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Finally, i'm writting about this...

The reason that i did not write this earlier is because i need 100% information from the agency so that i won't confuse u.

Since i had been in USM for 3 days, i can memorize the whole thing already! lolzz

so if u have any question, just email me..i'll do my best to help u..

#1 U must be a student(undergraduate/pursuing master degree)

If u want to join this program, u must have a student status letter..

which means, u must be a student (undergraduate).

The last chance that u can join this program is before ur graduation.

U can apply before u gradute n go after u graduate.

However, there will be a risk that u might not be able to get the USA visa cz they usually scared that people will *jump aeroplane*

*not coming bac on due date*

but anyway, u need not to be too worry cz a lot of students apply before their graduation n go after their graduation..like me n bear~


Well, if u r now a master student or if u r goin to pursue master degree, u r eligible for this program too.

However, u must be <30 years old and already there for atleast 1 semester.


#2 Understand the program and talk to your parents

2.1 How long u can stay in the US

Students can stay in the US for 6 months the most.

U r allowed to work for 2-4 months and travel for 1 month (maximum)

U can deicde which date that u wan to go and come bac to Malaysia.

Everything is up to ur own decision. Like me, i went there in Sept 2010 and came bac to Malaysia on 3rd of Jan.

Which means, i work for 3 months and travel for 1 month.

U can decide how many months u want to work n how many days u wan to travel.


2.2 Which batch should I join for the WAT

ok...so this is the question tat i get in most of the time.

This program is actually open for all year long.

If u r interested to go in this year, u may join the summer/fall batch.

Summer batch starts from May to Sept while fall batch starts from Oct till Dec.

I'm not really sure for the fall batch. U guys can always email Out of the box for any enquiries.

but for now, if u have sem break during May till Sept, or 4 months within May till Sept, u r encouraged to join the summer batch.


2.3 When should i start applying?

 The earliest u apply, the better.

Usually, for students who interested to join the summer batch, they r encouraged to apply since Nov 2010 till thereafter.

The earlier u apply, the more chance for u to get ur desired job.

but if u r late, u dont need to worry as well cz there r always job offers coming in.


2.4 Do i need to pay?

Yes. Of course.

The average total cost that u might needed is around RM10k.

RM3k = Programme fees (Processing fees, medical insurance, employment arrangement etc)

RM450 = US J1 Visa

RM4k-6k = Flight ticket, go n forth (U can either get it from OOTB or buy it urself)

USD 500 aka RM1600 = Pocket money


We r required to bring at least USD 500 into US cz we might get question wen we pass through the kastam.

This is wat i experienced wen i went through the kastam last time.

n also, u will only get ur pay check 2 weeks after u start working. Therefore, u might need some pocket money for daily expenses n transportation.


2.5 What kind of jobs available for WAT program?

My answer is : Holiday jobs!

Resort, themepark, restaurants, national park etcetc


2.6 Can I choose the job?

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I was a lil bit busy this 3 days to help up Out Of The Box at USM!

It's my first visit to USM even though i'm from Penang!

n I had fun meeting those new faces while sharing my experience with them!

Bear brought his US Quaters collection for some explanation regarding the states in US!

me & Phei Ling!~

Piggy Bear with srsly messy hair!

between, sorry if my dumb face scared u away cz i seldom doll up nicely these days!

had been busy for a lot of stuff n i'm just couldnt really bother to dress up nicely!


ps: Working life gonna start soon! N.E.R.V.O.U.S!!!!!

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As the title stated, this is the most dangerous and challenging adventure that we ever had in Grand Canyon!

Since we were in Grand Canyon, we were all agreed that we should explore Grand Canyon from head to toes!

So here comes the most excited activities in 2010 - Phantom Ranch Hiking Trip!!!

FYI, i only do ballet/yoga aka soft sports and i would never try dangerous/heavy sports!

BUT! All of them were decided to go, how can I not follow leh?

FYI, we need to have permit for the trip! we are not allowed to hike and camping down there without permission!

Yeah!!! WE ARE READY!!!!

Look down from the top...

Getting down there...


Look how steep the trail is!

I wanted to give up but I finally convinced by their spirit n energy!

so..I went! We went!!! 6 of us together!

It's a 2 days 1 night trip!

we gotta try our best to hike all the way down before sunset n get back again in the next morning!~

We were all fully equipped!

hiking shoes, hiking sticks, sleeping map, sleeping bag, food, drinks, cereal bars, toilet paper, camping tools...etc

Between, pls ignore my stupid outlook cz it's not easy for me! trust me!

Imagine how heavy the backpack is! We have to carry them down n carry them all the way up again!

Us with round faces! lolzzz

Rest after 1 hour of hiking!!!! Come on! xiu xi shi wei le zou geng chang de lu!

see how amazing the view was!

Finally i saw something *straight*!

I fell down like 8 to 9 times! cz it's too steep already!

I srsly want to give up at the 4/5 times...but i couldnt...cz we were actually quite far from the top d...

so...no choice lo :( have to keep moving!

Some of the points for hikers to take a good rest before continue the most challenging journey!

Betwee, Sky was getting darker n darker!! arghhh!!!!

I fell down like 12345678 times n no rasa after all!

Jess was trying to help me to tie my shoe tighter so tat i wont fall down anymore...

Sky getting real dark now!

After crossing this black bridge n we r done with the first part of the mission!!!!

n yeay!!! we finally reached!!! (we took this the next morning cz it was too dark in the night time)

Jess and Bear's hardwork! we were just kelefeh! hahahhah


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Williams - A small city near Grand Canyon.

We, employees of Xanterra stand a chance to go Williams by train for free!

We planned to go there around the end of October n we thought we gonna make it!

Hell no! We failed to get our desired day off n we need to work that day!

But nothing can beat us since we were really try our best to finish our work earlier so that we could rush to the train depot on time!

n luckily we all made it! I still remember how awkward n tense we were in order to finish on time!

Me n my twin sis made it n we were the first batch who reached there! we were so worry that 4 of them couldnt make it n we gonna have to cancel the plan! but NO! THEY MADE IT!!!! ALL OF US MADE IT!!!!

Here we go departing to the most misterious city! - Williams!!!!

Our train ticket!!! not ticketssss but ticket! cz we only get one ticket with 6 seats given!!!!

see how cute the love is? They punched it with loves!!!!! I told u americans are friendly!!!!

Amazing views along the journey!~

Truly love the views!!!!! It's freaking amazing n beautiful!!!!!

yeah! ppl singing in the train! It was fun!!!!

Love this picture the most!

n deng deng~ here comes the drama!!!!!


The robberies!

OMG! look at his pants!!! this is so funny!

n dont try to fool him by giving him money! cz u will never get it back! trust me!

He was trying to scare that baby!

n guess wat?

who cares huh?


This is so funny!!!!

we never thought that there will be such an entertainment activities in the train throughout the journey! The train even stopped just for all this funny activities!!!!

He came by n claimed tat he's not a robber! a police instead!!!!

*i can't differentiate! thought they just look the same?*

Tat's how they look similar i guess...funny pants? lolzzz

All of us + 1 camera man~ We looked tired cz we were all just finish washing 16 messy rooms within 6 hours!!!!!!

yeay!!! finally reached!!!!

whoa! so dramatic one?!!!!

The depot! Nice decorations huh? They had christmas decorations already even it was just November!

Random captures around the city~ *we walked through the whole city!!!!*

us in a freezing cold weather!!!! It was really really super godamn cold tat night!!!!

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So, i've been travelling go n forth penang n kl, penang n kl, penang n kl n kl (soon) for 3 weeks non stop...

The purpose is kinda obvious *if u followed my facebook* --> Job hunting!!!!!

ohwell, it's not easy after all!

My anxiety disorder is killing me all the time!!!

I'm so worried tat i would be jobless! which was kinda insane!

n.....i found tat....Everything changed!

Friends seemed to be all grown up~! Matured n independent~

Had few fantastic gatherings with uni besties n i realized how much i missed them!~

They were all grown up n look like a *real* adult already! Earn, live n spend all by themselves!

n some of them even gave their parents pocket money already!!!!!

*not sikit sikit punya, lots of them gave RM1000 ar!!!!!*

Wahliao eh!!!!!! wen only i will have tat day har? I gotta work real hard d!!!!

n I'm really excited to get into job world d!!!! but as for now, i'm just gonna spend my very last 8 days *grace period* crazily!

n n n I gotta brush up my english n communication skills asap before i get killed in the marketting war! God bless me!!!


kla~ I'm just gonna stop all the nonsense n share some amazing photos here!!!

Some amazing pictures taken by Bear wen we were in the US!


Have u ever seen snowflakes before??

yes! I've seen snow but I havent seen the real snowflakes!!!!! It's really amazing!

Like I m watching it under a microscope!!!!

n more...

n more!~!!!!!!

OMG! this is so freaking amazing!!!!

I never knew tat snowflakes actually look like snowflakes!!!

OMG! wat am i talking about????%^&*&#@%^&

here comes the postcard picture tat i love most!

It's union square @ san franciso!

I've been there but i don't actually remember tat it was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish i can go back after all.....




ps : There r a lot of ppl asking a lot of questions regarding the USA work n travel trip! So,I'm gonna summarize it n post it up next!

So if u still have any questions, pls

email me at piggysherlyn87@yahoo.com or

facebook message me (same email) or

leave a comment here or

write to me using my form spring box (at the side bar)

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白天只吃2颗蛋,晚上喝一碗campbell soup。。。就这样~




























ps:我知道体重超过50公斤对一个女生来说是很重~但姑娘我自11岁开始体重就一直没少过50公斤!再加上我168,骨架又比别人大,根本不可能像普通Asian的女孩那样轻~曾经我成功瘦到49。。。差点搞出人命!所以希望这次保留一些baby fat~因为这才是我最健康,最快乐的时候!


ps 2:我最近频发恶梦。。。过得不是很开心。。。常常会有那种失落感。。。毕竟成长了。。第一次出社会工作,还是会有点压力~但我坚信,这只是个过渡期。。。。明天一定会更好!


ps 3:最近新发现,吃刷刷锅真的会瘦!不过要切记,只吃蔬菜,豆腐,鱼肉!


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#1 白痴照第一张!

#2 拿红包拿到手软的表弟!×我家小妹的弟弟×

#3 很想当老师的欧小姐~

#4 母女拍档打天下!

#5 偷来的新男友!

#6 偷来的新男友2~

#7 笑容最甜的啊麽!

#8 有数百套情侣装的爸妈~

#9 抢我风头的超甜蜜爸妈~

#10 害羞大小中的爸妈~

#11 超级无敌大笨蛋的哥哥!

#12 不听话之超级无敌大笨蛋的哥哥!

#13 我的宝贝公主小妹!

#14 我爱你,你爱我~我们都是一家人!~

#15 年度最受欢迎照片!猪姐猪妹一条心~

#16 猪之家~ ×不好意思啦!我穿的是啊麽拖鞋!所以把大家的脚都切掉了~哈

#17 很多连拍之五连拍全家福!





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I love watching videos whenever i'm free!

n I thought I should share some of the videos that i really like? or hate? or angry? or funny? instead of sharing it in Facebook?


Here's my videos of the week!

#1 4 Different Chinese Girl Looks from Michelle Phan*LIKE*

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Michelle Phan is my favourite Youtube makeup guru ever!

n i really think that this video is really useful especially for Asian girls like us!

She did a srsly great job in recording 4 styles of make up with such a limited make up resources!

Watch it gals!


#2 A teenage gal who's eyes *produces crystals*Curious?*

Gift from god?  I don't understand! How can it be crystals in human eyes?


#3 Poor poodle incident! *HOTTEST ISSUE EVER*HATE!ANGRY!*

y got ppl like tat one?!!! n the problem is, HE IS A MALAYSIAN! go die la!

Bet most of u watched these videos already...

just in case u havent, try to watch it!

Especially Michelle Phan's videos!!!!!

I learned my make up skills from her from time to time~!

Watch it constantly n maybe u'll found some inspirations from her videos too!

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耳环,上衣,芭蕾舞裙 :Forever 21

项链: 美国




他偷偷乘工作假期时偷偷跑到×坐巴士啦!哈×在离grand canyon大约20分钟车程的一个小市镇买的!












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复古纱纺裙 :H&M

复古心形锁腰带 :Time Square ×很贵!30块~但我真的很喜欢!所以2话不说就给它败了下来×

蝴蝶结戒指 : 台湾渔人码头

复古蕾丝包 :Ugly Duckling Closet

鞋子 :Mod










这次还是用回Liese Bubble染发剂~

不过,这次用的是Marshmallow Brown!














PS :今年新年不知为何,总是觉得很开心!我也觉得很奇怪~明明就没有什么事发生!所以,很奇怪的问了大哥!猜猜他答案是什么?



PS 2: 老娘我现在59公斤啦!不要再问我了!!!!!哭哭哭!





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