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Had been so busy this 2 days~

n i m very puas now after singing at rendezous cafe at kampung pandan!!~

got ppl treat us cake today~

n ter's a H on my cake! my name!!! wakkak

anyway, i dont have the picture =.=

BUTTTTT! all the pictures are coming soon~ as da bf is coming down tmw~ yahooo~~!!!!




ps: i m really tired now~ its 1.06am....i really need to sleep~ chat with u all tmw k? :p



3 good news for today~

1) I m gonna construct a yoga class for all the managers n interns!!!!!!!weee

*although there are only 17 of us~ wakaaka*

2) tmw gonna sing at Kota damansara station 1!!!!!!!!

so excited! 

 n i m now still searching for the lyrics! lolzzz

any songs tat u love?

drop me some tips k?so tat i can sing it tmw! wakaka



n ter willl be a big surprise!~weeeee


n oh god!!!! i dont know wat should i wear tmw night!!!!! :(

gonna find it NOW!


i m kinda love tis style~ casual but sweet~ anyone knows wer to get tis kind of black colour skinny pants?

craving for 1 for so long d!  hellokittyicon.gif



ps: i m READY for the da cutesy ribbon top! gonna wear it on this weekend if ter isnt any buy it!

I wont sell if ter isnt anyone paksa me to sell it as a punishment! lolzzzzzz



finally...my layout is done!

how was it?

i love it so much cz i put a lot of effort on it!

n im so in love with floral now!

so...pls dont ask me again k?

i WONT sell my floral dress~ cz i love them till faint! wakaka

n finally...50k~ so happy nehxxx!!!!!



special thanks to poh sian, A very sweet gal for helping me to make this~ weeeee




yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!

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finally, da sailor gal is back to penang! lolzzz *backdated post* 4a3669bee6819.gif

zoom in n see the prints~

pic credited to velvet ribbon~

n ter is a good new s for u all~ or might be a bad news for me :(

I m gonna sell tis dress offf!!!!

da reason : too much sailor dress d :(wakaka so stay tune at my preloved site k? thxthx :p

anyway, i still love tis dress sosososo much!!!!!!!!!!!! so in love wit the prints~

i was once saw tis dress from one of the Taiwan bloggers' blog~ n i m so wish tat it can be found in malaysia...

so berat hati to let it go :( but my wardrobe is gonna burst! wakaka

ps: my wardrobe is actually a medium length rack! =.=""


k then, lets talk about penang!

i had been in KL for about 2 years..

n each time i bac to penang, i always felt reluctant to get back to KL...

i love penang..relax....a lot of friends..a lot of shop...a lot of food..

n the most important is, the most important person in my life is in penang~

i mean *are* in penang...

my ah ma, my cute lil pig biao mei who i misss sosososososos much!

its been a long time i didnt meet her...she really grow up a lot...

not a lil naughty gal anymore...

dear biao mei....u know how much i miss u?

i miss the days we gossip so seriously together in the same bloddy cute bed!!!! i miss u~ *sobbbbbbb*

n i meet a lot of ppl tis time! so so so happy~

i meet wei loon, kelmynn, lip liang, shin dee, grandma, all the Aw's...my family, n a lot more!

n the precious one would be Pei Xin!!!!

argghhh gal! i never tot tat we will meet each other under such situation! wakakaka

i know tat it was u from my first glance!!!!

its been a long time we didnt meet each other! still remember those days we sing k together?

really wish tat we can go out once again.....hmm not jz once..but many more times!


n heres my 2 little babies! see? tis is how bro n sis work! wakaka sharing n even FIGHTING for a pack of soya bean! lolzzz

they r so good n close to each other for the first 15 minutes....however...they started to fight after the SWEET 15 minutes! n however..n again...they started to sayang each other AGAIN after the 10 minutes fight!!!! =.=""""

tis make me recall the days whereby me and my naughty brother fight with each other...we can fight for anything! my father use to stop the car n cane us! lolzzz

it's pain...but it's fun!!!!!! cz it's been a long time i never fight with my bro anymore!

the last time would be the beginning of the year! he carry the whole sherlyn up n hang her on his back!!!! =.=""

tis is the physical fight! n we jz had our mentally fight in the mid of JUNE! but we ended up loving each other more n more!

n i think tis is wat all the bros and siss will do!

see tis cute lil baby!!! she is now 2 years old only! so cute right~

n for ur info, her mom, who is the gal carrying her is my ex-boss...

she is a really nice boss...n ppl use to said tat we both look alike~

i worked wit her few times ago...they have a lot of nice stuff! but only for guy~

i brought tis bow from them! starry starry night....ha RM19.90

* Black fashion, the summit bukit mertajam, level 2, will see it at ur right once u up from the escalator*

my fm is here~ xiao my so cute la! i didnt take picture with them as there is a really long queue :(

da sailor gal with her lovely mom! * we r in LINES* weeee haha i love u mom...

da old style roti bakar~ one of my favourite breakfast!

da REAL FAMOUS SOYA BEAN STORE! * not like all those fake one!*

i dont drink soya bean from any other places! only Penang! I can't find any soya bean store tat sell nice soya bean!=.=

if u do, please introduce me..as i really really love soya bean! ha

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I forgot to bring me camera's cabel back!!! lolzz~ n all these pictures were captured using my sony ericsson wit only 2.0 mega pixels~

will update all the pictures again once i get the cable *if u all still interested to see la~ ha*

n yes...here's my floral family...

i bought my first floral dress early in this years...:p n then i started to fall in love wit floral wen i bought my first piece of high waist poofy floral skirt from Tea n Sympathy~


#1 da vintage floral high waist poofy skirt~ 4a3669bee6819.gif



the floral of tis skirt is a bit different with other florals dresses~ bigger n more romantic style~ wakaka


i was so slim last time...:( i want to slim down!!!!! atleast 2 kg~ but i cant! due to lack of exercise n sitting in the office whole day long :(

still remember tat me n bear went to redbox in penang wit her lovely sis~

i miss her sis so much~ its been a long time i didnt got to see her~ :(

n i miss karaoke session! i wanna go sing k soso badly!! :(

#2 da english rose4a3669bee6819.gif



yes!!! tis is the english rose toga dress tat i wanna blog last time! but unfortunately, all the pictures gone! i can't most of them~

here are the only 2 left :(


i love tis dress so much! n see my bangle? finally i found a bangle tat is suit to me! looking for a bangle for quite a long time d~ n thx bear for buying tis for me~:p


wat is tat weird expression huh babe? lolzz i m actually forcing her to try on some sweather cz it is too cold ter! haha~ n did u all see my kakak?she is squatting right behind me~ lollzzz wakaka~

i wanna blog about tis genting trip!but all the pictures gone...trying to get some bear now...hope ter r still some pic left...

n ter r a lot of things tat happen during tis little trip...very dramatic..hha but everything is fine now n again...i had learned something...weeee

#3 da vintage floral 4a3669bee6819.gif




i love the floral prints in tis dress the most...unique n very vintage kind of feeling...as well as the dress below...

#4 da pink lady lovely pinkish floral dress4a3669bee6819.gif




its a lovely baby doll dress~u know y i love baby doll dress so much? first, its because tats my style! lolzz ok...i know...it is not a persuasive reason~ wakka the most important reason y i love baby dress so much is because i have a very big butt!i use to hide my weaknesses by choosing some dresses tat r not too tight...so tat i can look good n slim..lolzzz

n i received a lot of emails regarding tis 2 dresses...n again..i will not sell tis 2 dress....cz i love them soso much....i wanna keep them for my children in the future! lolzzz kidding la~ ha but tats a great idea rite? wakak

#5 Sherlyn's first floral dress~ 4a3669bee6819.gif




tis is my first floral dress~ was planning to sell it...but i was stopped by bear..n i know wats the reason..

so sorry gals...especially eve...thx for ur understanding...


i love tis kind of style...casual...not too fancy n heavy~

#6 da zipper layer floral dress 4a3669bee6819.gif



da latest me.jpg

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Take me to ur heart...take me to ur soul...

Sherlyn's lovelove seriesssssss....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


plsssssplsss tell me tAT its NICE! hahha i spent my whole night doin tis! how stupid am i! but i love it~ did u?


sneak peak on my love dresss~i love u i love u i love u!

*ps : dont even say i love u to my bf so many times! wakaka*



my NEWLY BOUGHT sailor dress! omgggg i love tis piece so much! the price is so reasonable n the quality is really good!


my sailor brooch~


my NEWLY BOUGHT vintage like ribbon checkered dress! oh my...finally i got myself a checkered dress~ weeeee


hi ribbon, i love u so much, from the bottom of my heart...do u love me too?


ps : no outfit post :( BUT.....COMING SOON!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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哇!好久没写中文了~ 不好意思阿~最近比较忙。。。根本没时间~ 哈 以下是我在上星期乘男友在的时候叫他帮我拍的~ 是用同一件上衣来搭出不一样的花式~不能说是不一样的风格,因为其实它们都是一样的风格,就是*爱凯蒂佩丽*风~ 哈希望大家会喜欢哦~

yeahhh!! i ve got nothing to do wen i m alone at home! however, wen i took tis pictures, i m not alone!!! wakka However again, some of da pics a bit blur as due to da kan jiong ness *nervous-ness* wen took all of this pictures hahaha ter r 5 parts~ post da first one k? cz the rest still WIP~ wakakakn ohya!!!! all of them r using the same top~ playing wit mix n match~ weeee


#1 katy perry *da gal that love katy perry, ahaha* miss her childhood much!


my hair look so messy here la! lolzzzz so i tie it up on the next shoot~



hahah act cute!!!! its been a long i did not tie my hair up like tis!!!

哈~ 想装可爱~真的好久没绑着个头了~ 以前上大学以前超爱绑这个头的~ 哈





shhhhhhh Sherlyn is trying to act cute!!!!!!aahaahah

see my heels?

i love tis heels soso much n i dont even want to wear it out cz im  too sayang her n i m afraid da *crystal will come out! lolzzz*

shhhh 不要告诉别人sherlyn在装可爱哦~ 哈

大家有主意到我的鞋子吗?这双是我买过最喜欢的蝴蝶结高跟鞋了~ 一直都舍不得穿~因为怕它的钻回掉下来就不好看了~



#2 katy perry *da gal that love katy perry, ahaha* is a ballerina~


hello kitty?


try to act as a doll....but FAILED :(

原本想装机器娃娃的~但怎么装都不像~ 哈


weeee i lovelovelove my tutu skirt so much!!!!!

这是我最爱的芭蕾纱纺裙了!!也只穿过而已~ 唉,我每次都是那样,我越喜欢的就越舍不得穿~ 真是的!



#3 katy perry *da gal that love katy perry, ahaha* wit da devil?

DSC04499.JPG DSC04502.JPG

这件蓬蓬短裙我买了两个色呢~ 因为真的太喜欢了~原本还想把其它颜色都买光呢!哈~

wuiiikkk da top shop inspired prom skirt!!~~ so excited~ weeee ha i have tis skirt in 2 colours! thinking of buying all the colours! how mad am i! lolzzz



#4 katy perry *da gal that love katy perry, ahaha* loves lollipop~

 DSC04506.JPG DSC04507.JPG DSC04509.JPG DSC04505.JPG

owhhhhhhhhhh i still in love wit all my high waist skirt!!!!!!!!!

最爱的高腰裙!惨了!这里几乎都是我的最爱!=.=""" 我就是超爱裙子的!不好意思拉~



#5 katy perry always loves katy perry~

DSC04510.JPG DSC04511.JPG


哈哈~ 雪人是不是很可爱呢?哈~



which one did u all like most? share wit me nehx? cz i m planning to wear one of them out on next saturday~ weeeeee

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yeahhhhhhhhhhh! finally ive got the chance to meet u!!!! krispy kreme!!!! they r now at Mid valley! n i never know about it! oh my!



   DSC04535.JPG DSC04537.JPG

da oreo one! crispy, cruchy n creamy~


da pie type doughnut!


arggggggghhhhh!!!yummmmmmyyyyyy!!!!! i lovelovelove it~da icing type chocolate doughtnut!  its totally different wit Jco or Big apple~ not a hot n soft type~

i dont know how to describe it~ but i kinda love it too!

but if i can only have one, i will choose JCO wen i m hungry n choose tis wen i need some deserts~ weeeee haha~

nnn today~ 28/6~



dear dominos pizza.jpg

weee da bear is here!!!! but he's gonna bac today oso!!!! :(


hahhha!!!! n yeahhhh!!! my new top from room!!!!!! lurp it very much!!

Sherlyn jz bac from wonderland~ wakaka








i like tis paper bag skirt soso much!!!! n yes~ she is da sister of my polka dots family~


#1 da poofy princess polka dot dress~


#2 da polka peplum dress~


#3 da ribbon polka denim dress~


#4 da polka scallop dress~


 #5 Alice in da wonderland~

#6 黑色诱惑~


#7 da pink polka princess top~



oh god~ i really love polka doT! never enough of all the dots!!!! give me more!!!! give me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha~

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