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 As i had posted about tis book before which i got it from dear,& finally,i had finished it jz a minute ago..

my tears filled my eyes...it's jz too sad about that...

a gal,17,who name Jamie, kind hearted, daughter of a Minister (Hegbert), who always wear a old brown jacket without missing out to carry a bible on her hand everyday and everywer she gone through...

She is not like other gal who always hang out wit firends or social...tat's y she doesn't had any good or close friends....

Landon...a guy who is now 57 years old think of his first love wen he was 17 which oso a memory that always wit him..

He was a guy who always social or hang out wit his bros who are Eric and margerate..

He used to make fun of Jamie who was so strange to others...

But, he had fall in love wit Jamie after the homecoming dance, the play & after walking her home...

They love each other so much... but one day...Jamie refused to date wit Landon anymore as she had leukimia & she know it in the pass few months....

Landon finally understood everything tat happened between them,y JAmie'd want him to do the play, y Hegbert whispered to Jamie wit tears in his eyes after the play by calling her his angel, y Hegbert looks os tired all the time, y Hegbert fretted tat Landon keep coming by the house, y Jamie insist to do something special for the orphans tis year, & also about the bible, a christmas gift from Jamie which was the only thing tat her mom left for her.(her mom dead wen Jamie was born)

Landon can't accept the fact that Jamie is goin to leave him soon....he was so frighten & Jamie too~

but Finally he had overcome the fear & he decided to marry Jamie...

a walk to remember = wen her father walk her & pass her hand to Landon in the marriage

ter r more details tat i can't type it out here...but i really touch after watching tis book~






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this will be a long long picture post!really have fun wit it! hahah




haha cute leh!!! i think tis is really famous now in friendster~

act i found it from my friend's blog! haha so cool!!!

anyone who interested, try here


have fun!

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Hmm...dunno how to start act haah!!! but one thing that i can tell that yesterday is my happiest day for shopping!!!!

n i really spend alot.=.="""........so, broke now!!

I tot it was cute but i know i doesn't look cute by ACTING cute! haha

okla! First, i would like to introduce gorgeous, amazing, exotic cosmetic which caused me insomnia for tis 2 days! 

  Majolica Majorca

This brand is very famous in Japan,Taiwan and now coming to Malaysia. U can see it everywer in VIVI or POPTEEN magazine. Their products packaging are dainty and their famous-ESTTTTTT product are their comb mascara and their eyeshadow.

There r 4 types of mascara which u can check it out at their website and i think i would prefer the comb one as u can see many good comments about it at Malaysia babes forum.

& yes ,the mascara is good! but me,tis c2p gal end up wit did not buy it! a bit regret now!but nvm!cz i'm goin to buy it next week!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!

ok,although i miss up the mascara, i do buy the bling bling eye shadow!!!& also!i did not buy the one i like most which is the one i show in the pic below!i end up wit buying the the other one (act is the same,jz the colour are difference). I prefer brown colour and i wanna make a chocolate-ish, natural, and sexy brown smokey eyes! (smokey eyes not only in black colour k?)


This is wat i dream for!

Attractive??nice??sliver-ing???loving it?? ---------------------------> GO GRAB IT!!!!!

Attention :this brand is available only in designated Watson, which u can refer here for their locations~


This is wat i bought! sorry lah! i know my camera is lousy!so blur =.="""

ok, after buying this, we jz started to shop around and here is the results~

anyone who have small big eyes as me can try to use this brand of eyelid sticker. It cost me RM 8.90 for 30 pairs ONLY. Seems like very expensive compare to others but u wont regret using it as for me, i use each pair for 3 days sometime it can stay for about 5 days..so, worth it! I bought the MNG basic top at RM 25 n the quality is really good. But i'm quite curious about the price as there r 2 types of baisc singlet, with MNG word and without word.

The one wit word is about RM35 but the one without word only RM25. So i jz take the one without word la..its the same wat...jz the word MNG =.=

Dear bought tis cap for himself!!!surprising???haha don't worry i saw him wear it n i think tis cap suits him! he is now on the way to fashion!!!


stARbuCks goes green!

Book from dear...A WALK TO REMEMBER

This is a love story which being recorder as a movie wit the same name as the book. Bear watched tis movie before n he felt touch wit the story behind...act we r finding some story book which will help to improve my english as u all know my english is really bad! ha!

i didn't watch tis movie before but since he recommend tis book to me n since he said he will pay it then it's ok la! haha

no la, jz kidding...i'm quite like tis book oso de although i havent start reading it~

ok...everything come to end..but wait.....tis is the last thing n the one i love most !








I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove it so so muchi!!!

Tis bag was chosen by dear & tis pic was captured in the toilet of Gurney PLAZA!

haha..dear, i really love it so much! & it was so great as it chosen by u cz i am the one who choose for u every time...






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baby : 姐姐你要不要1588??

我 :huh?? 什么是1588 ??

baby :你讲拉!要不要1588 ?? (苦苦哀求)

我 :arhh 好好好,hmmm 不要 (p/s:应该没什么好事!)

baby : naaaahhhh 你惨了! 你不要ibu bapa!

我: =.=""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""



baby : 那姐姐, 你要不要1300177 ??

我 : huh.....要咯!

baby : naaaahhhh 你惨了! boooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!

boom = 1300177 ??? =.="""""



baby : 你要不要genting highland ??

我 :不要啦!!!

baby : o 酱不要紧咯!(满脸失望)

我 :好啦好啦! 我要!

baby :哦!! 你肯定害人!!!

我 :@#$%︿&*(*&︿%$#@$*&︿$#@










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早上 :清水2杯,yakult 1罐
午餐 :yogart 1罐,IKO 1 包,清水1杯(慢慢喝)
下午茶 :苹果 2个,清水1杯(慢慢喝) 
晚餐 :清水1杯, 水煮蛋1个

早上 :清水2杯,yakult 1罐
午餐 :清水1杯, 水煮蛋1个
下午茶 :苹果 2个,清水1杯(慢慢喝) 
晚餐 :清水1杯,yogart 1罐

早上 :清水2杯,yakult 1罐
午餐 :yogart 1罐,IKO 1 包,清水1杯(慢慢喝)
下午茶 :苹果 2个,清水1杯(慢慢喝) 
晚餐 :清水1杯, 水煮蛋1个







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shopaholic queenSSSSS 出发拉!!!




猪之花1号~ pepsy 好人帮


猪之花2号~ piggy

猪之花3号~ winnie 时尚帮

猪之花4号~ weishan  时尚帮 --> nossyparker.blogspot.com

猪之花4号~ siew yin 好人帮


战力品No.1 the face shop 假睫毛及睫毛液

这个牌子的睫毛可是我的最爱呢!大家可以去买来试试看。。很自然舒适柔软耐用。。2个都一样价钱RM8。90 而已~

战力品No.2 VIOR耳环

战力品No.3 zara短裙












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伤痕1 我的脚受伤了

zOOm 进一点~

隔2天就要考试了!还跌到!跌的那一刻! 我突然被吓倒了!因为那时我还在背着我finance的东西!

回到家,看着熊,哭得像猪一样! 虽然我平时走路都会滑倒,但没跌的那么惨过! 那么老了才跌!好可怜哦!!真的很痛叻!

而且, 走路也没办法走好来,那只脚完全不能弯,搞到我的左脚好酸哦!! 我发誓! 以后都不想再跌到了!!!


伤痕2 像大山脚的山那么大了!!!



不过, 各位别误会,我不是怀孕了!!而是那缠了我9年的便秘好友来找我了!!!

真实收不了!! 为什么一直便秘!!5 天没呜呜了!! 有便秘的朋友们,可知道我是由多么的辛苦阿!!

医又医不好!! 吃也没得吃好!!又在考试期间!!每天只吃2颗蛋及2-4片的面包来清肠!


我还真的很好奇,那些风到底从哪里进的!! 每天咕噜咕噜的跑进我肠里干什么!!我好辛苦啊!!!


伤痕3 猪失眠了!!


不过还是不要!!对皮肤不好!! 对健康也不好!!


伤痕4 根妈妈有口角了!


那段时间我真的好伤心哦! 不想跟你吵架!

或许你还是会认为我不是很孝顺, 但我真的不懂该怎么作了!


你们常说, 天下父母心, 谁不爱自己的孩子。

但我也想跟你说, 天下孩子心, 谁不爱自己的爸妈呢~


伤痕5 差点走到尽头了~

这段期间, 我真的好压力。。压力得过火了~













是他,在我受伤的时候,帮我敷药 *虽然他自己也有受伤,而且也是右脚*



是他,知道我伤心, 一直陪在我身边抱着我哭。。。一直哭。。。







love u



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