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All pictures credit to Ugly Duckling Closet

I hope that i can be a member in Hoe's family so that i will not need to think about the cents and grab it right immediately they posted it up :(((((

How good if all of these r mineeee!!!!!

I wanna be R.I.C.H!


Awaiting her to unwrab everything n start taking her outfit pictures with this 23 pieces of ASOS clothes!

MY latest Crave! TopShop scallopy tights!

Perfect outfit of Jing~ wish to be casual like this but fashionable at the same time!

Sorry Jing for stealing ur photo! lolzz

its really really really niceeee :(

so sad tat we cant get it in Malaysia!



The end of a shopaholic's dream!

Wake-ing up now~

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I'm not sure whether u gals heard about the news where online seller must own a license in order to sell their items legally?

I'm not sure whether it's ok for me to sell here...

Therefore, i've decided to close the site but do it privately instead...

I mean to close readers / friends..

Therefore, if u r interested to view any items that i'm letting out, pls type ur email into the Form Spring box below.

I will include u guys in the mailing list :p

Not to worry cz nobody's gonna see ur email/questions unless i approve it~

Feel free to ask for the availability for sale just incase u seen anything nice/interested to buy :p

Thanks! hugsss~

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Featured at Ugly Duckling Closet!!!!Happppyyyy!!!! Danceeeeeee~!

UD featuring.jpg

kabe.gif kabe.gifkabe.gifkabe.gifkabe.gifkabe.gif

I had been jobless for 3 days and the feeling was really really weird!

I slept for so many hours and I'm yet to be satisfied =.="

Anyway, I'm really busy for these 2 days!

Really sorry for the Taiwan post! there are still 2 days left to be written...

n I might postpone it to next week since my convo is this Sat and there are really lots of things to be prepared~


*Jump title*

So, YEAH!!!!! I received my parcel from Ugly Duckling*click*!!!!!!


See~ how cute the parcel is!!!!!
OMG! n arent smileys cute?

heheh...k la~ even if u know my address u wont find me there d..cz i'm shifting out soon!

I've got a top, a dress & a bag and i'm now broke....broke....broke... :(


Make up of the day!

This is my 2nd attempt for the Angelababy eyes! still need to work out more! I really wan to find the best way to stick my eyelids so that it will look natural even without falsies~

*Did u realize that my fringe is super long now? How? cut it or not cut it? HELP*


My vintage earrings!

I got this pair of earring *accidentally* n i was so reluctant to use it since it is not the pair that i wanted!

I was searching up n down for a pair of vintage earring with soft tone so that it can match well with my dress! n yeah!

I found it n finally i got to use it!

so, yes! another not-wasted item from the impulse purchases :p

n that's the dress that i got from them this time!

thought of sharing the model photos of this dress with u guys...but i couldnt find it anymore in their site..

guess they removed it since its sold out~


the bag that i carried for that day~ i used it for 3 times d! yeah! i'm gonna fully utilize everything that i have now!

*since i cant sell my clothes anymore n guess this is the way to ensure that everything tat i bought were perfectly chosen! no more impulse purchase allowed!*


Some outfit photos :



We were in the midst of trying out new style of photoshoots~ guess we need more time n experience so tat we could produce the best pictures!~



*Tried to creat the wind blow hair effect! ha but failed! n i look like ghost instead! lolzz *

I was seriously worry at the moment when i decided to buy this dress! cz i never buy white dress before!

I mean pure white! Thought tat white color will surely *enlarge* my body size! lolz ahha

but to my surprise, it did not! I think it's becz of the material...

I dont know how to describe about the material..its really stretchable~ 

n the quality of this dress was perfect! 



Love the bows and peter pan collars!

How about u?


*Jump title*

ohya! I met my reader aka friend of Bear that day!

A lil nervous but happy! She's outspoken n friendly of course~!

Xing Zi, glad to meet u that day!

I'm not very good in social/meeting new friends! Hopefully u have a good impression about me~ haahah



okies! so i jumped 3 times in just a post =.=""

Goin bac to uni tmw to get my robe!!!!!!

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I used to put all my bags in a big pinkish box!

However, its full already! So, due to laziness, i just put all my new bags beside the box!

n guess wat? *BAG*SLIDE* happened!

All the bags slided down straight to my maggi meee! *i dont have a table right now! so i do all my daily activities either on the floor or bed*

I ARGHHHH n fly straight to rescue my pretty bags!

n Thank god!they were safe!

BUT, they r now full with the smell of my Maggi Mee!

So i asked bear for anything that i can spray on my bags so that i can get rid the smell!

Bear didnt answer me =.=" He used to be like tat especially when he's surfing the net!FB-ing for whole day long!

So i just i take out the Febreez and spray all over the bag PLUS all over my house!*cz its quite smelly oso!*

Suddenly, he jump out from his lap n shouted, GOD! THIS IS FOR MATTRESS/CLOTHES! NOT FOR OTHER AREA!

I had already spray the Febreez almost 99% of our room that time:(

At the end, his upper body full with Febreez smell =.="

*cz i spray all over on top of his head n laptop =.=" he nearly faint after seeing my action!*

So how ar? i dont know ma :( i've asked u n u dont want to answer me so i ma spary the whole house with the newly bought Febreez lo :(



I'm so craving for Ice cream n thought wanna make myself a milo ice cream!

So, I tear off the 3 in 1 milo ready packet n put on hot boil water, stir it n fridge it!

GOD! Bear shouted again!


OMG! I totally forgot about this thing!

He laughed so seriously at me!

I know...i'm always the silly one :(

Sorry lo :((((


Silly Sherlyn with silly spec =.="

Don't look at this picture if u can't sleep! cz it will make ur insomnia more serious! wahahaha

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Recently, i have received lotsa enquiries regarding what hair styling products that i'm using/which brand of hair styling products works the best for temporary perm/what hair spray that i'm using n a lot more!

So, yeah! i decided to share all the hair styling products that i'm using now!

Everything can be found in any watson/guardian/jusco anywhere! n they r all affordable!

*cz i'm still student n just graduated n just employed n just unemployed =.=""*

Here we go!!!!


Back Left : VS soft wave mousse, Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy), CatWalk TIGI hair spray, BedHead TIGI Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner

Front Left : Liese #04 Clear Cube Wax, Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness, Lucido-L Soft Touch, Gatsby Wild Shake & Gatsby Air Rise



VS soft wave mousse



I got this mousse from Taiwan Watson at around NT100 only! So regret that i didnt buy more!

cz i tot this kind of bottle might be restricted to bring in to the airplane! sighhh lolz

anyway, this is the best pre-styling product that i have!

It really helps in ensuring my curls stay at their own places =.=" for the whole day long!

I used this especially when i'm goin for any performance or photoshooting session!~

*Have to use slowly cz Malaysia dont have ! =.=""*



Lucido_L's products!


Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness (Yellow)   

Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple)

Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink)


Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink) is another type of pre-styling products!~*apply before hair perming*

It works somewhat similar with VS soft wave mousse!~

i usually use this when i perm my hair very often since its available here n i restock it easily! hahaha lolzz

i know its lame!anyway, VS soft wave mousse still works the best to me :p


Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple) is also one of the pre-styling products!

The only different is that it is useful for straight hair instead of perm hair!~

n i use it everytime i tie a pony tail so tat my hair will look much more softer and smoother!~


Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness (Yellow), a post-styling products instead!

I used to apply this right after i thong-ed my hair!~

Anyway, i dont really like this cz i cant really see any difference before n after applying it! my curls never stand everyonce i use this! =.=""



 Liese #04 Clear Cube Wax



I got this at Taiwan as well! but i bet its now available in Malaysia!

*They have a wide range of hair dye products that i wish to share with guys next time! excitedddd*



Again, it is a post-styling products!

This is really especially when i wanted to create a soft wave effect!

I rate this as my 2nd best post-styling products!

I mean in the range of wax products!~



Gatsby Wild Shake (Purple) & Gatsby Air Rise(Green)


I love the purple one!

My curl wont ever drop everyonce i use this!

It's the best hair wax that i recommend!

I never use the green one before~ but i guess its more to guys! lollz haha

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*Yeah! The result for the Bunny ears give away contest is out!
The winner goes to comment No. 3, 红!~ Please send me your name address & contact number to my mail box n i will send ur bunny ears to u tmw! :p*


Note: Winners are chosen by the lucky paper square pick. Only numbers are that for lucky draw. Therefore, it is fair enough :p


Our first ever portrait experience!!!~ Excited!

This is our first time trying out some portrait shoots!

I am really satisfy and appreciate all the efforts done by Bear..

All the photos taken and edited by him...*small portion from me, with not much edit*


hahaha! i love this photo! this is the photo tat i love most!!! cz it's so ME!

n m started to fall in love with my not-every-tiny-teeth~ hahaahaa


Outdoor Portrait~



Love this oneee! *cz i cant see my whole big face here! muahahaha*11.jpg






Everything from Taiwan except bangles from Singapore~

I got this necklace at NT100 each! buy 9 free 1~ so cheap right! of course i didnt buy 9...i bought 5 =.="""



Love my new watermark from Bear!  



Another great shoots that i love!

I dont feel comfortable when people trying to shoot my bac! cz i cant see wat's happening bac there!

n i love the idea of just showing half of my bac here! lolzz haahah Later u see my piggy back how?



pheeww! luckily my fourple chin did not come out! yes! i have fourple instead of double! will show u guys a picture of me with fourple chin next time!



Playing around with his nerd glass! i love his nerd glass far away more than mine :((



Bloomy VS Vintage!~ i love my ice cream bagggggg


Indoor Portrait~







What a stupid face =.=""





Love this lace maxi so much....but its a lil =.=""" i sweat all over after the shoot! oopss....its should be We instead of I~


And here ends our first ever portrait shooting day!~

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My contract gonna finish soon! in 2 days time! weeee

Time past so fast! It's been 2 months since i finish my last paper in my uni life!

A lil confuse now~ Quite worry about the future!

It's really hard to strike a balance between dream n reality..

Bro always said to me that this is the phase tat i have to go through...n soon...i will know what to do..

I truly believe the phase tat my sisters always talk about!



anyway..still hope tat i can get a good job in future!~


I have 2 great news actually! but both r still on the process...not really happening yet..

will share the soonest that i can once everything is confirm..

n it's about my lil dream as well...

Everyone has a dream...Not to look down at ur dream cz it might happen one day!

k la! donwan to be so emo d lolzzz =.=""

the oufit of the day~


Bear's nerd glass from Taiwan~ lolzzz

*I love my new pink gladiatorrrr!!!!!*


Another top that i attempted to sell initially!

yes...i found lotsa still-very-cool stuff in my wardwrobe...recycle is always good for environment! =.=""

Hopefully this look still ok cz this is the first time i wear shorts in my blog i guess!~

Never wanted to show it since i have elephant legs!

LOL..FML =.=""

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my bows mood suddenly raise up to the highest level which causing me putting 9 bows on myself! lolzzz



sorry...pictures a lil blur!

we went bon odori on Sat night! but too bad the event just finished right after we reach there! lolz

wer got bon odori end so early one?

i still remember that penang's bon odori got fireworks at 12am somemore!!!!!

ok wait!~

let's count the bows~!


Hairclip * 1 (took off due to the tiredness of shopping for whole day!)

Earrings * 2

Top * 2

Clincher * 1

Bag * 1

Heels * 2

Total = 9 bows OMG! i love bows!

bro always warn me not to wear so much bows but i just cant resist it!!!

i love my new top n baggggg!

my scallopy bag!~!!!!!

DSC_0106.JPG DSC_0108.JPG  

nicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenicenice right???????

studded + stripe + bow + scallop + chain = P.E.R.F.E.C.T

i totally believe in *secret*!!!!

just in case u guys read that book!

i dream about this bag everyday since the first day i saw it n when it is still sold out at my 3rd attempt of buying it!

n now it is M.I.N.E!!!!!!!!


PS: I went sg.wang on Saturday n i was like arghhhhhhh SO MANY THINGS TO BUY BUT I HAVE TOO LITTLE MONEY TO BUY!!!!:((((

PS 2: i was attempted to sell this tutu skirt away cz i tot it's enough for me to own my beloved one in pink! but i'm wrong! i still love it no matter how! i'm glad tat i didnt get to sell it off! thanks to the back out buyer! muahahaaha

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yes! i always wanted to have Angelababy's eyes!!!! but unfortunately, i have super small eyes since i was grow! =.="""

i was really busy these few days n i dont wat causing my left double eyelid to be expanded which then inspired me to fake my right eyelids at the same time!

i was trying to stick for like 20 minutes n still it didnt show up =.="

my right eye used to be smaller than left eye! now the left eye become so much bigger than right eye due to the sleep eyelid effect! =.="

after all, i was thinking..y not stick it in other way? i mean *terbalik* it~

n yes! it doneeeee!


here's the original n natural left eyelid~ *without eyelid sticker*


n here's the cheat one~ hehe

 can u see the sticker?

wait..here's the more obvious one...


yeah~ can see it clearly now!

dont worry just incase u think tat it would look fake in real life! cz it wont....it will be totally covered up by ur eyelash!~

but it would be totally obvious if u did not make up or put on eyelash~

i use super minimal eyeshadow here to expand the effect of the double eyelid...

*Black eyeshadow usually wont make ur eyes bigger, unless u wan a sexy kitty look, then u can go for it..but if u have small eyes like me...always try light eyeshadow...like light shimmering brown! tat works the best for me*

so here comes the camwhoree!!!!!!!!!

my hand pain like h*ll after the shoott!!!!!! its really not easy to camwhore using DSLR! :(((

DSC_0043.JPG DSC_0044.JPG DSC_0045.JPG DSC_0054.JPG DSC_0060.JPG

love much? i love it till maxxxx! but i really dont think that i can do it the 2nd time!

good things always happen for the first time but not 2nd time!~

anyway...still gonna try it out today!

i really hope tat i can master it! zzz

Another vain pic here n say byebye :p


owhhhh! how good if i born like Angelababy n Dawn Yang!

then i will not need to waste so much time on make n dressing up =.=""




*Press the Like button if u Like it!~ :p thank you so much muchhhhhh*

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I guess most of u already know that my hand hurt by hot boil water when i was in Taiwan!



yeah! its dark like tat for freaking 2 weeks!

i was really depressed about it...somemore ppl around me keep telling me tat: SURE GOT SCAR LIAO LO! BIG BIG THAT KIND!

i was like...arghhh m already sad about it y cant ppl just give me some hope?

but i guess i cant blame anyone since its a normal reaction of ppl..

mind u..some ppl even critized me tat my hand is super ugly n show me their super ugly mood face!fml


everything gets better wen i saw this!!!!!!!


the skin is peeling!!!!! means there's hope!!!!!!! first week wen i bac from Taiwan!~


2nd week....


3rd week....


the end of 3rd week until now!


its even fairer than my previous skin!!!!!!!!


but there's still a very small white scar there....


The reason that i post this out is bcz..i know how much it hurts wen u know tat ur hand/body gonna have scar soon...

no matter how, dont be upset k?

cheer up n start looking for the solution!

i really wanna say thank you to the motel bosss..

she applied this to me immediately once my hand hurt by hot boil water...

This is seriously popular in Taiwan!

Even Taiwan bloggers blog about it!

I cant find the post now but i can still remember that she use this as her foot care! n she have a pair of super fair + gorgeous leg!

It's now in Malaysia!

u can see here for more infomation --> Tongue in Chic Beauty Bank


n this is another hand care that i got from Taiwan..

i used this everyday since the next day i got hurt until my hand recover..

this is the main one tat i used for my hand..

i only apply vaseline once it got hurts ....cz i dont have any there =.="


i dont know whether u guys r told not to eat kicap whenver u get hurt in order to prevent scars..

my mom warn me tat..

so i didnt got to eat chicken n anything toxic for 3 weeks =.="""

but i guess its worth after all...

thank godddd....chantchantchanttttt


What I've Learned from this incident :

Be extremely carefull with hot boil water!=.="

i have hot water phobia now! helppppppp


ps: m trying out Liese Bubble Hair Dye soon! so if u wanna know more about this product...stay tune!

* i didnt get paid for the review..so no worries...its all honest opinions!*


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台北 - 中正纪念堂  五分铺  台北101  城品书局  台北,入住新译酒店 (City Inn)

TaiPei - Memorial Hall wu fen pu TaiPei 101 Cheng Pin Book Store Hotel


So, i guess every gals will link Taiwan with wu fen pu coincedently..yeah! tat's the best place to shop in Taiwan!!!!! *Nope, i dont really agree with tat...but still, its a great place flooded with clothes n accesories n everythingggggggg*

i was really tense n i want to get there immediately n just forgot about all those memorial hall or any interesting places!

garrrrhhh...however...we still go there cz this is a travelling trip! not a shopping only trip! muahaha lolzz

anyway...i DID NOT regret at all for goin the memorial hall! love everything about history n culture!


好啦,二话不说,先看看当天穿什么吧?嘻嘻 ...

yeah~ tat's the oufit of the day!


是的!就是我最爱的超白雷丝裙+Can Can帽了!~


tat's my favourite lace dress & can can hat!

my curls fell off very soon cxz i did not bring my hair spray to Taiwan! tot it will explose in the airplane =.=""


DSC_1219.JPG DSC_1221.JPG DSC_1223.JPG



yeah! so who's the one who complaining about the boreness of those memorial hall before goin there? * its me...sigh =.=""*

never thought tat there is such a nice place for photoshooting! i love the pictures though~ although the model is a bit suck! muahaha







The soldiers stand like for a freaking 1 hour! they seldom wink their eyes oso! salute saluteeee


DSC_1276.JPG DSC_1278.JPG



see that Bear dont know doin wat behind the soldier!



DSC_1289.JPG DSC_1323.JPG


while exchanging their shift with other soldiers~




在外面看到他们在跳nobody nobody but chiuuu~

da gals r dancing nobodynobodybutyouuu~


DSC_1243.JPG DSC_1249.JPG DSC_1254.JPG




u can see TaiPei 101 from the memorial hall~


 午餐:欢乐吧!台湾自助Pizza Hut!

Lunch : Buffet Pizza Hut! yeah!~

DSC_1164.JPG DSC_1166.JPG

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To all my friends who r stressing with their relationship...

sometimes, we just need to give a lil more patient n trust n understanding in order to maintain the long lasting relationship...
try not to compare ur love one with others or complain y cant ur love one do tis n tat...
cz tis is wat u want...but not wat he/she want....
every couples have their own style of mangaing their relationship...so y care about wat others think? u know him/her n u r the one who hold hand with her/him...not ur friends! therefore, think deeply every once u wanna make *a decision*...cz a love is not about u...but u n him.../ her.... this is wat i learned recently n which i thought i wanna share it out here....good luck couples! :p

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How about vintage bunny ears?

6 (2).jpg


4 (2).jpg


5 (2).jpg

7 (2).jpg

yeah! she's there with me! see my hell0 kitty there? hehe


n tat's my favourite wicked chicken from popeye!!!!!!! lolzz

totally out of topic!


Photographed and edited by Bear (mostly) & Lyn


Outfit :

Bunny ears & Shoes & Spec : Taiwan

Dress : Custom made by Cat in Bowl

Bag : Miss OCD

Red bow hair clip : Forever 21


We are still in the learning process..so dont expect too much k?

anywya, m 100% satisfy n trusted 100% on him! its really not easy to shoot potrait at such a dark n ugly place!

my house r really ugly!!!! anyway..we r shifting soon as well!

shifting bac to penang =.="""

hopefully i can find a nice house after all!


ps: we have a HUGE PLAN! n everything is in progress! hopefully everything will be fine n so i can announce the great news soon! give me luck!!!! we need luck!!!!! a lot n a lot of luckssss! gampateh kudasai!!!!!


ps 2: i just found tat i my fahsion diary is now 1.8 years old only! never thought tat it would grow until this phase! trust me! m a fashion idiot n i know nothing about fashion! t shirt n short jeans were my favourite pieces! m still not really good in fahsion sense though...anyway...i believe there is an improvement n there will be more improvement coming soon! so gals, wat r u waiting for? doll up urself as how u wish to n get rid of all the fears!push up ur confidence level n be positive! :p

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  • 這是一篇加密文章,請輸入密碼
  • 密碼提示:
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I tat little red polka dot bunny ears! I've got myself 3 colors when i was in Taiwan!


Had been dumbed this clincher for quite sometime..


Maxi with flats?YES! why not?



Love the ruffle details of the lace dress!!~



Ice Cream Straw Bag!!!!

I had seeen this bag before in Malaysia online blogshops...

However, its all sold out before i grab it!!!!

I was so happy wen i found it at Taiwan!


Pls ignore the red dark spot..the side effect of my Hand-Food-Mouth-Disease have yet to be fully recovered...



Red polka dots bunny ears : Taiwan

Red Ribbon Earrings : Forever 21

Lace Dress : OBB

Clincher : Online

Shoe : Taiwan

Ice Cream Straw Bag : Taiwan


Photos taken and edited by Kseong, Ang (Mr.Bear)


Vivi July issue is all about lace maxi dress!

However, it's really really really hard to find lace maxi dress in Malaysia!

Thank god there are online blogshops who bring all those pretty clothes all the way from Bangkok!

M still hunting for nice maxi right now!

If anyone of u happened to found any nice maxi dress, pls share here k?

Hope you enjoy!~:p

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西门町 xi men ding~




saw this kid at Ji Long there! he's just way too cute ok! keep on sliding up n down! so cute la!





their school uniform!



xi men ding overall view~!

DSC_1711.JPG DSC_1722.JPG  DSC_1743.JPG


他们的戏院!戏票还蛮贵的!NT200+ 一张票~!而且,他们的英文戏都是已经翻译成华语的哦!

their cinema! the tickets r a lil expensive! NT200 + per ticket....

most of their english movies were already translated n recorded in mandarin~!




there r lotsa artist along xi men ding...they have lotsa kinds of art!




the spray-ed tiger!







penilik nasib! cute right?




必吃 #1!继光香香鸡!

must try #1! popcorn chicken!!!


DSC_1769.JPG DSC_1770.JPG DSC_1771.JPG DSC_1772.JPG DSC_1774.JPG DSC_1776.JPG


the popcorn chicken is really really nice! a lil spicy that kind! n the most important is..fresh fried!


必吃 #2!阿宗面线!

must try #1! Ah zhong mee soup!!!





seriously crowded with ppl! some not even have place to sit!




their mee is really soft! can just straight away swallow it!

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台北 - 野柳  九份  西门盯  台北,入住新译酒店 (City Inn)


5th day ~

Location : Taipei ( Ye Liu --> Jiu Fen --> Xi Men Ding




从野柳是不能直接作客运到九份的。。。因为路程很遥远!需要大约2小时!建议先搭客运到基隆车站,再转客运到九份!不过还是很长的时间!其实最好呢,是搭的士!但是价格真的差很多!差大约10倍!当时我们碰巧遇到好的司机,2 个人NT800~ 比其他的便宜一些。。。。如果搭客运的话。。。大约NT100而已哦!不过时间与金钱,最终还是要2选1哦!

野柳的入门票大约NT50而已哦!从九份到西门町还蛮方便的!我们可以从九份搭客运到基隆车站, 再从基隆车站搭捷运到西门町~:p




Introduction :

Ye Liu is a very good place for photoshoot! the natural view is awesome! however, the weather there is way too hottttt! =.="

we went there by bus and which would not stop right in front of that place....we have to walk around 5 minutes to reach the place!*according to the counter gal la! but i guess it's not only 5 minutes! cz i almost faint wen i reach ter! lolzzzz*

Their most famous issue is their queen head! will show in the pictures below!~

Our next destination was jiu fen....n we didnt espect tat it would be a lil far from ye liu...

so we took cab instead of bus cz we might have to waste 2 hours if we take bus..

however, the price for the cab is around 10 times more expensive than bus..

but it took us only 45 miutes to reach jiu fen! so y not right? n we r quite lucky cz we met a driver who wiling to fetch us at NT800!

the entrance ticket of ye liu is only NT50~

while from jiu fen to xi men ding, u might only need to take bus at jiu fen to ji long train station n take train to xi men ding~ quite convenient!

ok~ so these information help ba! n its photo time!~



camwhore 123~ :p

DSC_1110.JPG DSC_1112.JPG 


野柳 Ye Liu~


DSC_1163.JPG DSC_1166.JPG DSC_1178.JPG DSC_1202.JPG DSC_1204.JPG


love this photo much!~ but more to the photos below!



Our first ever couple potrait shooting!

DSC_1213.JPG DSC_1214.JPG DSC_1215.JPG DSC_1216.JPG





DSC_1219.JPG DSC_1220.JPG  DSC_1241.JPG DSC_1242.JPG DSC_1243.JPG DSC_1259.JPG DSC_1265.JPG DSC_1276.JPG DSC_1279.JPG

九份 JiuFen~

九份真的有很 多吃的!而且真的都还蛮不错!我在哪儿可是扫了很多食品回来呢!

There r lotsa famous food at jiu fen....i grabbed lotsa snacks n suorvenirs there!

DSC_1306.JPG DSC_1313.JPG DSC_1315.JPG DSC_1318.JPG

那女孩真的很漂亮!*箭头方向* 可惜拍不到正面!:((

tat gal is really pretty!!!! but sadly i didnt get to snap her front view! :(



see? her hair bun so huge!!!!! so nice!!! i wan!! but i dont have so much hair :((( n i guess she's a japanese! cz she speaks japanese! lolzzz


必吃 #1!炸虾球!

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I was curling my hair tat morning...n the most weird thing is...

the result usually turned off to be something different with my expectation...

even though the technic that i used is the same..=.="


n oso..

I found that its been a long time i did not update my fashion diary post...

Gonna create a new page for tat d..cz the photos r getting more n more n more...

n i found that my pictures' quality r all damaged by me...

i dont know it until Bear told me!


so he would be the person in charge to edit my photo for the next outfit post!

* hahaha a good excuse for me for being lazy!*


k la! omg! y i sound so random???

DSC_0414.JPG  DSC_0416.JPG

i love this hair curl!!!! wavey n natural!

but i know i would never get this curl anymore unless i master my curling skills!

  DSC_0436 (2).jpg


OBB love~

DSC_0442.JPG DSC_0459.JPG

Dress, Shoe, Pearl Bracelet : Taiwan

Bag : Old Blossom Box Store *OBB*


Enjoy :p


Preview : White laces, Maxi ssss, Can Can Hat = Bosmia Style!~

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yeah!my first attempt on the korean romantic hair style!!! EXCITED!

not really good..but atleast it last long!!!~ it remained like tat even after 6 hours!




把头发分成2边,再把各边分成4~ A BCD

A C 从外往内卷, 再把 B D 往外卷~

卷完了之后再把2把头发一起从外往内卷~ 用手指的哦!卷好了之后,涂上定型膏及喷上发胶就可以了哦!



1. 可以的话,先涂上慕丝再上卷。。这样。。。卷出来的造型才会更持久哦!

2. 再来,用手卷时,千万不能太大力,以免压扁刚卷出来的弧度~

3. 定型膏及发胶也很重要哦!要小心作选择哦!找到好的产品会放上来分享哦!



This hair style is really simple and easy to get it done~

First, separate your hair into 2 sides.

Divide each sides into 4 bunch..A, B, C & D

For A & B, curl it outwards while for C & D, curl it inwards

*this is what i learned from magazines and also from some readers comment of my blog:p thx!*

After everything done, grab both sides and twist both sides inwards using your fingers~

*this is to create a huge volumn of heavy wave curl*

Apply hair gel and hair spray n it's done!

Some tips to share :

1. Kindly apply musse before you curl your hair~ this is quite important step as it would help lots in ensuring your hair stay long!~

2. Do not press your hair while you curl your hair with your fingers as it would affect the volume effect of your hair~

3. The choices of hair gel n hair spray is uberly important~ will share once i found a nice one k?

*actually i found..but havent really try yet~ :p*







heart the heartsssss~很爱很爱的其中一条丝袜!









The costume for performance in uni~

I had worn this dress for 3 times n i'm still love it so so so much!

the tutu is awesome as it helps to cover up my little tommy! =.=""

n oso, love the lace so much! so romantic la wei!

its the best dress tat i found within these few months!






sinimaseh.....forgot to tell u guys tat i'm a romantic lover! lolzzz

n oso...sorry for the photos cz i didnt got to take it nicely tat day cz we were in a rush!~

paiseh nehxxx!

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 台中 - 科学博物馆  台北,入住新译酒店 (City Inn)




不过也因为这样。。我们更不用那么赶。。。还在7-11慢慢的享受了一番!~ 哈





好吧~ 带大家进去看看之前。。。让大家看看会倒胃的东西吧!











不好意思。。。跟第2天白天一样衣服!=.=" 因为没想过会待那么久哦!




墙上堆满了爱心帖子 ~可以把想说的话写上去哦~

DSC_1141.JPG DSC_1142.JPG








DSC_1161.JPG DSC_1164.JPG



DSC_1172.JPG DSC_1175.JPG






DSC_1186.JPG DSC_1191.JPG DSC_1199.JPG DSC_1200.JPG DSC_1201.JPG DSC_1202.JPG DSC_1208.JPG DSC_1209.JPG DSC_1210.JPG DSC_1212.JPG DSC_1214.JPG DSC_1219.JPG DSC_1220.JPG DSC_1221.JPG


DSC_1237.JPG DSC_1239.JPG




DSC_1248.JPG DSC_1251.JPG

3D 剧场!




  DSC_1269.JPG DSC_1277.JPG DSC_1281.JPG


DSC_1282.JPG  DSC_1291.JPG



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