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I've met a lot of talented people lately....

When i say a lot i actually mean A LOTTTTT!!!!

There are so many good singers out there!

I really had fun being a part of them...except the "good part"..LOL but i'm still learning from them though :)

I haven't really sing for quite sometime ever since i graduated..Life was pretty busy and there's too much roller coaster here n there..

I'm glad that i've finally found sometime to do something that i really like and wanted to do ever since i'm young..

I wish that I will continue singing until like....forever?

I look pretty emo in this picture LOL !!!!! hahaha 

Thanks Carol for these awesome candid shots! 

I'm gonna be singing at Overtime Sunway Giza Every Saturday night, 10pm - 1230pm.

Feel free to go there to have a drink :)

There are quite a bit of new songs that i gotta learn up really fast =.="

Us the singers will always try our best to fulfill all the songs requested by the customers...

n sometimes i know how to sing the song..but my confidence hold me back...n i told myself i cannot be like that anymore..

so i push myself to spend some lunch hours to listen and practice all those popular songs.

I'm really nervous each time i sing at Overtime..That's the reason why i never really invite friends to visit me...

my awesome BFFs do pop up sometimes though..n I'm very shyyyyy...but still want to singggg =.=" self conflict wtf

Some sneak peak for Twenty3 next update!

New collection coming up soon at http://www.facebook.com/Twenty3.Paris / http://www.twenty3.my/

n yes, this is the main reason y i'm on diet lately...

Look at the super round face =.=" I wan Angelababy's so called "palm" face =.=" Can I just born like that so that i can eat whatever n whenever i wan?

owhhh...I miss Haagen dazz chocolate fondue, Gobo japanese Buffet, Sushi Zanmai, Mc Donald's?, Alexis desserts...n more n more desserts zzz

seems like this is my only motivation now...hahah



Ps: I failed, fell down and broke down a thousand times...sometimes i feel like giving up...but i always stand up strong at the end of the day and tell myself that no..i'm not gonna be beaten down by all these challenges...someone told me that...to achieve something that we want...the keys of success are passion, patient and don't give up...

Life is too short for regrets.

Tmw will always be better.

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One good sunshine Sunday with the people that i love :) 



Departure Lounge

















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"My favourite Ceaser Salad!!!! The salmon is freaking awesome! n it's 33 bucks =.= worth every penny though"


I guess this is not new to all of you...especially girls! 

Diet is like a never ending mission to all of us!

We still gonna complain that we're fat even we're 38kg wtf.

I can never reach 38kg though! I can still remember clearly that my weight strike to "5" when i'm only standard 5! FML max!

n my height was 162cm =.="" & i'm 166cm now =.=" 

I;ve tried thousands of ways to slim down! Diet pills, gym, yoga, protein diet, fruit diet all kinds of diet.

n I realized that the most effective way is to change our lifestyle.

The we live and the way we eat.

So these are those things that i'm gonna focus on :

1) Fruits Everday Every meal

2) Eat Protein whenever i'm super duper hungry - eggs, meat

3) Drink a lot A LOT of water everyday

4) Sleep early =.="" 

5) Smile  


No Oats, No Carbs, No Drinks, No busicuits, No cereal bar or whatsoever --> I dont know u girls but I couldnt stop myself from eating them once i get it started =.=""

A little bit of chocolate actually help :)

Another tips that i learned from the past is that we shouldn't starve when we're on diet cz it will actually make us feel like eating even more after that =.=""

n i don't...i don't exercise for this period of time...

I know lotsa people always said that we should exercise and eat healthy at the same time..

I've tried a few times n i think exercise doesnt really work the best on me..it depends on which stage i am...

I choose not to exercise at this stage. Reason being is because 

1) Loosen up my muscles --> ok my england sucks i don;t know how to descirbe this =.="" hahaha

2) My energy level is kinda low --> I will not consume more 1000 calories each day during this period of time.


But well, my weakness is always dessert!!!! I can resist everything except dessert! =.=""" 


Okla in overall, i guess the most important key is still the same --> Determination!



I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

Good luck everyone and good luck to me!

Will share more if i past this stage successfully. :)


Here's another interesting blog post about diet by Xiaxue, go n have a look--> 


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Poco Zakka - My all time favourite Japanese Restaurant!


Their green tea comes in pot.

Salmon Don

Beef Teriyaki Don

Salmon Cheese Roll!!! This is killer!!!! Must try!!!!!

Poco Zakka & Kitchen


2 outlets in total.

Sunway Giza

C-01-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU5/14, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 47810



Bangsar (HQ)

1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar 59100 KL


Groupon Deal Link 



More Reviews : 

We tried ALL their dessert in our first visit at Bangsar! Click here for more info & pics.














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This is the 2nd time i bought Tenjin's groupon!

The first visit was too awesome that i really wanted to go back even without discount!

& I guess the team heard me (LOLOL) haahah they brought back this deal again! with different choices of bento though!


  • Bara Chirashi Zen (Fish + Seafood Set)
  • Sushi & Yaki Sakana Zen (Sushi + Grilled Mackerel Set)
  • Sashimi & Yaki Niku Zen (Beef & Sashimi Set)
  • Salmon Don & Oden Zen (Salmon + Stuffed Bean Curd Set)
  • Curry Seafood Katsu Rice Zen (Squid + Scallop + Prawn Set)
Curry Seafood Katsu Rice Zen (Squid + Scallop + Prawn Set)
I was super duper hungry that's why i ordered this! the portion is so damn big!!!!! LOL
Sashimi & Yaki Niku Zen (Beef & Sashimi Set)
Look how thick the salmon issss!!!!!! slrrrp
Lao po u look so pretty here!!!! 
Tenjin Japanese Cuisine
Grand Millennium Hotel,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2143-9399
Groupon Deal Link
More reviews : 

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Obviously, this is the reason i bought this groupon! hahaahah

Seafood Spaghetti with Shirasu - We didn't order this..they sent to wrong table but it looks really good!!!!LOL 

Chicken Teriyaki Steak

Ceaser Salad with fried fish fillet - this is not part of the deal..

The deal is for 2 persons only and we have 3 person in total so we ordered extra main course.

Their Almond Mixed Fruit Macarons is really awesome! Soft & not too sweet~Must Try!

Their Signature Coffee - Cappucino

Piggy daddy


En Ginza Café

Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion, Jalan Raja Chulan 
Kuala Lumpur 55100



En Ginza Groupon Deal link



More reviews :


Ps : not much review found..but you can definitely get more info from Groupon Deal Page! The awesome photographer shot the whole restaurant perfectly! :)





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The LV bag is not mine! lolll 

Btw, I'm Heading to BKK this weekend!!!! yuhoooo!!!!!!

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Hey people! Sorry that i've been MIA for so longg.....

Promise that i'm gonna reply all emails and comments today!

There's a lot of interesting little things happened lately...

but i really don't know where to begin with...

My life is so full right now...

It's a good thing though..

I have quite a bit of plans this year and i've prepared for the worst...those are really big plans and in order to succeed, i have to be a SUPER MULTITASKER!

Backed myseldf up with Plan BCD just incase things didn't turn out as what i planned LOL

& & &

I've been eating a lot lately...when i say A LOT means DAMN A LOT MAN!!!!

There were 2 nights where i ate 1 maggie goreng + 1 roti for supper!!! 

I'm grateful that i can eat though..had been losing petite for almost 3 months...lost few kgs and gained back 1/2 lately fml

Do expect lots and lots of food pictures starting today onwards! No fashion diary cz too fat to take portait photos FML MAX!


Alexis - 2 days in a row

Smoked Salmon Sandwich


Alexis Chicken Rice


Nutty brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream


Mixed Berries Meringue



Tiramisu on my left & Chocolate Nutty Meringue on my right! Damn awesome weeeiii! Must try guys!



They have 4 outlets in total.


Alexis Bangsar

29 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
T 603 2284 2880

Alexis Bangsar Shopping Center

Lot 10 & 11
Great Eastern Mall
303 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T 603 4260 2288

Alexis Ampang

Lot 10 & 11
Great Eastern Mall
303 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T 603 4260 2288

Alexis Gardens

Lot f209 1st Floor
The Gardens

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