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Hi guys, yeay! finally Sherlyn's blogshop is here!!!!!!! 

Wanted to do this for few years but always...always knocked down by my own cowardness & super low self confidence..

Thanks to everyone who always by my side & support me throughout this whole journey..

My website is still under construction but i just couldn't wait to share with you gals all these awesome, strictly hand picked pieces!

Hope you gals love it cz i love it so much!

Here we go!!!!

All photos taken by bear :) thank you la!


Scallopy cute crop top with sleeves

4 Colors, strecthable, fit S - M size (topshop inspired)

1) Pinky red

2) Purple grey

3) Brown

4) Mustard

RM45 each


Ballerina Flare Top

3 Colors, not stretchable, fit S - M size *Very good quality*

1) White

2) Vintage Orange

3) Nude pink


RM45 each


Candy Top 

2 Colors, not stretchable, fit M - L size

1) White - last piece

2) Turqoise - last piece


 RM39 each



Polka dot skort

3 Colors, stretchable, fit S - M size

1) Nude - last piece

2) Black - last piece

3) Mustard - last piece


 RM49 each


Sweet girly top

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My turn!


No doubt that we are your huge fans! hahahahahahah

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I'm back!!!

It's been really hectic recently...

but i love! love what m doing right now!

The job and the career...It's really not easy to strike a balance between this 2...but i know i can make it!

I've received quite some suggestions in form spring (yes, i'm still reading it sometimes, lol) to blog about my working life...

There's nothing much but fun! (of course + stress! hahahahah)

The company make this customized mug for every single one of us..

As usual...I'm not gonna use it cz it means so much to me! 

I've been with Groupon for 6 months! Unbelievable..

There's so many challenges that incurred throughout this long long journey....it feels like 6 years although m just 6 months old here..


The boy came in after that...We're single and available in the office btw...lolll hahahah 

2 panda with 12334556778888 metres deep dark circles!

n.....here's the real "life @ groupon!" =.="

We are happy family!!!!!! 

Banana dance? phewwiiiit! sexy! btw, spot our CEO here! haahhaahahahahahhah 

OMG everyone seems so serious learning banana dance from Mr.Banana! 

if you call in to Groupon for inquiry, u might hear from him! hahah

Walao eh!!! 

The boy finally graduated!!!!! yeay!!!! Congratulations!!!!

owhhh sweettt....

wao they really look alike! 

nobody is listening to bosss......ahahahaahahahha


What is that??!!!! 




n yeah! that's life in Groupon! 

Work hard & party hard!



Photos by Ethan, our awesome photographer!


ps: yeay! m just came back from vacation!!!!! will blog more soon :) 

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It's been like a hoo haa since the past decade "lol" where a lot of ppl are willing to dump their GF2 / DSLR just bcz of iphone photo editing app!

There's a lot out there but nothing will be able to beat meituxiuxiu! 

Just in case you don't know what it is, i actually screen shot all the steps that i took to edit all my photos through iphone! n i dont even need to USB here n there! Just upload it immediately in my FB n i can now blog immediately / whenever i want to blog!!!!!


Just in case you can't read mandarin : 

Top 2 buttons --> Red : Edit your photos, Green : Collage your photos

Bottom 4 buttons -->  From left : User guide, About, Settings, Any other meitu related App


Let's try the first one, Edit your photos

Buttons from top to bottom : Continue last time photo edit, Choose from album, Camera, Back to home page

Top 2 buttons : Home (Left) , Save & Share (Right)

Bottom 5 buttons : Edit (crop, rotate, sharpen), Color balancing, Blur effect, Special effect, Frames

The blur effects! Left : Blur in round shape, Blur in a parallel format

So, my favourite button was always the special effect button! 

There's 3 main types of special effects that you can choose from : (From Left) LOMO, Cinema, Trendy

I love love love the trendy effect cz that;s where i created this bokeh effect. 


 Starry Starry night...

Old memory....

After your picture is being special effect-ed! lollll hahah, tab the tick sign.


n... it's time for frames!

This is the only one that i really like and use for like almost all of my pictures! loll

There's 2 types of frames, (from left) Simple frames, Colorful frames.


ok now everything done! Tab the tick sign and you will come to this page.

you can either save in your iphone/android photo album (orange button) or share it on various china websites! lol (red, blue & green button --> just ignore la cz even me myself i dont use those social media platform!)

Just in case, the very top 2 buttons --> (Left) Back to the previous stage / (Right) Back to home page.


n tadah! 

Btw, i freaking love this dress!!!! They dont have it in my size anymore! This is like a XXS! I can't zip the dress! lolll


Ok! So everything mentioned the above is all about photo editing. How about the collage?

Jeng Jeng!!!! 

Tab the green button now!

There's 3 types of collage. 

It's pretty much direct already. All the collage effects look exactly the same with the sample shown as above.

Let's try the scrapbook collage.

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I was browsing through online sites last week to get some pretty clothes since i didnt shop for ages...

n i found this super cute pinkish n ribbonish blogshop! http://pinkyribbon.blogspot.com/

I tot it's my blogshop at my first glance! "just kidding" hahahha

It's not my blogshop btw!

All their clothes are so pretty in Pink, brown, chiffon, lace (all my favourite colors!) n the prices are really affordable!

Coincidentally, the owner have the same name as me!!!! n she's from Penang as well! walao eh!

if people really don't know people might really think that this is my blogshop! lol

I'm not sure how old is she n whether the model in the picture is Sherlyn! lol hahahah if she is, omg she's so young n cute!!!



RM38 (this crop top is just too cute to resist!)


RM33 - All colors sold out already :(

OMG i want this luggage bag!!!! RM280 inlcusing pos laju

n she loves kitty too i guess!


n i really like her blogshop's layout! simple + sweet = 100%

Sherlyn i really hope that i can meet you in person! lol


ps: I've spoke to the owner through email and understand that they actually update once in 2 weeks and have a stall at Jelutong night market (I don't know where is it shit!). n They're gonna have their stall opened at straits quay & gurney soon too! it's always great that sometimes blogshop can participate in some kind of bazaar so that gals like me in bigger size lol can go there to have a look!


ps 2: I found quite a bit of interesting blogshops lately! Will share with you gals later la :)

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It feels like a real Monday although it's not Monday today...

n guess what? I slept at 7am today morning! I couldn't sleep just because of another teh tarik ice!

I don't know what's the reason why i couldn't sleep whenever i drink teh tarik ice! It's effect is totally the same as coffee! It's just that  i don't drink coffee!

It's 1211am now...n i'm still in the office....waiting for that Mr.Bear to finish his work...

So i got nothing to do n decided to do something crazy since it's Friday night!!!!! I wan fireworks on Friday night!!!!

There isn't any so i create one for myself...


很random的麻花辫 = very random punya braid! hahahahahahahahah

Direct translation!!!!

This is actually a combination of this...

and this...

Lol! It's just a random thingy la..willl do a better one next time with more hair styles without panda eyes! lol

I've been wearing this make up since morning 10am till now! It's like that one....so pls bear it~ :) 

Love our office interior design n lighting! Gotta bring my DSLR next time if i'm gonna have another "camping night" here! Lol

Where's my ribbon!!!! :( Btw, i love this shoes! Got it when i was in Penang! but it's really dirty already..owh sad :(


n...if you don't know yet....xiaxue have pink hair now! OMGSOPRETTYNCUTE IWISHIHAVETHECOURAGETODOTHAT!


Pic credited to Xiaxue's FB page




ok....it's time to go home now...

Selamat Hari Raya guys! Happy holidays! Enjoy kao kao the last 2 days! :)

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