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Who am i?

I don't really know! lol

I was supposed to be in Penang that day but i decided to fly back cz i really don't wanna miss this super happening event!

When i first started working, there are like few ppl around only! now we have so many awesome colleagues n i know it's gonna be really really fun!

I miss home so much that's why i decided to go home on Friday night!

Mom n Dad were supportive and encourage me to go for the event! 

At the very last minute, i burned my return bus ticket, book a flight and here i am! At Groupon Malaysia Most Happening Halloween!

You don't wanna miss this and guess WHO'S OUR BOSS!!!!! MIUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

that's pervert Detectiveang & the fashion nerd sherlyn!

hahahaha =.=""" who's this?!!!!! i look like tok tok chiang!!!!!!

Let's get the party started!!!!

Hi Audrey! you're so pretty!!!!!


Can you believe that the uncle at my right side is Thor?????? Looks like Bai Fa Mo Nv instead! lollll hahaha

Geisha Loves Calsberg too? haha

Who's that?

Woah! Phewiiittt!!!


Ghost dates?


Woah! dong ngo mou dou? haahah

woahhhh so enjoy lo him!



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It's been a while since the day i visited this super duper cute fashion boutique, owned by the famous fahsion designer, Jezmine Zaiddan, The old blossom box store.

After years of hardwork...finally the have their own label! Their homemade collection!

Sugar Capelet Dress, RM159

Super love this maxi dress! Who doesnt love rainbow! owh cute!

Novelty Red Riding Hood, RM229

Most of their homemade pieces were all sold out!

These were the only pieces that i eyed & tried on! Super awesome material!

Here's their imported pieces!~

So cute right the packaging?!!!!

Thanks Jezmine for the book! "Hearts"


Visit their sites for more info.

Jezmine Zaidan - the owner of OBB http://jezmineblossom.blogspot.com/
The OBB official website http://www.theoldblossombox.com/

The OBB blog http://oldblossombox.blogspot.com/


For orders & inquiries, kindly email jezmineblossom@yahoo.com


Click here for Part 1 : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/26737310-da-wonderland!-old-blossom-box-store!!!

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Candy Stripey Cape Top

3 Colors - Cream / Turqoise / Pink  (ALL SOLD)

Fits S - L




Peter Pan Colar Cape Top                Bowler Hat

Imported from Taiwan  (All Sold out)           Imported from Taiwan - Awesome Quality

1 Color                                                                   RM39

Fits S - L





Crochet Top                             Plated Skirt 

Design 1 ALL SOLD                          Light brown ALL SOLD
Design 2 available                           Brown, 1 reserved, 1 available 

Top : 2 Designs - Design 1 / Design 2     Skirt : 2 colors - Light Brown / Brown

Top : Fits S - M                                        Skirt : Tagged M size

RM49                                                       Waist : 28 inches

                                                                Length : 17 inches



Top : Design 1

Skirt : Light Brown 

Top : Design 2

Skirt : Brown 





Ribbon Pants (1 Sold 1 Available)

Tagged M size

Waist : 28 inches

Length : 15.5 inches


Enjoy! :)

Orders / Inquiries




Shopping Info

All items are brand new & imported from overseas.

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I'm not supposed to blog at this hour but well, coinceidently i saw this & all the pictures were done edited by bear & uploaded in FB, then yeah here's the blog post! weee :)


So, back in Aug, all of us decided to pemper ourselves a lil bit n bought this deal!

n we were kind of lucky cz it sold out within few hours!

It's a really good deal cz we get to try out these awesome bento set @ Tenjin at RM29 worth up to RM50+! 

Here's what we can get! (As seen from Groupon site)

  • n here's the real time Tenjin Groupon Experience!


Makunouchi Bento





Sashimi & Tori Teriyaki Zen

The Sashimi were so fresh! Definitely gonna visit them again next time!


Me n my lovely colleagues! :)

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I am wearing pink today, what about you? I support Pink October ♥

I've been seeing this campaign here and there but i didn't really put much attention on it until today!

Saw this Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign at Azorias - Malaysia Top Korean Fashion Site!

You may see more details from their FB too. http://www.facebook.com/azorias

They are now working closely with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or better known as, Pink October.

Their initiatives include: 

i) Donating 10% of proceeds of any pink item sold in the store (indicated by a pink ribbon watermark) to BCWA.

ii) Selling BCWA merchandise in the store. All proceeds will go to BCWA.

iii) A pink ribbon and BCWA brochure will be included in each order (wear your ribbon proudly!)

iv) The "Pink Messenger" campaign


You know...girls like me especially...i don't really put much attention on my health! Sometimes i do worry about my health cz i don't eat/sleep properly nor doing any medical check ups consistently!I'm kind of glad that they actually organize this campaign! cz from there i get to know that every female in Malaysia have 1 in 20 chance of getting breast cancer. It's kind of scary! Life is too short and we really should take care of our health and do necessary check ups consistenly.

ps : This is not an advertorial. I'm doing this just for their campaign! i think it's time to do some necessary check ups! I feel so grown up now! Now that i've earn on myself i wish that i could take care of myself too! Not just me but my family too! Therefore, spread this to your girl friends to increase the awareness on ways to detect / prevent breast cancer today! Love yourself, Love life! :)

Join them today at http://www.facebook.com/azorias.

Post a picture of you in pink & support pink October!











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The Tutu Romance

Fits S-M




I <3 Fringe 

Imported from Korea - Very good quality

White / Blk

Fits S-M


The Ruffle Dress 

Imported from Taiwan - Very good quality

Dark Blue / Light Brown

Fits M-L



The Must-Have Nude Dress 

Fits S - M


Sherlyn's signature stripey dress

Imported from Korea - Very good quality

Fits S - small L, Stretchable





Sherlyn's signature maxi dress

Imported from Taiwan - Very good quality

Fits S - M, Stretchable

2 Colors - Dark Blue (1 SOLD 1 AVAILABLE), Nude (1 SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE)



Sherlyn's signature vintage inspired dress

Imported from Taiwan - Good quality chiffon

Fits S - M, Stretchable

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Hi pretties!

Let's get the guys in the office eyes on you!

I'm really excited with this collection cz i spent a lot of efford searching for the best quality pieces from overseas at the most reasonable price.

All of them are non restockable. So if you like it now, grab it before it gone!

If any of this caught your eyes, send your order email to sherlynlicious@gmail.com in the format below.

Item name 

Your name

Your contact no.

Your add


ps: Scroll down to the bottom for more available items & more shopping information :)

Model Size:

Top :  S - M

Bottom :  M - L

32, 26,35 (what a fat waist =.=""") hahahah

Height :  166cm

Weight : S.E.C.R.E.T! hahaha

Korean style OL Top & high waist skirt

Top : Light Brown(Reserved) / Skirt : Black

Top : Creamy white / Skirt : Orangy red

Top : Soft Yellow (Reserved) / Skirt : Turqoise

Close up pictures

Korean style OL top

Good quality chiffon (thicker than normal chiffon)

Fits size S-M

3 Colors : Creamy white / Soft Yellow / Soft brown


Korean style high waist skirt

Imported from Korea (without made in korea tag)

Belt included

Tagged size L but fits M-L (small cutting)

Quality Guaranteed!

3 colors: Orangy red / Turqoise / Black


Korea Imported Dress (without made in korea tag)

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Sleeveless Scallopy cute crop top


Scallopy dress

Chiffon Loves

Peter Pan colar chiffon top

Layer Cake :)

Old skool dress OMG i love this!!~!!! :)

Paris le Dress :)

Sherlynlicious signature ribbon dress :)







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