango sticky rice!!!! The best compared to all other sticky rice that we had.

1 for 100 baht. Expensive but totally worth it! 


They have a lot of stalls inside the food hall! 


After energizing ourselves with the sweetest and yummiest dessert in the world, shopping come just in time to burn all the fats!

I picked a few interesting brand to share here.

The first would be Jeffery Campbell!

Their shoes are really outstanding!

They have 2 locations in Siam Paragon itself. One located outside of Isetan and another one at Isetan.

The prices are actually quite ok for big brands like them! Average price is about 4000 baht.


Another eye catching brand is Rouge Rouge.

Their designs are so WOW and FUNKY!

Imagine yourself carrying this huge mustache bag walking on the street in Paris. #daydream wtf

This is 2 bags yo.

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Note : 

We didn't go to these places at the same time.

Gathered all of them here since they're quite similar.



Chatuchak is a very well known weekend market which can be reach by BTS. Mo Chit Station. You can get lotsa variaties of cheap stuff. Range from clothes, home accesories, vintage clothes etc

The ticket is around 20-30 baht depends on where you depart. (one way, per person) Taxi & tuk tuk usually charge around 200-300 bath.

Don't get con by those tuk tuk if they offer you for 50baht only. cz they probably gonna bring you to those diamond stores / seafood restaurants who will pay them commisions if they do so.

Operation hours : 6am - 6pm

Saw this while we're walking towards the BTS station from our hotel. I don't understand what's the ad about. Probably some medicine that can make your boobs bigger! haahah

Mom making fun with it....hahha

Parents in marine couple T. Their whole wardrobe is always full with all kinds of couple T. All colors and all kinds of designs u name it. LOL

Curi Curi shot this photo. I acted like i was shooting the H&M ads but i'm actually aiming at this pretty girl. I'm so sorry i know it's not right to do so but i'm a girl and i have no intention on her. She's just too pretty! LOL

Our first meal of the day! they call this salad hahaha but it's nice!

I wonder who will buy this bag man haaha 

Studs fever wtf 

owh i love this! I always buy accesories from this store! but i couldn't remember the name! maybe pinkish-yellow as what stated on the price tag.

All the earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets were handmade by them. Love those rings especially those connected ones. 

Sherlyn's must eat fried "bird eggs idk what ya call" & fried squids. 

FYI, the cholestrol of 1 birdie egg = 7 normal chicken eggs. anyone who loves birdie eggs like me FOL

The delicious Thai Ice Tea!!! 40 baht quite expensive! but no choice cz we're memang tourist and our blood is meant to be sucked. LOL

I didn't realize that she's looking at me at such a face! haha but this is another MUST EAT in chatuchak market! Coconut ice cream!

They love kitty like I do. haha You're allowed to pick any flavours that you want. Can mix them up too!

Jeng Jeng! yummyyy

This is so interesting and i almost bought it! But i stopped myself cz i don't think i will have the chance to use it! Kinda regret now!

It's 1800 baht though. Mama suck blood!!!!

I didn't really get anything from chatuchak this time! cz not much choices and i normally shop more at platinum fashion mall & siam square. 

And it's like our first day. So didn't really have the mood to buy anything yet.


Wat Pra Kaew (the grand palace)

Same thing! Don't be agraid to force the taxi uncle to use meter cz it cost us like around 70 baht only from here to platinum fashion mall compared to the price that they proposed, around 200 baht.  We went there and left there by taxi using taxi metres. "Pad Sherlyn's shoulders hahaha"

The entrance ticket is very expensive. 400 baht per person. If there's anyone come to u saying that they're tour guide and they can provide u free sarung or whatever, don't trust them! cz you can just rent those sarung / t-shirts (if u're not well covered up haha) with just a 200 baht deposit each piece. And u can claim the money back by returning them. 

Operating hours : 8:30 - 15:30

This is how i look! i know i know i look dumb! 

Shooting parents photo using different mode. I prefer the bottom one! which one u guys prefer?

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Note : These are my suggestions based on my experience and my preference. My preferences include cheap taxi fare, not to walk to far, wifi, fridge (i need yakult to pangsai wtf) & no weird smells. There are a lot more reviews and suggestions out there that can be found online. You may search more from other blogs too :) 


Where to stay in BKK

This is like the 3rd time of the year I've been to BKK. 

Tickets were kinda cheap and bro has to do his prayer at Erawan Shrine. So yeah, family trip to BKK!

Our tickets were priced at around RM500+, round trip, included tax & baggage charges. 

As usual, we book our hotel from Groupon! *That's what I did everytime! I will surely be the PIC for accomodation cz i know how to get good groupon travel deals!*

Here's the deal that we bought.

We bought the 4D3N deal, RM358 for 2 persons. (Around RM65 per person per night)


Tips on how to choose a hotel to stay in BKK!

1) Go Groupon Travel Page (I'm serious not promoting ok! There's a lot of good deals! Save $$$)

2) Pick Based on hotel location (Must be VERY near to BTS station & not too near those "omgtoofamousattractions"

    --> VERY near means not more than 5 minutes walk from hotel to the station. The distance that you have to walk don't worth the amount that you're saving cz it's gonna be very very tiring especially when you just came back from places like chatuchak. (Unless you don't mind walking / want to lose weight wtf haahah

    --> preferably not around platinum fashion mall cz the traffic will make u crazy! taxi fare will be expensive as well! 

3) Read reviews from Tripadvisor 


If everything is ok, you may book your hotel and enjoy your trip.

There're a lot of cheap hotels in BKK. Our previous hotel was like around RM40 per person per night only. Also from groupon wtf

BUT, the airport transfer & the taxi fares were SO EXPENSIVE! Each trip cost us around 200 baht to everywhere. Unless you go in a group of 4 ppl then it's still ok. We don't really know how to bargain that time. My negotiating skills are better now! haha I forced all the taxi drivers to go by meter and out of 5 taxis that we took, 2 of them go by meter. It's dirt cheap. 60 baht compared to the initial price proposed by the taxi uncle at 200 baht / BTS at around 120 baht for a group of 4. #senseofachievement!

I like our hotel this time because it's like 5 minutes away from BTS station (Rachathewi station) ! At least we can take train -->  more shopping!!! wtf

Besides, the taxi fare also quite cheap since it's quite near to Platinum fashion mall, Siam square & most of the famous attractions.

Unlike our previous hotel, taxi drivers always charge us at least 200 baht for 1 trip to most of the places.


How to travel around BKK?

Depends on how many of you in a group and how your negotiating skills! haha

1) Force taxi uncle to use taxi meter. Else, move to another taxi. As I mentioned above, taxi by meter is really really cheap only! But also depends on the weather. If it is a rainy day, it's gonna be very hard to bargain.

2) Take BTS. not more than 30baht per person per trip. Cheap, easy and fast.

3) Don't take tutuk unless you want to be pork knuckle haha

IMPORTANT : Try not to take cab in front of your hotel, walk down the street a lil bit so that they can't charge your a sky high price. Always try to negotiate. You will surely get a much cheaper price. 


Where to shop in BKK?

There's thousands of places for you to shop in BKK. Here's my priority list.

1) Platinum fashion mall - Shopping heaven wtf You can dig all the golds there at a very cheap price!

2) Chatuchak - Open on the weekend only

3) Terminal 21 - Lots of local designers brand!

4) Siam square - not cheaper than platinum fashion mall but they have more trendy clothes

5) Siam Paragon - Mango sticky rice & Shibuya honey toast


We didn't go floating market nor other attractions like chinatown, silom, chaophraya river...i hope i can bring my parents to all those attractions next time.

It was a chill & relax trip.

 Our taxi fare from airport to our hotel is around 450 baht. IT's FREAKING EXPENSIVE! Normally we only pay about 300 baht - 400 baht. 

The taxi uncle quite friendly though. (I bet all of them are like that)

this is what he stick in his car! hahahaha

Taxi fare list.

He mentioned to us that he was in Saudi Arabia for 30 years. 

He walked us through his histroy along the way from airport to our hotel. LOL


Here's some photos of our hotel. 


*I bought RM100 worth of swimwear after that but didn't get to swim! and i actually don't know how to swim wtf*

They welcomed us with this rambutan & free flow orange juice. So awesome!!!

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Embedded image permalink


I used to dance a lot when i was studying that time in MMU. I stopped dancing ever since i graduated.

After 1.5 years of hardcore working life, i decided get my butt off my office chair and get back to the dance stage. Not only to shake off all the fats that i gained throughout this 1.5 years, but also to continue the journey of this tiny little hobby dream. 

I love dancing! My world became so peaceful and i tend to forget all the stress whenever I dance.

I love contemporary dance & all kinds of sexy dance *oops, secret bongkar* and i'm currently practicing at Talent Hub @ Desa Sri Hartamas.

So back to how i get into this holy cow thing. There was this one sunny day i decided to call this Choreographer from KLPAC and so coinceidently, he told me that he's gonna have a show up on the first week of October! I called him 2 weeks ago and I went for practice twice (missed out 2 classes cz of my birthday and family trip to BKK) and here comes the shows begin on the 4th of October, which is just yesterday!

I get to know a bit of people who loves music and dance and i felt so happy surrounded by people who loves art!

Ya know, i graduated with a finance degree and i did sales & marketing. Nothing related to finance at all. So i was thinking what will happen if 5 years ago i choose to enrol dance degree instead. Will i become a different person like who I am today? Or everything will still be the same? 

*Didn't plan to get any answer for this cz it's kind of like the past and sometimes i just like to over think things when i'm free wtf*


ohhh wait, guess i haven't explain about what kind of dance show it is.

I was told that we gonna have this 4 days marathon dance show themed after animalS.

They were presented by The actor studio.

There are 5 choreographers in total who take charge of different kind of animals. Mine was under holy cow & angry birds. hahaha

Briefing for final rehearsals.

She's a mosquito hahahah


Angrybirds! hahaah

There was a scene where all the kids get to throw us the provided angrybird toys. we were acting like the angry pigs. poor us. FOL

And here comes the cow dance. hahahhah 

shaking out butts towards the audience.


Wilson, why are we not doing the same thing???? Major F.A.I.L

Hug each other before we got sliced to make your world class delicious beef patty.

COL - Cry out loud

CMAO - Cry my ass out

Died with pride!

And....this is us...

And become like this after all...


Come to watch us dance! we have Tom & Jerry, snakes, ducks, turtle, kuda and more! 

Happy world animals day! *Never know that there's such a day! LOL*

Read more info about here :


Tickets can be bought from here. It's RM20 only guys! Support local art performance guys!!!!!


All pictures were taken by the handsome bf who waited me for hours and hours throughout all the dance rehearsals and shows.

Sankiiu bfffff u're the best!




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Haagen Dazs chocolate fondue = loveeeee....

Say Hi to Dr. Johan!!!!! Dr.Johan don't fight ok? it's my birthday hahahahah]

That's why they're BFF! LOLLL

Training uncle ooib to smile cz he used to look damn weird in all his pictures! This is smiling without teeth.

Smiling with teeth.

Trying to convince him to give me a big kiss wtf

Uncle ooib: "What i get in return?? Bargaining pulak wtf!"

Then he agreed and i was thinking how come so easy one this time!

I knew that it's not gonna be so easy one!!!! @#$%^&*(*^%$#@%^&*&^%$#@

Macam tak rela sangat but still, he did it...wohoooo sense of achievement!!!


Ok la it's very bo liao but sweettttt!!!


Thanks Johan and Ah Hock!!!! 

I feel so loved by both of you!!!!


Super happy this year!!!! 

Heading to BKK tmw for a family trip & finally, i'm seeing my bro for the 2nd time of the year!!! woohhooooo

Will blog about the birthday celebration after i'm back from BKK!


Thanks everyone for the wishes!!! From FB, twitter, whatsapp, f2f & calls from overseas. I love ya alll!!!  

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Nuffnangx was born on 18th September. A virgo like me. wtf


A virgo nuffnangx is....

A perfectionist - Get the job done well by aggregating all the blogs that i love and feed me with their latest updates.

A good multitasker - Not just available on Sherry's chrome (Sherry is ma laptop wtf), but also available on iphone apps & android apps (sibeh kiasu android also got)

A good teacher - All my make up guru ar, fashion guru ar, fitness guru ar, they're all there!!!

A loud person - OMG XIAXUE IS PREGNANT!!!!! 

A kepo stalker - Fourfeetnine is getting married!!! Fourfeetnine did her hair at number76style i also want! Fourfeetnine just came back from Japan again!

A vain pot - profile picture also must be sui ah bo how to tipu people to follow me?


For further elaboration, see pictures below.

1) Feed - you with the latest updates so that you can kepo with your soulmate like me and @kayelchang

2) Recommended - good for people who lazy to search for new blogs like me

Breaking down into categories.

3) Conversations - This is the best part of nuffnangx! Lotsa people can't read mandarin and they can't comment on my blog. Now everyone can share / give me some feedbacks on any of my blog post so easily with just one touch.

All conversations in all blog posts are saved and can be viewed at one go.

Comments are not just simple comments but a more interactive conversations available through this app.

4) Arrrr me! - Type sherlynlicious and you will be able to find me!!!

 I love all 19 of you!!!!! thanks!!! :)

Now i can stalk all my favourite bloggers at one go!!!

Michelle Phan - My favourite youtube make up guru


QKXLJ - My favourite fashion guru!

This is so cool man chinese website also cannnnnnnn


Blogilates - My favourite fitness guru!


Kampungboycitygal - My favourite food & travel site!


Mindtools - Personal development mentor!


In Conclusion, THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!

To subscribe or to be subscribed, you can just log in using your FB account.

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Found this awesome high street local designer brand at Publika the other day.

The event was organized by 20bytwo - # Fashion Beyond Borders, a cross-cultural fashion exchange between Singapore and Malaysia. This inaugural collaboration will see 20 fashion brands, 10 from each country, showcase their works in two mirror retail events.

Back to Chic Yamada.

They started as an online store back in year 2009 and they just recently launched their first offline outlet at Bangsar Village 2 & Isetan KLCC.

Their clothes were all made by eco friendly fabric. 

I'm not so sure about the term of eco friendly fabric so i did little search on google and found that eco friendly fabric can be define as natural fiber that grown without the use of pesticides in soil that has not been treated for at least three years. (Such as cotton, bamboo) The fabrics were designed for disposal or reuse.

Aside from the fabric, the killer part of Chic Yamada is actually their designs!And their sizes range from XS to XL!!! This is so good for me cz i can hardly buy clothes online. (Lots of them are slightly shorter than the length that i prefer)

I feel like buying their whole collection!!!!!!!


Boho Lambada Chiffon Pants in Lemon Yellow

Boho Lambada Chiffon Pants in Lemon Yellow RM269

Pop Toga Dress - pink

Pop Toga Dress - pink RM299 (I saw more colors from the pop up store!! They came in mint, yellow and pink if not mistaken)

Orange Halter Neck Top

Orange Halter Neck Top RM249 (This is the reason why i walked their pop up store that day. It was nicely hung on the mannequin. sexayyyy)

Kimono Jacket in Rainbow Print

Kimono Jacket in Rainbow Print RM229

Skinwear Bodysuit In Nude Orange


Skinwear Bodysuit In Nude Orange rm209

Chic Yamada official website :


Store locations : 

 CHICYAMADA, UGF 26, Bangsar Village II, No.2 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. TEL: +603-22823228
 CHIC YAMADA counter in Isetan KLCC,  1st Floor.

Facebook :

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