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*UPDATES : Ready stocks are currently sold out~

I just checked with supplier & unfortunately they are not restockable anymore :(


Yeay! Finally here comes Sherlynlicious's first collection!

Only 1 design though~

I love cradigans!!!! and i thought i should bring something that i love for Sherlynlicious!


Order at piggysherlyn87@yahoo.com


I don't do this often...but will try to bring more nice stuff if the response is good enough~

Happy shopping! :)




1) First come First serve basis

2) Not responsible for parcel lost once parcel being sent and tracking number provided

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All from Cat in bowl




Trend Reportsss




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Thought wanna blog about this on Sunday! Mana tau....drag until now! lolll

Anyway, i really like this restaurant!

Saw lotsa reviews regarding them for quite sometimes already!

And finally i got a chance to organize a gathering there!

You will love this restaurant!!!!!!!!

Pearl heart shape earrings : Sg. Wang

Bows Top : Old Blossom Box

Skirt : Singapore, Bugis Street

Socks : Forever 21 US

Ribbon heels : Opera (One U)

Still in love with bows and polka dots!

Bag : Ugly Duckling Closet *They are updating this Sunday, 6.30pm!!!!!*

My favourites heels & socks of the month!

They made this! Look how amazing it is! They are so creative!

Wow! This is our so-called Xiao Nu Zi!

Cute Fan!!!! Lol

The menu so cute! They were made in cloth!

Japanese roll *forgot the name! lol!*

Must try! It's really really nice!

Chicken Katsu Don RM12.80

Yummy Omelette Curry Rice RM13.80

Dessert time!!!! They were all homemade & which subject to avaialbility~

We actually ordered all their desserts!lolll

Homemade Tofu Cake RM8

Rum Mascarpone RM12

Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream RM8

Green Tea Red Bean Pudding RM4

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The Top = Bukit Gasing = Our office!!!!! Lol

We had a pool party yesterday night in our office...& it was really realy fun!!!!!

Since I'm the photographer there should be no problem if i start this post with my self camwhored pic right?


Wanted to blog about this N years ago! This house is too pretty already!

oh no! That's not my boss! lol

Meet Chris & Haslam!

Miss Groupon 2011~

yeay! Indoor Kaki ssss!

Bean bags!!!!!!!!!!


k! U're cute! Certified!

He's having too much fun!

ei boss, y u peek at the right corner there! u scare me u know! =.=" hahaaha


Pretty Joanne with the lovest Groupon T!

Pool wrestling?


wah! see all the guys!


- The End with my signature camwhored picas! -


Be one of us!

Send your resume to talent@groupsmore.com if you are interested to join us!

weeehoooooo advertise pula! lolll

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This is a super backdated post!

I wanted to blog about this on that day itself but i'm just a bit overlad that time  =.=""

I'm not sure why...but i really excited for his birthday this year!

maybe bcz  this is the year where both of us turned into "real" adult~

And i really want to buy something special for him...A thing that he craved for so long!


12am midnight 1/4/2011

Fossil!!!!!! I really really like this watch brand and also the packaging itself!

Guitar = Loves....

He's older than me now! muahahaahhhahahhha


8pm 1/4/2011

It's friday night and both of us opted for something light and special!

So we went Potluck @ sunway giza for our buffet dinner~

We forgot to take the picture of their restaurant..and this is the photo that i grabbed from their facebook*click* lolll

They are having buffet dinner promotion! RM19.90 each!

Love their wall paintings & designs...

My favourite!!!!!!! FYI, i don't like seafood/fishball/anything when it comes to steamboat! The only thing that i love most is mee!!!!!!

I know i'm wasting my money! lolll

Their food were really nice and fresh!

Their bbq grilled ham & herbal soup were my favourites!

Their service was very good as well! Atleast the waiter smile at us all the time and we feel so comfortable having our dinner there!

Overall rating : 7/10





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Date : 15th April 2011

Venue : D-G-60 & D-1-60 Puchong IOI Boulevard

Attendees :


whoahhhhhhh! that's our first expression when we saw their restaurant!

This is a very good place for couples!

Downstairs were a lil packed up so they open the upper section just for us!

Another woahhhhhh!!!! Love the environment! Classy, stylish, romantic~

Stupid women wore her super ugly slippers for such a high class restaurant!!!! =.="" fml

I was supposed to snap some photos for my fashion diary there!!!!! :(

Uber cute scallpoy top : Girl About Town

Skirt : Standard 5 performance skirt~

Earrings : Forever 21 US

Our vouchers~!RM10 only!

so, we gonna get a pasta + a soup of the day + an egg salad!

One table can only fit one person's meals! lolll but well, we just love sandwiching each other! hahaha

The very first time all of us gals fight for salad!

Love the salad max!~!!! Especially the vege! Fresh and yummy!

Soup of the day! - forgot the name already :( loll

Spaghetti time!!!!!!

Sunshine Pasta with Bacon Bits! - RM16.90 (Original Price)

Recommended by the owner of Vintage! & yes! he served us by himself! not just us, all of the customers!

Their service was undoubtly great!

Seafood Aglio e olio - RM19.90 (Original Price)

Hot & Spicy! Would be even better if they add more seafood in it!~

Chicken Carbonara - RM21.90 (Original Price)

Ham & Mushroom Carbonara - RM21.90 (Original Price)

sisters~ muahahaahaha

Me & my 2 pretty babes!


- The End -

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Those gorgeous vivi pieces @ Room8008 http://room8008.blogspot.com/


Massive loves from The Childlike Empress! http://thechildlikeempress.com/

guess what? they are all in my wish list!!!!!!!

I love all of them especially the last one!

It's OMGSONICE!!!!!!!!!

For those who are not eating grass like me, you may go and have a look :)


Bet that everyone know about this already!

this is like super cute!!!!!!!!

RM64 each, came in 5 different colors!

Visit here if you would like to buy! http://mobilemegamall.com/goods/1200

Btw, pls take note that i actually google and found this...not sure about the quality, reliability & all..

just want to share it here and if anyone of u knows where can we get this uberly cute rabito iphone 4 case, pls leave a comment here n let me know!!!!!!

I saw a small store located at the center of the bridge between Ikano Power Center & The curve selling this super cute iphone case!

Not sure they still have it or not..so regret that i didnt buy it!

Oh no!!! S.A.V.E S.A.V.E!!!!! lol

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The socks trend were all over vivi magazines!

I got myself a pair of this cute scallopy pink socks from Topshop last year and i never got towear &  blog it until now! lolll

Not feeling well today :( and i didn't get to wear this out actually...just shoot and change back to normal clothes lollll

I kinda love this set of combination! they are all my Top 10 favourite of the year! LOLOL

Top : The Poem, Tea & Sympathy (Bangsar) *They closed down already :(((((*

Heart cut out belt : Little Paris Dress Book *I got it from Chic Pop 7!!!*

Skirt : My standard 5 performance skirt =.="""

Lacey Can Can Hat : Taiwan

Socks : Top Shop

Pink Gladiator : Sg.Wang

I heart this!

Tired face....lolll

Can u see the scallops? it's actually very small but i really like it!!! <3

Hope that i will get to wear this out next weekend la~!

owhh...it's monday again :(

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Cat in Bowl



Cute & exclusive!


Their Creation~





Tonight 8pm 



You want something edgy? classy? Here they are!



Little Paris Dressbook


Everything nude, sweet & romance~

Tonight 6pm!





You know you want those vivi inspired pieces!

Tonight 6pm! 




SeeSaw's Playground



Who doesn't like these? you tell me~!

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他的影响力真的还蛮大的!可以请到所有观众都站起来跟他一起跳twinkle twinkle真的好厉害!
























很开心,也很感谢小猪给我们一场那么棒的演唱会! 真的很棒!!!!!!!!







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It's time for part 2! Neglected it for like 123456 years already.

View part one here : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/24117267


LOOK #66 Bows...

Dress : Ugly duckling closet

Belt : Me Boutique - Auto City Penang

Ribbon flats : Licci - Sunway Pyramid

Ribbon Bag : Teetoo - Sunway Pyramid

Swallow necklace : Forever 21 US

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28429748


LOOK #65 Candy girl~

Earrings : Taiwan

Ribbon rings : Taiwan

Pearl Diamond Necklace : Forever 21 US

Scallop top : Room8008

Ballerina puffy skirt : Ugly Duckling Closet

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28418330


LOOK #64 Cutest top!

Pearl Chained headband : Forever 21 US

Vintage Satchel earrings : Taiwan

Top : Ugly Duckling Closet*click*

Skirt : Forgot d

Bag : Vintage - US

Heels : Mod @ Sunway Pyramid

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28406158


LOOK #63 Another Ballerina style~

All from Forever 21 US & M'sia

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28061727


LOOK #62 Love vintage

Dress : H&M US

Heart chain belt : Times Square

Bag : Ugly Duckling Closet

Heels : Mod

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28055337

LOOK #61 da candy barbie lacey bag

Earrings & Bracelet : Taiwan

Dress : Online

Candy Barbie Lace Bag : Ugly Duckling Closet

Pink Gladiator : Sg.Wang

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/26991893


LOOK #60 Bows Lover

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Last Sunday, girl friends from Sarawak and Johor came all the way down to KL!

so we had our very first dating since we were back in Malaysia.

They were my dearest girl friends that i know from USA work & travel.

Sadly some of them not able to attend.

Owh I miss them so much!

Can we have a session like this at least once in 2 months?


ok i just can't wait! this photo should be at the end of this post but i just don't care cz i really like this photo!

with all of us inside! From Left : Bear, Piggy, Stephanie, Jess & Xiang Yun.

Dinner @ Vivo American Pizza & Panini @ Times Square, LG floor.

This was my 2nd visit to Vivo American Pizza! Their food were delicious yet affordable!

OMG!!!! sinsinsin!!!!!!! Trust me! their ice blended marshmallow chocolate is amazing!!!!!

Cheesy spaghetti bolognaise - RM12.90

Seafood Bake Pasta - RM15.90

Chicken & Mushroom Bake Pasta - RM10.90

I love Pasta!!!!!!!! It's cheesy & yummy! Fat me of course!

*but well, once in a while still can la!*

Dress : Ugly duckling closet

Belt : Me Boutique - Auto City Penang

Ribbon flats : Licci - Sunway Pyramid

Ribbon Bag : Teetoo - Sunway Pyramid

Swallow necklace : Forever 21 US

n...guess we met who this time?

yeay!Kate Tsu (HK star)!!!!!!!!!!

ya! that;s her!!!! well, i thought she looks much prettier than thic picture?

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I've dyed my hair since January and i wanted to blog about this long time ago.

Lotsa people asking me how's the color, would it fade off after a couple of months...n i always never get to answer it since i dont really pay much attention on it...

Liese Bubble Hair Dye - Marshmallow Brown

Took this photo during cny and that's when i just dyed my hair few days ago..

I used only 1 bottle of hair dye since my hair was kinda short that time...

This is about 2 months later...obviously, the color seems lighter now..but i kinda like this color...it makes me look fairer i guess?

By the way, yeah! i changed new hairstyle again!

This is temporary though...I'm just too bored with the heartshape n straight barbie hair style...

Wants to try out something new! Something more mature? hahaha

OMG I hate those roots but what to do? but well, this is the only time that i actually relized that my hair color is really brown! lolll

I used to push my hair in this way to increase the puffiness of my curls~

Almost done~

Never really see the back part before...lolzz

n...photoshoot time!!!!!

Another love from Ugly Duckling Closet...I'm just couldn't resist all their clothes!

Earrings : Taiwan

Ribbon rings : Taiwan

Pearl Diamond Necklace : Forever 21 US

Scallop top : Room8008

Ballerina puffy skirt : Ugly Duckling Closet

Accesories in detail..

OMG Pearlssssss!!!!

Pls ignore my ugly nails!!!!!!!!!  Lol!!!! I promise u i'm gonna spend plan some budget for my nails d!!!!

They r just way too ugly!!!!!!


By the way, anyone wants to learn yoga?


Groupon is having great deals for yoga class at Bandar Utama! RM28 only for one month unlimited classes!!!!Map provided!

The instructor is a guy though! loll that's y i need someone to accompany me there lol!

but of course the intructor is good la! I just need a companion! lollz


My heart broken whenver i saw those great deals cz i can only see n cannot buy!!!!ARGHHH!

n i can't believe that  i actually created a wish list just for that! lollzzz

1) Show Concert Tickets

2) Shoe Pod

3) Photobook

4) Mani Pedi

5) Yoga class

They just came all together and it's very hard for me to decide which one to buy!

cz i always have lotsa reasons that i need to buy all those stuff! lolll

okla! this post is really messy now!

First start with liese bubble, then fahsion diary, then wish list pula! =.=""

Actually i have more...

6) Iphone Angel case - anyone can tell me where to buy this?

7) Lasenza Lingeries set

8) Ikea small table

9) A Mary Jane Pumps

10) Eyelashes? Facial? Eyeliner? Long pants?

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I just saw this contest at nuffnang page and i really really want to win this!!!!!

I had been secretly in love with him for sometime already...

I'm thankful that my company actually gave me 2 Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie Primere Screening Tickets!

We went and we was like "babybabybabyohhhh!" all the way back from Sunway Pyramid till home!

n then i get to know that he's gonna be here for his concert on this coming 21st of April...

I was really upset cz this is the month since i started work and i will never afford a concert ticket!

n then i saw this contest posted in nuffnang main page!!!!! n that's wer the hope came!


So, as required in the contest, I'll need to write about the top 3 things I would do to prove that I'm a true Belieber!


1) I'm gonna secretly learn up how to play guitar from my cousin brother who's a pro when it comes to guitar Rock n Roll!

2) I'm gonna force my mom to post my video in youtube so that i can get as much views that i can.

3) I'm gonna play guitar at New Orlean Street to increase my publicity so that i would stand a chance to meet Akon in real person!


Lol! I know what you're thinking about! I'm just sucks on this!

The only thing that i know y i love Bieber so much is because his talent and his courage to step in the adult world!

I always wanted to be a singer since i was young till now... n i never get to do that until now..

I was really upset for quite sometime...But now i'm fine! cz i know that there's still something out there that i can do instead of singer...

I truly admire him for having such a great mother and grandparents who raised him up with full love and give him 100% support in most of the time...

It's really not easy to be a singer especially at this age!

He SHOULD be playing, jamming, gaming with a bunch of friends and go to school everyday with a bright smile!

But he didn't....he chose to be here and there he is! A shining star throughout the whole world!

I'm really proud of him! *wah like i know him very well! haahhaha*


I wrote this is not just about the concert...I wanted to blog about this longlong ago...

but I'm just too shy cz people will surely think that i'm naive n blablabla~

Today, i made it n i finally blog about this! n i really want to win his ticket!


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Most of you might already know that i've just received my parcel from Ugly duckling closet last Thursday!


*yelling alone in the office since nobody know about that!...hmm not until i post it in my facebook =.=""

I was really really happy that day cz there r 3 good news in total happened in just one day!

1) Yeah~ Got my incentive from the company for the deal that i closed last month! *It means a lot to me cz i really need it!!!!"

2) My parcel from UDC arrived!!!! Hooray!!!

3) PTPTN finally approved my application after waiting for 8 freaking months!!!!! Now I'm free from the RM48k debt!!!!!! YAYAYAHOORAY!!!!!

okla i should stop being crazy n here's the little photoshoot that i've done with Bear in front of my house! =.="""

*There's nothing nice about the background..pls ignore it..."


Self camwhored pic always the first one to post =.=""

 c the top c the top c the top c the top???!!!!!!!!!

Pearl Chained headband : Forever 21 US

Vintage Satchel earrings : Taiwan

Top : Ugly Duckling Closet*click*

Skirt : Forgot d

Bag : Vintage - US

Heels : Mod @ Sunway Pyramid


Went LahLahLand Flea Market with my housemate Christina in this outfit~!

Heart this scallopy heart-ish top very much!!!!!!!

Christina bought the same one with me from Ugly duckling closet at LahLahLand Flea Market!

Hers one is in yellow color and if i'm not mistaken, there's only 1 color left which is grey color with pink hearts~

me practicing on how to be a super model while bear practicing on how to be a professional photographer!

eh....Just kidding la!!!!! hahaha lolzz! Gal fat like me how to be super model?

ok! I was trying to be innocent but it turns out look like i'm an emo freak =.=""

but i kinda like this picture la!!! NVM! will definitely do it better next time! LOLOL

H.A.P.P.Y = HAPPY!!!!!!!

Let's zoom in a lil bit for accesories & Make up!~

n yes, that;s how i stick my double eyelid sticker~!

I do have double eyelid originally but it's just way to small n i look so dumb without sticking double eyelid sticker!

They r now part of my life...I just couldn't live without them...

*Lol so serious meh?* YES! SERIOUSLY!* 

ok! done talking with myself!

Headband in detail....floral + chain + pearls = L.O.V.E

Polka dot heels!~

Got this pair of heels last year n i seldom wear them cz they are way to high already!

but still, love high heels in most of the time~!

The End~ Hope u guys enojoy~ :)




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日期 : 4月16日 星期六

时间 : 晚上8点-11点

地点 : Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

如何买票 :可以到这里购买 http://www.groupsmore.com/all-deals (优惠价只限这四天哦!)

这些优惠配套真的很令人不能安定咯!!不单票价有折扣,又有附送耳机, 全套折扣高达50%,而且,3位幸运儿将有机会遇到罗志祥本人!!!!!






1) RM168+Hibikii 耳机RM89   = RM257  

优惠价 RM129而已! 只限300张! 详情请安这里

2) RM228+Hibikii 耳机RM99    =  RM327 

优惠价 RM164而已!只限300张!  详情请安这里

3) RM268+Hibikii 耳机RM129 = RM397

优惠价 RM199而已!只限300张!  详情请安这里


备注: 耳机颜色任选哦~!









鼻子好挺0 !!!

熊,我们待会儿就买票好吗? ×眼睛张很大×

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Those that caught my eyes Updated!

Yeay!!!! Finally i've got a chance to visit Chic Pop street market!

Pretty gals were everywhere!!!! All came by with the most stylish fashion n super "up-to-trend"!

Chiffon chiffon chiffon owhhh chiffon!!!!!!!!!

But well, i didn't really get to shop much cz too busy taking photos & chit chat here n there!

*no..i don't take pictures...Bear did...:)))*

PLUS, the weather was like super hot! How good if they organize this event in places with air-con! LoL

alrite, yo! Let's spam this post with picas picas n picas!!!!!

Yeah! Room8008 was the first blogshop that i met right a minute after we reached there!

That's Kiki, the owner of Room8008.

me: Bear, I really really want to buy this rossette tutu skirt!!! It's really nice!!!!

Bear : huh? buying the same skirt again? u already have few at home!

me :  No! I don't have one! This one got rose one it's different!!!!!

Bear : Put it back! Let's go!

me : !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&

okla! I admit! I'm just couldn't resist any kind of tutu skirt! I wish i could have a big wardrobe just for my tutu skirts! =.=

Another nice one & oso another "missed" one.. :(

Yeay! Emcee Couture was the next one~

OMG! I look like a dinosour beside her!

She is so S.M.A.L.L!!!!!!!! How i wish i could be smaller like her! so that i can wear all those pretty clothes!

Spotted this super awesome pretty dreass from them! but it's just far away too small for me la!!!!!

Stole this picture from her site! lolzz see how cantik it is? arghh i'm gonna chop off all my fats away n buy this dress n wear it!!!!

I'm just kidding la! hehehe Me this giant is impossible to fit in this pretty n petite dress!

However, if u r a petite, try to visit their blogshop! They have lotsa pretty homemade dresses!

I met this little sweetheart Irene from Little Paris Dress Book!

She looks super adorable with that vivi inspired mary jane pumps! I'm not sure whether it is under mary jane category but what i'm trying to say is that the heels look damn old school n lovely!!!!!!!

n AGAIN! I look dinasourdinasour again! 2 dinasours since i'm like 2 size bigger than her!!! fml!

Look, how pretty their stuff is! I bought that super cute heart cut out belt from them! n that's my only purchase from Chic Pop 7 =.=""""


But well, that's the only size they left :(((

oklo! Save money!

& then i met Kim with the same awesome heels again!!! ARGH!!!!!!!! Should i buy??? but i'm already dinosourdinosour! If i wear this kind of heels again i would be dinosour*10 arghh! how sad it is :((

Btw, she is damn cute man!!!! n yes! SHE IS A DOLL!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Cat in Bowl! I've reviewed their blogshop for a couple of times already! Totally in love with their homemade dresses!

Met the owner Sih Sin who was my senior in MMU!

I never knew that until i bought something from her! hahahah lol

One of their creation!!!!

Pretty till can die lo!!!

I wanted to try this out but i just don't feel comfortable trying clothes when my body is full with sweat! arghh! hot day sucks!

Another cute one!!!!! super adorable!!!!!

Spotted this nicely decorated booth which owned by things eye made, an online blogshop who make all those awesome vintage necklaces, bracelets & more! Their necklaces are really nice! check it out from their site!

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If you follow my facebook, you would probably see me posting awesome deals from time to time...

The reason being is bcz....THE DEAL IS OMG SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! n i used to like OMG I NEED THIS!!!!!!!

And after i shared it out...i would never get a chance to buy! "since i just received my FIRST cheque after stepping into the working world!!!"

n yes!!!!!!!! I'm gonna buy 2 vouchers right now cz I'm just couldn't resist the OMGSOGOODANDISRSLYNEEDTISGROUPON!!!!!!

so, if u wanna buy and u have totally no idea how it works....FOLLOW ME! *although this is my first purchase LOLOLOL*

WALAO EH!!!!!!!THIS IS SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's at puchong though...but so wat? at least now i have a reason to go for a date...=.=""" "punch!!!!"

okla...the main reason is bcz i'm a huge fan of those spaghetti n pasta!!!!!!!

Give me pasta n i'll give u 2 cents! "okla..not funny at all! continue.."

so what u do next is...click "BUY NOW" and u will be here

Login with your facebook just in case you haven't.

You will be directed to the main page and click on the deal that you want to buy again...

Click buy now again...lolllll ahhahaa

& u will be here! Click the token if you have one!

For Number 1 :

Put the no. of vouchers that you would like to purchase. You may purchase multiple for yourself (Depends on the T&C of the deal). If you are allowed to purchase multiple vouchers for yourself, *fill in the number* and that's it.

HOWEVER, if you are not allow to buy more than 1 vouchers for yourself BUT you would like to buy more vouchers for your friend, do the same thing ** AND go to Number 2.

For Number 2 :

Check "Buy these Groupons as gift for your friends"

AND key in your friends' name :)))

For Number 3 :

You will have thess cashback tokens IF

You shared this deal and ppl click on it and ppl who click on it bought it =.="" (RM5 token)


You are the first 30 buyer for each deals in Groupon! (Usually all the min purchase of each deal is 30, but sometimes it might not be 30 as well, check before you buy lo!) (RM2 token)


Invite you friends "Refer to the side bar of the main page"

When you are all set, scroll down to Number 4 :

You can pay either via credit card/Online bank transfer/E wallet/Offline Bank Transfer

And you will be directed to your bank's website!

You will come to this page right after your payment.

& hor, no worries, we are previously Groupsmore so the name of merchant is corret :)

Mine was CIMB bank and u need not to click anything cz it will pop out itself! haaha

And you're done!!!! So I've got 2 vouchers now! "you may find it at the top right corner of the website"

ohya! wait! you will receive 2 emails after that. " Check the mailbox that u used to register ur FB"

1 is from ipay88 & another 1 is from Groupsmore saying tat u already purchased 2 vouchers of watwatwat & blablabla

From ipay88

From Groupon

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Finally!!!!! I'm going to this super awesome bazaar!!!!!!!!!! weeeee

Basic information:

Date: 2nd April 2011
Time: 12pm – 7pm
Venue: Jaya One, Jalan Universiti, PJ

Participants List:

Shrieking Monkeys
Eltii (Take.Me)


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