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I've read too many good reviews about this restaurant!

We went there yesterday night and yes, we love this place!


Venue: Fat Spoon Cafe

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/fatspooncafe

Address : 73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Specialization : Grandma's Recipe + Good Coffee


The Environment

Their restaurant is not really big...therefore, i would suggest that you book first before you go.

Their theme is all about our childhood stories....peter & jane story books, periok hanging here and there, papan hitam, vintage lamps & etc.

Can you believe that this is actually their menu? So cute right?

The ladybird key words reading scheme...what's that?

I never learn about this during my childhood time oso...lolll hahahahah *i think i forgot*i hate school and i dont really love reading story books! hahahaha*


Will you pull? I won't! haha

My beloved papan hitam....

Let's have a look of their toilet! Bear told me about this but i didn't really see & "enjoy" their toilet ytd night! lolll

I love the mirror!!!! Can i have that?

Comic Boy is gonna love this....


The Food

Ice Coffee RM9.90

Flat white RM6.90

 (Not that sure whether this is cappucino or flat white! loll)

This 2 photos were stolen from iPAD Bro's cam! while the others were stolen from Bear's camera!

So basically, what i do is just eat, enjoy and blog while the man do all these pretty stuff at the back!

Cappucino RM6.90

 (I might mixed this up the names ya! only for this 2! lol)

Thanks for telling me guys!

Heart this pic....it just look too yummy!

Thai Chicken Rice RM11.90

Fried ulam rice RM11.90

Fried ulam rice with egg RM12.90

Fat Spoon Tangy Beef Noodle RM8.90

Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup RM8.90

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Finally I'm writting this!

Anyone who knows Sherlyn will definitely know that she's a huge fan of hello kitty...

Don't judge!!! Who said girls at this age cannot like hello kitty? heheh

So here it is! My kitty collection from Taiwan & Europe!

but first of all, i really want to say thank you to all of you who got me all these cute kitty stuff from other countries!!!!

Especially bear, bro & ipadbro! (New Piggysherlyn-ian lolll)


Let's get it started!!!!




When i saw this, i went OMEEEGOOOOSSSH!!!!!!!!

Bro you know me so well! I never tell you that i want this even i asked my taiwan friend to help me to get it instead of u!!!!

Forgot that you're actually there n U GOT IT without me telling u!!!!!! Gan Dong-ing....

I feel like a lucky little girl jumping across the rainbow!!! (I see double rainbows!!!)

Owh so cute!!!!!!!! I'm NOT GONNA USE THIS!!!!!!!!!  I'm gonna just keep it!!!!!==



He just got everything that  i wanted to buy so badly!!!!

I've seen this iphone cover in white color very often but not this pink one!!!!

He was struggling between the white kitty cover and this pink kitty cover...

he picked pink for me ginally cz he can tell from his instinct that i'm gonna love it!

Yeay! Bro you're totally right!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!


My Kitty girl loves bear too :)

Iphone kitty button sticker!!! Owh so cute!!!!!!!



Sorry, i just couldn't think any other name instead of this - ipadbro!

You guys will see his face appearing here very very soon...

So, he got me all these cute kitty stuff far away from Europe!!!!!!



This is so cute man!!!! Now my iphone is fully dressed! I have kitty cover, kitty button sticker, kitty wall paper & kitty earbud accesories!!!!!!!



Another cute stuff that he got for me!!!! It,s from H&M!!! anyone knows what this is?

It's a lip balm!!!!! It smells freaking good!!!! n I'm not gonna use it also!!! Seriously! I'm gonna keep it!!!!!!!

Thanks iPADBRO!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really really love all these kitty collections! Thanks bro & iPADBRO!!!! You brighten up my kitty LIFE!


PS: I'm supposed to blog about my US kitty collection as well..but i forgot to take the picture of my favourite kitty!!! arghh shall continue this post next time :)

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I'm sick with my hair color and i really want to dye my hair again in salon instead of doing it myself at home..

I'm just way to lazy to do all these beauty stuff lately...

My piggy cousin dyed her hair and i gone crazy when i saw her hair!

It's like OMG super nice!

So she brought me to this hair salon WHICH i introduced her to cut her hair there previously =.="""

A famous salon born from Taiwan~

All these pics were stolen from their page --> http://www.facebook.com/boris.hc.malaysia


So..back to the topic..

I always stick to 2 hairdresser - 1 in KL & 1 in PG LOL!

I hardly trust others cz i always scared that ppl will burn my hair? LOL

I mean very "nice" & which is totally out of my expectation that kind =.=""

That's the best photo of hair color...

I know i look pale here and i srsly regret for not putting proper make up today...

No fake lashes, no lip gloss, concealer not even =.="""

Btw, i really like this color! My hairdresser mixed 3 colors in order to get this color..

It's something like ash brown if not mistaken. (More towards greenish brown *Called ya ma lv in mandarin*)

Well, the greenish part can hardly see especially in indoor space.

This is how it looks in indoor space with sun lightning...

I wanted to curl my hair but i couldn't cz my hair will surely become very dry if i do...

& This is how it looks in indoor space with soft lightning...

Outfit of the day~

Wore this skirt and heels quite often these days~

I love this socks it's too cute to resist!

Photos from iphone! loll


I'm getting more n more socks recently.....officially in love with socks trend...

Some people ask me how to pair socks with heels...don't u feel awkward when u get weird stares from people?

Well, my answer is...y should we care about this when this is our life instead of others?

Wear what you like and suit you the best...

Be confident! :)


PS : Can't believe i wrote the last sentence. FYI, i'm have super low self-confidence. Guess i've improved a lil bit through my current job. Hope you girls like this post :)

PS 2 : This is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to share it cz i really like their services!

PS 3 : Spotted some good cosmetics from Benefit counter again...save save save n buy buy buy!!!

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Thanks for making nice skirts for me since i was young and which that i can even still wear it till now..

Thanks for the curry & durian that you got it bcz u knew that i'm craving for them...

Thanks for motivating me and brought me to this religion that helps a lot on building my confidence....

Thanks for hugging me tight whenever i;m down and depressed..

Thanks for always be there for me and never judge no matter in what circumstances...

Thanks for showing me a good example being a daughter of a mother by taking care of grandma so well....

Thanks for constantly reminding me how pretty and smart i am...u know me the best and i really appreciate it....

Thanks for understanding and being patient to me...i know i'm not an easy gal to handle.....


I'm not gonna promise anything here....

but i told myself i would work hard to give you a good life!


Thanks for everything mom...

I'm greatful that i'm able to spend my weekends doing mani-pedi with u...

Although it didn't work so well...Lol

But u know i enjoyed the process hanging out together with u & doing pretty stuff with u whole day long...


I'm greatful that i did made it to the banquet tonight...

i felt so happy n touch whenever i saw the happiness on u and grandma...


I love you mom.....

So do the sister and brother...

*bro & bear bear are taking care on me so u need not to worry too much about me k?*



Dream Talk : I want to buy a big house for you & daddy and give you RM2000 every month as your pocket money...(wahhhhhhh)

I know i can do it.....(even me myself i doubt it lolll)

OMG self-conflict!

but there's always a possibility that dreams will come true...:)



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*Updated this post...spotted too many grammer mistakes*

Sry...still improving~ lollll

Bohemian style again today!

Well, its the same old dress the i got from Taiwan....still love it even bro said that it looks like a lacey curtain instead =.="""

We heard a lot of good reviews about Empire Shopping Gallery....never been there bfore..

so i grabbed Bear to shop there since our Melacca trip being cancelled!!!!:(


And...i found 3 super fun things at Empire Shopping Gallery!


#1 LEX Slide!

Sounds familiar right?

Yes, Groupon did a deal before for this slide!

It looks kinda scary to me though~ loll


#2 Starbucks Happy hour!!!!

 Half off for all Frappe!!!!

Tried this new Green Tea Flavour! Don't really like it though cz it's too greentea-ish already....

taste a bit bitter...



#3 My Long Waited Whisk Espresso Bar / Bake Shop!!!!


There are a lot of bakery/restaurants selling macarons!

But we chose this bakery instead cz i've read damn lot of good reviews about them!




Their macarons were quite small, RM2 each~ but its really yummy!!!!

Far away better than Choclat World's Macarons!

Gonna try out other bakery's macarons next time~


It's soft but crunchy & chewy at the same time...you will definitely want to have another one once u have a bite on it!

You guys should really try it out!

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