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I was waiting for a client that Thursday and looking for something healthy to eat cz i've got food poisoning a day before that...

I went into this bakery, grabbed 2 sandwiches and start eating in front of their shop...n guess what? OH GOSH!

Their bread taste really really good!

Always love sandwiches with 110% fillings!

n it's super cheap! RM2.20 each! (Prices vary according to flavors)

This bakery operated by sweet husband and wife who came back from UK!

Their bread were mostly handmade.

I went in right after that and decided to get this super cute Angry bird cake for my pretty colleague Chia Chia!

This is so cute man! RM30 only! owhhhh

It looks really like a jelly cake but it's not. It's made of some kind of sugar...hmm can't really descirbe it! u guys should really try it yourselve! :) 

Ang Ang Ang....Doraemon!

Lady bird! so cute!

4 choices in total! OMGSOCUTETAKBOLEHTAHAN!!!!! RM30 each

Angry bird cuppiesss!!!!

Some of the pastries selections~

Bamboo Charcoal RM5.10

Wholemeal multi seeds RM5.60

Missed out the name for this one! oopss

Black Sesame & Walnut RM5.10

n this one as well =.="" Sorry!


Me n my colleague went there and we seriously hope that they can do delivery for their sandwiches!

Try their blueberry / Chocolate cheese tart! It's not like a normal cheese tart cz there's filling inside the cheese tart! OMG! sliver everywhere!



For more info, kindly visit their bakery @

Heart & Flour Bakery

399, Burmah Road, 10350 Penang

(Between Sawara Japanese Steamboat restaurant & domino's pizza)



ps: Not a sponsored post. I truly like their sandwiches & cheese tart! Go try it! :)


Other lovely restaurant in Penang

Fruuze Frozen Yogurt http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28991118

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Tricia the slumberdoll (Philippine)


Chiffon Rosey Cape dress paired with the prettiest suede pink ribbon heels OMG!!!

I want her whole outfit!!!! This is the prettiest outfit that i ever seen! melted...


Pretty can faint lor!


Jing, Vanilla Whites (Malaysia)


She is the fashion killer! Love most of her outfit here! You may get some of them from Azorias but well, i'm always late and all the pretty clothes were SOLD OUT!

Love this outfit the most. The color combination & the perfect chiffon.

This is the killer one from Azorias! They restocked it and i'm still too late for it! SO FREAKING SAD!




Will share more next time! :)

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Went there again today! Tried their twisted yogurt (Vanilla & Chocolate)

The chocolate taste really really awesome!!!!!!!

Say hi!!!!


I'm never a yogurt person! I kind of hate yogurt cz they are either tasteless or too sour!

I'm not a healthy person and this is probably part of the reason why i hate yogurt! AHA!

We came across this yogurt house when we were jalan jalan cari makan @ Straits Quay.

*We go like maybe twice in a week? LOL*

We tried the yogurt n Oh MY! The yogurt taste so good!


Fruuze @ Groupon Penang!!!!!!! 1700+ groupons sold! That's a big big WOW!!!!

I'm sure some of you might be a lil confuse with our site.

We're currently running on 2 sites! Yes! You're right! All Penang deals can be bought from both sites.

The only different is the website address. One is www.Groupsmore.com and another one is www.Groupon.my

n yeay! i went there again today! Bought it without using my groupon =.="" LOL

I'm just totally in love with it.

The yogurst was soft & melted quite fast. But this is exactly what i'm looking for!

RM13 for such a big cup of yogurt + 3 toppings is so cheap! It's much more cheaper than tutti frutti!

I love them compared to tutti frutti! n I seriously hope that they can open a branch in KL! LOL

Imma try their parfait next time!


Spoke to their owner before. They strongly recommend the fruit parfait! --> Low calories + healthy! *AIya its time for diet liao laaaaa!*

Grabbed some other pics from their FB Fruuze Frozen Yogurt *Click*

owh it's pink!!!!!

Love their environment! It's really a good place for chit chat n gossips!

Anyone in Penang can gossip with me ar? Lonely die here!!!



Btw, I'm going for Evergreen Laurel hotel buffet tmw with my family! Arghhh ya! that's the reason why father force me to stop buying grouponsss!!! cz i've been spending too much lately!

Not any other thing, just groupons! lol

I thought i'm gonna save a lot of money since i'm not working under clothing industries / any other cosmetic industries! Mana Tau, walao! I spent much more than what i expected!!!

LOL but definitely, life had been really excited! cz i get to try so many food! but well, the bad part is --> Gain weight + pocket pecah! =.="


ps: not going back to KL this week....owhhh saddd! Precious, i miss you!!!!!!


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I had the most amazing Saturday ever!

Girl friends were all here!

It's like all of us getting ready for another trip after our USA work & travel trip.

Life had been changing drastically.

Not so drastic actually...It's just couldn't stop bouncing ups n downs.

It's like 1 year already i didn't see the love one..even though we just see each other a week ago...

*ok i know u feel like vomitting right now!*

I never been a romantic person and I can say that I'm the worst gf ever!

I don't really know how to cook, how to do house work...how to take care of myself...

n it;s been a really long time we didn't do any photoshoot~

n don;t worry...i liquified this photo! lol I'm not that skinny ok!

Just want to make the picture looks better! Don't want to waste the photographer's effort! muahahaha

Well! here you can see the real fat me!

I;m so freaking fat until i nearly kill myself!

I've been working with buiscuits and you will never know how much calories that being consumed especially when you eat & work together!



Imma start my workout real soon! Maybe tomorrow? Lol

oh no! i should be fasting together with my colleagues instead! oh gosh!

I want to be skinny! Anyone can tell me how?

I'm not greedy! I just want to shred off another 5kgs n I'm done!!!!

Love this photo~!

I was a candid shot when i try to pin my hair~!

Boss previously asked me to go for upper lip IPL!


Walao eh Boss! Can you sponsor me ar? =.="


Btw, I've got a little project that coming up soon~ Probably next month before i turn 24?

Kiasu people is like that! Die die also must do something before i turn 24!

Oh NO! I don't want to celebrate my birthday this year!!!!!! *shit! too lonely d start talking to myself* =.=""

I want to be forever 21!

haizz....sui yue bu liu ren....


I actually have one question here..not sure anyone of you bothering answer or not...

but just want to do a lil research on this...

What is your opinion towards the different between job and career?

Awaiting for your answers excitedly!



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I was afraid

I’d lost my way

I couldn’t see ahead of me

I didn’t what tomorrow would bring


I was scared

I just wanted to hide

I wanted to conceal myself

But today is different


Now I’ll stand

I’m going to sing again

I’ll forget yesterday

and sing for tomorrow


To cold days spent in empty rooms,


Overflowing and trusting in me,

My heart races


For tomorrow

For my dream

I’ll run



ps: It's always not easy to make such a huge decision. (Will only reveal when i get myself prepared)

Some people might thought that I'm crazy..

But well....

It's time to step up and really go for something that i really want to do.

 I hate regretness. Had been regret for so many years. Moving forward, no more regrets.

Nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow.

All i need to do now is continue believe in myself.

Not to doubt every single decision that I've made.

I'm turning 24 on September. It's time to grow up and be myself.


Sherlyn.Jia You!



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Dress from UDC  http://udcloset.tumblr.com/

My heart melted when i first saw her!

Fashion Diary @ Car Park? Interesting! lolll

n yes...we ate all of them!!!!

OMG!  I can feel the fat already!!!!!!







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