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Haagen Dazs chocolate fondue = loveeeee....

Say Hi to Dr. Johan!!!!! Dr.Johan don't fight ok? it's my birthday hahahahah]

That's why they're BFF! LOLLL

Training uncle ooib to smile cz he used to look damn weird in all his pictures! This is smiling without teeth.

Smiling with teeth.

Trying to convince him to give me a big kiss wtf

Uncle ooib: "What i get in return?? Bargaining pulak wtf!"

Then he agreed and i was thinking how come so easy one this time!

I knew that it's not gonna be so easy one!!!! @#$%^&*(*^%$#@%^&*&^%$#@

Macam tak rela sangat but still, he did it...wohoooo sense of achievement!!!


Ok la it's very bo liao but sweettttt!!!


Thanks Johan and Ah Hock!!!! 

I feel so loved by both of you!!!!


Super happy this year!!!! 

Heading to BKK tmw for a family trip & finally, i'm seeing my bro for the 2nd time of the year!!! woohhooooo

Will blog about the birthday celebration after i'm back from BKK!


Thanks everyone for the wishes!!! From FB, twitter, whatsapp, f2f & calls from overseas. I love ya alll!!!  

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Nuffnangx was born on 18th September. A virgo like me. wtf


A virgo nuffnangx is....

A perfectionist - Get the job done well by aggregating all the blogs that i love and feed me with their latest updates.

A good multitasker - Not just available on Sherry's chrome (Sherry is ma laptop wtf), but also available on iphone apps & android apps (sibeh kiasu android also got)

A good teacher - All my make up guru ar, fashion guru ar, fitness guru ar, they're all there!!!

A loud person - OMG XIAXUE IS PREGNANT!!!!! 

A kepo stalker - Fourfeetnine is getting married!!! Fourfeetnine did her hair at number76style i also want! Fourfeetnine just came back from Japan again!

A vain pot - profile picture also must be sui ah bo how to tipu people to follow me?


For further elaboration, see pictures below.

1) Feed - you with the latest updates so that you can kepo with your soulmate like me and @kayelchang

2) Recommended - good for people who lazy to search for new blogs like me

Breaking down into categories.

3) Conversations - This is the best part of nuffnangx! Lotsa people can't read mandarin and they can't comment on my blog. Now everyone can share / give me some feedbacks on any of my blog post so easily with just one touch.

All conversations in all blog posts are saved and can be viewed at one go.

Comments are not just simple comments but a more interactive conversations available through this app.

4) Arrrr me! - Type sherlynlicious and you will be able to find me!!!

 I love all 19 of you!!!!! thanks!!! :)

Now i can stalk all my favourite bloggers at one go!!!

Michelle Phan - My favourite youtube make up guru


QKXLJ - My favourite fashion guru!

This is so cool man chinese website also cannnnnnnn


Blogilates - My favourite fitness guru!


Kampungboycitygal - My favourite food & travel site!


Mindtools - Personal development mentor!


In Conclusion, THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!

To subscribe or to be subscribed, you can just log in using your FB account.

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Found this awesome high street local designer brand at Publika the other day.

The event was organized by 20bytwo - # Fashion Beyond Borders, a cross-cultural fashion exchange between Singapore and Malaysia. This inaugural collaboration will see 20 fashion brands, 10 from each country, showcase their works in two mirror retail events. http://20bytwo.com/

Back to Chic Yamada.

They started as an online store back in year 2009 and they just recently launched their first offline outlet at Bangsar Village 2 & Isetan KLCC.

Their clothes were all made by eco friendly fabric. 

I'm not so sure about the term of eco friendly fabric so i did little search on google and found that eco friendly fabric can be define as natural fiber that grown without the use of pesticides in soil that has not been treated for at least three years. (Such as cotton, bamboo) The fabrics were designed for disposal or reuse.

Aside from the fabric, the killer part of Chic Yamada is actually their designs!And their sizes range from XS to XL!!! This is so good for me cz i can hardly buy clothes online. (Lots of them are slightly shorter than the length that i prefer)

I feel like buying their whole collection!!!!!!!


Boho Lambada Chiffon Pants in Lemon Yellow

Boho Lambada Chiffon Pants in Lemon Yellow RM269

Pop Toga Dress - pink

Pop Toga Dress - pink RM299 (I saw more colors from the pop up store!! They came in mint, yellow and pink if not mistaken)

Orange Halter Neck Top

Orange Halter Neck Top RM249 (This is the reason why i walked their pop up store that day. It was nicely hung on the mannequin. sexayyyy)

Kimono Jacket in Rainbow Print

Kimono Jacket in Rainbow Print RM229

Skinwear Bodysuit In Nude Orange


Skinwear Bodysuit In Nude Orange rm209

Chic Yamada official website :  http://www.chicyamada.com/shop/


Store locations : 

 CHICYAMADA, UGF 26, Bangsar Village II, No.2 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. TEL: +603-22823228
 CHIC YAMADA counter in Isetan KLCC,  1st Floor.

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/ChicYamada

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Bf used to go rock climbing quite often before we start dating but he rarely do so noq.

So i was thinking why not give it a try.

I kinda regretted when we were there cz i used to fear of heights and i hate any kind of sports except dance.

But still, i try to push myself to accept this challenge.

We started climbing and i cried for mama when i was on the slight top of the wall.

I couldn't climb anymore but refused to jump while the bf kept shouting "Jump! push ur butt out and just jump!"

I then jumped off from the wall and i feel so good!!! cz i never thought that i can do rock climbing!!!

Trying out another wall which is higher than the previous one *the one in the first picture with me climbing on it*

And i made it!!!!

It's AMAZING!!!!!!

Not just because of rock climbing! It's also because of i did something that i thought i will never like it and never do it because of my phobia!

Credit to the bf who gave me a lot of support and courage to do it!

Height Challenge - CHECKED!!!!!


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I'm bored with my old hair and decided to make a change!

Bf suggested red and i was like, ooooo reallly? okie guaaaa *a bit kia kia*

I then proceed to google some pictures and all I found were pictures of naked women with red hair WTF =.=""

I don't even know how to show Hikky, the hair stylist of the hair color that i want cz most of them were naked WTF

Btw, Hikky is a japanese hair stylist who work under Number76 Japanese Hair Salon and she's also the one who did Audrey's make up and hair for her wedding. 

I love Number76and followed them for quite sometime to find out more about the latest trend of hair styles and hair colors.

Lotsa famous bloggers did their hair there too! Fourfeetnine, Cheesie, Jane Chuckei etc.

So I also damn kiasu and made an appointment with Hikky (She's currently working at Mont Kiara). 

ps : I was actually impressed by her after seeing all the hairstyles that she did for Audrey.

Before the hairdo. 


I was kinda worry at first cz i don't know even know what type of red i'm looking for. So i was kind of like "forcing" the bf to pick one for me.

But we ended up just to let Hikky do whatever she wants cz we trust her more than ourselves. haha

*Bf sitting at the back giving me weird face cz he was bored!*

She separated into a few sections and dyed the major 2 parts of my hair first before proceed to the rest of my hair.

I guess it's to balance up my hair color since my hair color were kinda messed up by me cz i never take care of my hair.

My heart beats super damn fast when i see my hair become like thissssssss RED.....

And she dyed my eyebrows too!

I turned over and asked the bf : IF i failed to change my look this time will you still date me? 

He said : I will run away instead 

Me : @#$%&*(*%$#@#$%^& WTF FML


My hair was really smooth and soft!!!! 

Hikky gave me a temporary curl after that. 

Dress from Miss Selfridge.

Love the lace details at the side. 

Got this dress from Sunway Pyramid branch. Can't really find it in other branches though.

Thanks Hikky!!!!!!!!

I love it you're awesome!!!!

Got my free membership card from them and i'm gonna get my free hair treatment since it's my birthday month!!! how lucky m i!!!!

My hair on the 2nd and 3rd day.


Hair Stylist : Hikky, Mont Kiara Branch

Price : RM260 (For waist length hair like me, otherwise, it's cheaper)

Website : http://www.76style.com/

Audrey's wedding hair styles : http://fourfeetnine.com/2012/08/31/the-wedding-reception/

Twitter : @number76style





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You might not know about this cz i didn't post in on my FB cz i know my parents will surely be very worry.

Me n the bf almost got ROBBED yesterday night. 

Us, as usual, walking to the shell station which is like 3 minutes away from our house to get grab some bread and tibits. 

We spotted 2 indians riding on a motorcycle acting really weird around us. 

They came near us for the first time asking for time and i "kinda shouted - not very loud" panggil polis!

They went off and they turned back again to us once they saw the Ronda Man just passed by in front of us and the motorcycle!!!

I was kinda freezed that moment! I should've shouted so that at least the Ronda Man will notice us!

Barry didn't even notice about the Ronda Man cz he was too focus on that 2 indian guy.

They came to us and the man at the back came down and took out a long stick try to beat him.

Me and him fell down apart and at the very same time, coinceidently, a white color car saw us and safe us!

He drove towards the 2 indian guys and i was totally blank that time. 

Barry shouted "RUN!" the next minute and we successfully reached home safely.

I was shocked and cried non stop.

I thought they gonna hurt him and i can't afford to loose him..

Life is so fragile and there's lotsa memory flashed back. 

I wanted to call my parents but i can't cz i don't want them to worry about me.

We're really really thankful to the guy who saved us and we managed to find him through FB.

I couldn't sleep the whole night kept thinking about what can we do next time to prevent / protect ourselves from cases like this.

We will not walk in the night even in the morning anymore. 

Our country is so scary now! We heard these cases every single day in everywhere.

I really hope that they will get caught by the police!!!!

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