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Hi everyone! happy national day!!!

at the very beginnig of the national day, i found this cool studded stuff!


Pray for it!




I nearly cried yesterday night wen i was in the plane! guess i really can get use to the FAST and the HIGH! scary!

gonna take flight on tis tuesday again! oh god!!!!!




owh..i have been busy for couple of weeks n finally one project down!

2 more projects coming soon which due date are both on next Friday!

*taking out the 2 days of holidays, 3 days left for the project! :(*

how am i going to do this!

my life is full with challenges!

n 2 weeks more! 2 weeks more i m going to end my internship!

i dont know....i dont know how does it feel n wat should i feel!

a bit berat hati to left my job now..

after this 3 hectic month...

finally i can get use to it and start performing well..

but its gonna end soon!


k..dont talk about my job d..


lets talk wat i m goin to do in this few days! *penang days!*

1. a serious HAIR CUT!

2. decide whether i should go for a hair dye! *wats ur opinion?*

3. buy myself a hp...*my hp is goin crazy!*

4. buy myself contact lenses *normal or colour?*

5. get all my pretty clothes from my mom!!! *yeah, my clothes arrived 1 week ago n finally i got it!!!*

6. Blog about my newly added vintage inspired red checkered oversize bow  basket bag!

7. hair curler

8. Nu bra *shy* aha

9. more clothes =.=





its been a super duper long time i didnt exercise! my god! n i can feel tat my body is SHAKING! hahahah

i mean...the FAT is shaking~ haha

n i think i really need to take a rest after busy for the past few weeks!

so i decided to go for jog~:p ALONE:(


n i was so surprise as wen i reach ter! *its jz situated right behind my car park*

i never know tat KLCC park is actually so nice n really fresh n comfortable for jogging!

here r some pictures tat i took while i was jogging! haha

it is not really clear, as i didnt bring my camera ter~

sweat =.="""

Acting cute in the office? =.=""

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my whole day is full with activities!!!!

morning till noon - meet friends and family

noon till evening - arranging my preloved online transaction

night till midnight - replying mails and blogging


IM soso TIRED!

but i dont know y! i jz keep on pushing myself!


n ter r thousand of things tat i wana blog about!lolzz

tis is one of the posts tat i will blog in real soon~

da sister ying's birthday!!!!

see the princess!



tats my baby's 8 years old birthday!!!!!!!

her princess dress!!! with superb huge bow at the back!!!! i love love love love it soso much!!!!!



her cutesy cake!!!! the only tat she love about this cake is the rabbit! ha

baby is helping iceice baby to promote their food! ha

bear n babe~

my superb pretty mom with line high waist poofy dress and chanel inspired bag tat i bought for her!!!!

she is so so so pretty!!!! i love u mom!

Iceice baby - Juru autocity (beside starbucks)

me n baby:p


n da last one! my handmade polka dot bow!!! was planning to sell it but unmfortunately the ribbon sold out d~ only left black n white~

anyway, will come out with the same one in black/white polka dot ribbon :p






WEEEE!!!! my red oversize bow basket bag is finally HERE!!!!

owhh...heart the big big big bow so muchi! wakaka

n it is actusally quite big...it is possible for few A4 paper size file..

love the red checkered cloth...oh-so-vintage!

Today's outfit~

da vintage gal :p

did anyone realize tat i jz cut my hair? ehehe


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登登登登。。。我的,bear 姐姐的,表妹的,鸟的,跟鸟夫人的。。。哈




签名签名签名!哈好好笑哦!不瞒你们, 我也可是个小粉丝哦!


不过这套衣服还蛮难穿出街的,因为我怕大家会戴*眼*识人~哈 整个超亮眼的~

他的标签~ 很酷一下。。希望他会有机会开自己品牌的服饰店!











1。Love Is... 4a3669bee6819.gif  



2。天后 4a3669bee6819.gif






天后, 其实是指我们的伴侣,阿,不是,是一个男人的女人,男人对她宠爱万分,就如天后一样。。让女人拥有万众宠爱的名号。。。








3。沿着月光 4a3669bee6819.gif

   my fm 现在已经在播这首了!



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#4 Mr.Right~

weee~ tats my Mr.right! finally found a bow tee tat i really love much~

the quality is quite good as the bow is made of cotton..*not tat plastic kind*

tat is out of my expectation....nice :p

Sherlyn go casual? or mature? wakaka


#3 my dream shoe...

it is one of the items in my wish list...saw it in Vivi magazine~ n as u all know, i really love polka dots~

i was once decided not to buy it cz it is not a secure way buying shoes online~

however, after struggling for few days...i know i want it! seriously, I WANT IT!

n luckily the seller was quite good, provided me a lots of information due to the blurness of me ha

*it s my first time buying shoes online!*

n it fits me so well~

i actually found this pair of heels at sunway..n it is more expensive than mine~

same colour, same design, same cutting..totally the same!

i failed to buy tat time as the sizes are inequal for both side..RM79 for imperfect shoe size? no way!

tats y, i was so excited wen i found it online! weeee

3.5 inch! a bit high.but i love high heels~

tat's all for now~

few more coming up~

wait wait wait wait wait for me o~ :p


#2 da floral addict

click here for related post

4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif

da online shopping atmosphere is currently full with floral!

eveyrthing in floral! floral peplum, floral playsuit, floral slipper n etc~

anyway, i didt buy any of the peplum or playsuit as i know it won't fit me nicely!

peplum - a line cutting with 1 layer peplum will show my body shape weaknesses *i have a big butt =.=""*

floral playsuit - i dont think it looks well on us who have bigger bottom part~ it definately looks weird!

so, i m a smart gal~

buy the only one tat won't make me looks chubby! wkakaka

marmalade + zipper = cute! n i love tis kind of floral~

i bought in total of 3 colours for this kind of floral...

anway, i m not really into its quality as it is not as good as wat i bought previously~

a bit thin...but still acceptable :p

#1 da vintage school bag

4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif

a superb quality vintage old school bag~

isnt tat cute?

had been hunting for a vintage-look bag for quite some time...

n tis is the one tat catch my eyes~

it's a bit pricey though~ but worth it :p

locked by 2 magnetic buttons~ not so convenience actually cz i use to open and close my bag oftenly and consistently~ ha

the inner part~ its thick and hard~ not the made of soft-kind material..n therefore, it can stand still without running out of shapes~ 

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pics taken by bear~

our first attempt trying on random shooting using a normal camera haahaa


ps: i need a seriously stupid haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nnnnnnnn i need a seriously stupid diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


click here for related post~

da piggy smile happily with da polka scallop dress...


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PART 3? :P MAYBE !@#$%^&



A sea of pics too~ lolzzzz

will only put some here~

update later at my facebook :p


ps: some pic stolen from facebook! wakaka


Guess i meet who? Ah Kim Kim gal ar!!!!!!!



mamaamia =.= wkaakka

anyway, congrat nehx gal!!!!!!

wish u dreams come true k?

n i know u will do well in ur future!

gampateh nehxxxx!!!


N N N da  superb leng lui ps !

She is the one who helped me a lot during my time in MMU...

All my text book r given by her n she even help me a lot on my internship~

thx a lot lot lot LOT gal~

wish all ur dreams come true n pls dont forget me wen u decided to marry! wakakakaka


SS time! lolzzzzz

da lame king trying to act cute again! wakaka


It;s my time~

the usual n the only pose tat i know! =.="""

lovely Hui Ying n me! i always confuse wen ppl shouting us as i really dont know wether ppl r calling me or her! ying n lin sounds the same rite! lolzzz

da fashionist Miss Ko Li Ping!

I love her dress till faint! perfect match between da floral and da vintage belt n bag~

superb nice!

oh my god! u both become prettier n prettier n prettier! envy la!

n see mynn mynn's dress? da famous lacey doll dress!!!! lovelovelvoe!


N the cute thing tat we found in Uni~

ROAR!!!!!! scare scare! =.=



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its been so hard to find flat pumps lately...n yes...no doubt tat u still can see a lot of flats around the corner....however..there isnt any catch my eyes! the only pair tat catch my eyes was the previous vincci + pumps! but its way too expensive! :(

but anyway, i manage to grab tis superb cute ballet pump few days ago! *wen i was very boring while shopping alone!*


deng deng deng deng! cute? i dont know! but i love it~ cz it seems unique ~ n the quality is so damn good!


我是在one-U new wing vincci 里先看到的,很可惜没货了,二话不说马上叫他们打电话问问看那间outlet还有卖..结果全都卖完了!只剩下old wing唯一的一双!我又二话不说,从new wing顶着高跟鞋,狂奔到old wing!现在才知道,天啊!one-U真的好大一间!走得我叫都软了!



最近vincci推出蝴蝶结系列。。有些是真的还蛮美的。。。但有些很成熟。。不过还是值得一看啦~! 哈


the quality is superb! RM53 for such pumps? quite reasonable rite?

n ter r some drama happened while searching for tis pump! at first , i was shopping around one u old wing as ter use to be more shoe shop...but unfortunately, i didnt found any....then i proceed to new wing...n i foudn tis pumps! however, it is out of sizes! immediately i ask the gal to help me to check out~ n my god...until now only i know ter is a vincci at old wing too wakaaka

n sosossos lucky, ter is still a pair of size 38 ter! me! the piggy sherlyn wit heels, run away at 300km/j from the bloody new wing to the bloody old wing! my goddddd!!!!!! one u is so huge!!!!!!

almost fainted when i reach~ n luckily the pumps is still ter! thank god! lolzzzz

vincci is coming up wit a lot of shoes and bags wit bow theme! really nice but a bit mature! but its still worth to have a look la~ ha


这几天会很忙很累! 我已经不敢再看下星期会发生什么事了! *泣*



tis few days i will be veryvery busy until i dont even dare to think of wats gonna happen next week! sobbbb

n here r some accesories tat i wanna share wit u gals~

Dive珍珠headband~ 好喜欢哦!不只可以当发饰,还可以拿来当手链与项链,一举三得! 哈~而且价位也不会很贵~是满值得的啦!

Diva lovely headband! totally love tis piece~ hehehe can use it in many ways...headband...bracelet or wrist band~

再来就是这个超级无敌非常可爱的BLINGBLING蝴蝶结!这可使用了我半个月的时间想才买到的!因为有点贵!RM20 for一枚戒指真得还不是很值得!


n my cutesy bling bling ribbon ring! i walk in front their store few weeks ago! n i walk again....n walk again! finally i got it! mamamia


ya~ tats the combination of the accesories~ :p





ohya....anyone? pls guess...wat is tis? wakakaka

will announce the answer on tuesday :p



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所有的专辑会在星期2一起寄出~ 谢谢大家哦~



邮费 pos laju RM5

或 cod one-U/the curve/IKEA

*迷你专辑里头有6首新歌~ 哈*












对了,大家如果想听他的歌的话 。。请打我手机~ 哈阿

如果喜欢的话,还可以听到歌曲之后,马上按1号。。。之后把电话挂掉。。你就会收到一封信息哦~ 然后再按1号回复,就可以了!哈哈哈


认识我的朋友们应该懂为什么吧? 哈

明天买了! 再与大家分享里头有什么歌吧~









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part 2 da studs!4a3669bee6819.gif

ps: yeah..i manage to blog it tonight as i almost forget tat i need to sing at station 1 tmw! wakkaa


It is an unbelievable day cz i never tot tat i WILL buy this!although i had been dreaming it for quite some times...

yeahQ da white bucket quilt stud bag from Miss Selfridge~

i dont think i deserved to buy this bag...but i will work hard!!!!!

n i think the price is quite reasonable ! m gonna sing more at cafe to earn bac the money i spent on tis bag!


anyway, it is WORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love it so much! n i never think tat i CAN buy it! *lolz*

qiang qiang! i love the chain so much! it is totally match wit my england coin chain bracelet! *refer to prevoius post*

love the studs so much!~hellokittyicon.gif


da tea dress~


Before da bag~ *BUT!!! with my new DRESS n HEELS n n my lovie pinkish shopping bag~!!!*weeeeee


After the bag!~


i m a bit nervous on the combination at first! as i never try something mature like this!wakaka

n my fringe is long d! so lazy to cut it constantly~

how do u think?:p

can i be mature? i mean, sometimes? aahah

my ribbon heels!~ finally got to wear it after i left it for about 2 weeks at my hometown! lolzzz


ps: sorry ar..my toes really ugly n i cant introduce them to u all until i manicure it! lolzzz


dress : T&S

vintage clincher : Juru auto city *seen at T&S*

heels : One U

white bucket quilt stud bag : Miss Selfridge

england coin chain bracelet : online


here's the money tat i use to buy this bag! *NEW RM50*

i was so surprise wen i get it! so cute la! n i have yet to keep the old one...:(


hmmm...ohya~ can i share some of my make up?

heheh i m a beginner in make up...but i love make up...da bf's sister n my bro r the 2 most important people in my life to help me present well..:p


my bro was the one who taught me about make up...he is a make up artist previously..

n then later on..i meet da bf's sister! she is the one who teach me a lot of make up n give me a lot of brander make up stuff!

really thx for ur contribution! to da bro n da bf's sis~ or consider my sis too~ hahah

* i know la! i really bu yao lian! but so wat! waaak*

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