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I wish i could be a boy.........

Never cry... & Never get hurt.....

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Day 1 : Japanese style

Would like to share this pair of awesome barbie 16mm contact lenses that i got recently.

Lense color under lighting..

Lense color without lighting..

Lotsa ppl asked me where i got all these lense..

I never share cz they're actually not approved by the government  nor sold legally.

I got them from SS2 Pasar Malam. RM15 each. 

It's not that safe but not that dangerous as well.

Here's some tips that you should follow if you really want to get these kind of lenses :

1) Do not wear them more than 8 hours per day.

2) Do not keep them for more than a month. (Even though the seller claimed that it can be used for at least a year. Ignore it! Don;t risk your eyes!)

3) Change your water solution every single day. Make sure that your contact lense are well kept in a clean casing.

4) Stop wearing it if red eyes happened. 

Other than that...we're good to go! :)


Note : I don't wear these lenses often cz it will harm my eyes. In fact, i wear Freshkon alluring eyes - winsome brown on a daily basis. Best brown color lense so far :)


Dress from Twenty3 - http://www.facebook.com/Twenty3.Paris


Day 2 : Korean style

This is not a new outfit. I wore the exact same outfit before this. Couldn't help cz i'm just really lazy to pick anything just for CNY.

I hate it especially when i need to rush to get something just for an occasion. I can never ever get anything in a rush.

Bro helped me to re-shoot it and i thought the pictures turned out to be pretty cool.

Korea imported top from Twenty3.

I'm not a girl, i'm a lady now! 

Awesome suede heels!


ok done with the outfits for the first 2 days!

here comes my lovely ah ma wearing the cutest spec in the world!

hehe Ah ma you so cute!!!

First time give Ang Pau to mom n dad! 

Pretty mommy in the house :)

Best picture of the year~ Baby sis jump shot!

Cute lil sis~

Lovely mom & dad~


Start working tmw!

To all those pretties & handsomes who are still having holiday, pls enjoy gao gao!

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 Black Suede with Zips Super Killer Heels

 Vincci, One U


I wore it for my company annual dinner for more than 3 hours, and i didn't feel a pain. The workmanship, material everything is pretty good.

9/10 :)

Red Suede Pumps

Tropicana City Mall (Bazaar in front of Starbucks, Lush Serendipity)

RM59 --> SO CHEAP!!!!!! 

Workmanship not that good. 

Quite comfy in overall.

6/10 :)


Salmon Pink Wooden Killer Pumps

Opera, Fahrenheit 88


Workmanship awesome + super comfy!!!!

9/10 :)


The very hard to find envelope bag in THIS COLOR!

Fahrenheit 88

RM29.90 --> ONLY! YES! ONLY! 

Workmanship awesome + super comfy!!!!

9/10 :)


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On the 7th of Jan. i felt AMAZING!

There's so many great things that happened today!

First, my car tayar got problem and my awesome mentor (yup, HE & SHE ARE MY LIFETIME MENTOR!), accompany me for the freaking 5 hours just to fix all my car tayar and make sure that everything is ok! I spent RM1k for it but it's not really painful cz i'm surrounded by awesome ppl!

They waited for my car very patiently. WHERE THE HELL TO FIND THIS KIND OF AWESOME PEOPLE!

CHRIS & HASLAM, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aside from that, today is kind of like a dream came true day!

Gkai, my lifetime bf bestie (sister / brother / whatever), he found me an oppurtunity to sing at Overtime.

I wanted to sing there for quite some time and the timing were just wrong! 

It's either i need to back to hometown or i have some other important issues that i need to settle and which lead me to no choice but forgo the chance of singing there!

I "whispered" secretly to ma wife Ah Hoong that i;m really excited cz finally i'm gonna sing at Overtime!

n well, ya you know. The "whisper" became a news cz i talked too loud =.="

So here they are, 2 tables of them! 2 tables can you imagine?!!! OMG! I'm so touch guys!






I tried so hard to not letting my emotions control over my life in the past 2 months ever since we broke up.

but tonight i just couldnt control anymore!

I will not have today, the courage to chase for my dream and do something crazy without your support!!!!

Friendship Never Ends Bestie - Eawei took my picture and posted it on my FB! Texted me during the night wanted me to be strong and not to afraid of anything!

Wifey Mavis said that i shine like a star tonight, i said NO! YOU AWESOME GUYS MAKE ME SHINE LIKE A STAR TONIGHT!!!!!!

It's an amazing night!

Lao Po I LOVE YOU!!!

Friendship Never Ends Eawei darling i didn't get to take picture with you!!!!

& all of you who came! Yilin, Deidre, Nabil, Ally, Chin, Wee Lee, Chris, Haslam!!!! 

& thanks for my aweomse partner tonight!

I'm sorry that my performance sucks! I hereby swear that i'm gonna brush up my skills ASAP and back to this awesome stage again!

Thanks everyone!!!








Btw, ma wife Mavis is a multi-talented girl!

She's my teacher, my wife, my sister, my brother, my bf, my colleague, my everything + my professional photographer!

OOTD : One-day singer! Relax and comfy are the main focus for today!

Top : Twenty3

Pants : Zara

Red velvet heels : Tropicana City Mall

Satchel Bag : BKK








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Outfit Of The Day : 2012 New Year  - Simple yet Happy!

Acid washed Denim Pinafore - BKK

Black Tang top - Cotton On

Top to Bottom -Zara

Love the zipper! The cuttings were so good! If you're looking for a pair of good jeans, go ZARA! (The pants is RM199)

Leopard print spec from Mid Valley.

Picture taken using Sony NEX C3 with Hi Key function. None edited.

Anyone wants to own a semi pro? Get Sony NEX C3! You will need to pay around RM105 per month if you use Maybank credit card. Zero interest installment. Double lense. :) weee 


Leopard prints heels from Vincci.

& Lastly, my favourite Satchel bag from BKK.

This is the first time ever i try wearing long pants.

Feel free to feedback :)






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Hey Everybodyyyyy!!!!

Sorry for the long hiatus.

I'm kind of surprise that people still visiting this space and hoping some updates from me.

I'm truly sorry that i've been a lousy blogger.

But well, here I am..

How's everyone's year 2011?

It's a very good year for me cz i've grown up so much and so fast throughout the whole year!

I came back from USA work & travel on January, Started working in Groupon on March & Officially launched my blogshop on November.

Words are definitely not enough to describe how challenging the whole year was.

I fell down a thousand times & stood up again & again & again.

It's the toughest year i can say...& I'm proud that I'm not just survived but never feel regret whenever i turn my head back looking at what's happening throughout the whole year.

I fought for love, life, dream & family. Thoroughly...

At the end of year 2011,I lost a big part of my life...actually i thought i lost...later then i realized that nope...i didn't lost any part of my life...

But found & created a better life instead...

I'm thankful to him, to everything that happened in year 2011. 

They are all good memories & experiences..

People learn and improve from mistakes..

We don't change, but improve & create a better self.

N yes, I did found and created a better Sherlyn.

Year 2012 is gonna be a great great year.

I've got my short term & long term goals set and got myself ready for the long long journey!

Thanks to all my friends & family who helped me, being by my side throughout the whole year long.

Thanks to all my customers from Twenty3 & also Kim, who helped me a lot on  designing & "creating" my blogshop.

Thanks to all my readers who still visiting this space and concern about me.

My resolution for year 2012 would be...



Quote of the Day : 

You are the only one in the world who can make yourself happy. So why not wipe away all the shit, create your own rainbow and refresh your life?

Happy 2012 people!!!!!



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