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ya..talk about Sunday..

I went to Bangsar with Bear to find some jobs at Bangsar's boutique..

Cod-ed to get my Scallopy jumpsuit as well! yeehooo

ok..bac to the topic...

I really really wish to work at T shop...however...there isnt any vacancy.....

n what comes to my mind was R boutique...

I love their boutique so much cz they sell Korean based clothes..n u know how much i addicted to Korean style n all those ribbons!

Bought from them before n the quality were so good!

They r actually launching another  new boutique right under T boutique (C boutique), n which T also recommend me to try out their boutique..

n yes! i did tried out...n i only went for 1 boutique cz i thought i really love that boutique n seriously i wanna work there!

After some talks...the boss asked me to waited for reply in these few days..

I'm kinda upset cz i know i may not get the job..cz usually..if they want u..they will straight away hire u..i guess la..

cz tis is wat happened during my working experience in fashion boutiques before i came to uni..

n i did apply for part time job through job street...

i'm actually kinda pessimistic...but i guess i shouldnt!

cz i know wat i want to do n i really gonna stretch it out!

i really wish tat i can tell C boutique's boss that i can! pls let me try!

cz in my past working experience...i used to be a top sales for several times...

n i really in love with dealing with different types of customers...n i guess i can reallysatisfy their needs n wants at the same time!

cz m a shopaholic like those gals in elsewhere!

sob...sadly..i didnt tell him such thing..cz i guess i shouldnt...cz this should be told by my previous boss herself but maybe not me...

cz it might shows tat m arrogant..

m a little confuse...cz i have confidence tat i can surely work well if i ve got the chance!

but at the same time...i have no confidence to voice it out..

sigh....always like tat...

anyway..ive applied few jobs through job street as well..

all the thing tat i wanted to say is..


1. is bcz m goin to US for work n travel on September....i need some money...n i know..i cant possibly earn RM10k in these few months..but atleast i try my best to earn as much as i can..

2. is bcz i shouldnt have made tis decision! i dont wanna put another heavy stone on parents..they had done their part well for raising me up until now...n i guess they should have rest now since m graduating soon, hopefully. I brought tis issue up several times n m really glad tat my parents were really support me n asked me to do whatever tat i wish to do so tat i wont regret next time...

Actually, there's a 3...i mean...i need to polish myself before da programme rite? i wanted to be presentable n let the employers know tat YES, I M READY FOR ALL THE CHALLENGES ON WORKING ABROAD!

argh..i never know tat i ve typed tis story in such a long way! =.=

Anyway....i'M just wish tat C boutique will employ me!

by the way..i will still continue looking for jobs...

BUT! da bf got a rest today~! it was all in sudden n we deiced to go Old Blossom n I City! OMG! M SO HAPPY!


n thank god! yes! i made it! oppsss...tis should be in next post! ok! next post then!

Back to Sunday;s outfit!



yup! da lovely polka denim lacey dress from Trend Reports!!!!!!!

it's a dress on Kim but a top on me! lolzzz seriously, i think m a double kim! haha

*search her blogshop n her link at my side bar, i FEED-ed her blog! lolz*

n yes!!! da same bag again!!!!! =.=

why not right? n now i found 3 outfit to pair it with! smart or not! zzz  ha


yeah! went to Midvalley for DCIM! da bf was dying to go there n da gf was dying to go bangsar! so DEAL! hahahah

anyway...i almost faint there..cz its too bored! i dont know anything about DSLR n wat leica or what i dont know how to spell!

just know tat that bloody camera cost RM100k!!!!

Here's a photo taken using that bloody expensive camera!


see more HERE


n...here comes da precious moment!!!!!mix n match! try n buy!


ooppss..tat's my own dress la! i wear black shorts inside de ok! its jz tat it cant be seen through tis photo...

i dont knwo how u feel..but i seriously love the lacey part on the shoulder! so girlish! lovelove!


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haha! yeah! i ve brought back a message from Murni which located at SS2...

bah....tell the story later! lolzz ahahah

anyone heard about bumpit?

still remember the princess head tat i ever wrote in my Singapore Trip post?


guess u guys might have forgot it d!

nvm! cz i m gonna remind u here~


yo! tat;s the bumpit!

ok la! i know! its really small! mini bumpit can oso wat? ha


haha! tat;s my lovely vintage heart shape spec from ugly duckling!!!!!


nah!!! tat's the reason y i wear spec!

the side effect of clubbing have yet to be solved until today!

OMG! i really cant stand with my dark circle!

but i jz way too lazy to make up today!

eyeliner+blusher n tat;s all for today!



was supposed to show u guys my blusher! but end up like tat!

even me myself dont see any little pink or little red there!!! sigh

n see! i dont even put a little bit more heart to draw my eyeliner!

oh gosh... i m so so so tired today! i dont know y!!!!! i smell like a aunty! lolzzz


yo!!! tat's my cute little beauty maker blusher!!! it's a gift from precious KL from Taiwan! 

*not Kuala Lumpur, is Khai Ling! lolzzz haahah*



trying to be artistic while eating roti canai at SK mamak =.=""" nice o not this 2 pictures? i got put effot one ar!

we went to Lowyat to fix my stupid mouse! Bear jz bought it for me last month n it's now in the hospital!

stupiakkkkkk mouse!!!!!!!! =.="""

n of course! we went to sg.wang for some cny shopping! owhhhh i love shopping!!!!!!!

here r some nice view of pavilion~

DSC07862.JPG DSC07864.JPG DSC07865.JPG

DSC07867.JPG DSC07868.JPG DSC07870.JPG





see this cute little boy!!! lolzz! i curicuri capture him one!!! Dont sue me ar!!!! he's jz too cute to resist!!!!!

see his Doraemon! reminds me about Mr.Bear! he's a Doraemon n i'm the kitty! cz both of us are cats!

arkkkk arkkkk arkkkkk

ok! lame joke =.="""



ok! let's get into the topic =.="" haha

here's a message from Murni Tauke!


so! Murni no longer tat Murni with crowded tables! they r allowed to place only 20 tables in front of their shop....

so, they open another branches here!

DSC07883.JPG DSC07884.JPG

check it out yo!

ohya! jz in case, u r not from KL, or even u r from KL but u have no idea wat Murni is....follow me! ha

the must-order-items!


their specials! the got ribena specials*this one*, apple special, mango special, orange special apa special lu mau dia pun ada!


our orders!!! 2 person eat 3? diedie lo! how to diet! arghhhhhhhhhh


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#4 Mr.Right~

weee~ tats my Mr.right! finally found a bow tee tat i really love much~

the quality is quite good as the bow is made of cotton..*not tat plastic kind*

tat is out of my expectation....nice :p

Sherlyn go casual? or mature? wakaka


#3 my dream shoe...

it is one of the items in my wish list...saw it in Vivi magazine~ n as u all know, i really love polka dots~

i was once decided not to buy it cz it is not a secure way buying shoes online~

however, after struggling for few days...i know i want it! seriously, I WANT IT!

n luckily the seller was quite good, provided me a lots of information due to the blurness of me ha

*it s my first time buying shoes online!*

n it fits me so well~

i actually found this pair of heels at sunway..n it is more expensive than mine~

same colour, same design, same cutting..totally the same!

i failed to buy tat time as the sizes are inequal for both side..RM79 for imperfect shoe size? no way!

tats y, i was so excited wen i found it online! weeee

3.5 inch! a bit high.but i love high heels~

tat's all for now~

few more coming up~

wait wait wait wait wait for me o~ :p


#2 da floral addict

click here for related post

4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif

da online shopping atmosphere is currently full with floral!

eveyrthing in floral! floral peplum, floral playsuit, floral slipper n etc~

anyway, i didt buy any of the peplum or playsuit as i know it won't fit me nicely!

peplum - a line cutting with 1 layer peplum will show my body shape weaknesses *i have a big butt =.=""*

floral playsuit - i dont think it looks well on us who have bigger bottom part~ it definately looks weird!

so, i m a smart gal~

buy the only one tat won't make me looks chubby! wkakaka

marmalade + zipper = cute! n i love tis kind of floral~

i bought in total of 3 colours for this kind of floral...

anway, i m not really into its quality as it is not as good as wat i bought previously~

a bit thin...but still acceptable :p

#1 da vintage school bag

4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif

a superb quality vintage old school bag~

isnt tat cute?

had been hunting for a vintage-look bag for quite some time...

n tis is the one tat catch my eyes~

it's a bit pricey though~ but worth it :p

locked by 2 magnetic buttons~ not so convenience actually cz i use to open and close my bag oftenly and consistently~ ha

the inner part~ its thick and hard~ not the made of soft-kind material..n therefore, it can stand still without running out of shapes~ 

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part 2 da studs!4a3669bee6819.gif

ps: yeah..i manage to blog it tonight as i almost forget tat i need to sing at station 1 tmw! wakkaa


It is an unbelievable day cz i never tot tat i WILL buy this!although i had been dreaming it for quite some times...

yeahQ da white bucket quilt stud bag from Miss Selfridge~

i dont think i deserved to buy this bag...but i will work hard!!!!!

n i think the price is quite reasonable ! m gonna sing more at cafe to earn bac the money i spent on tis bag!


anyway, it is WORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love it so much! n i never think tat i CAN buy it! *lolz*

qiang qiang! i love the chain so much! it is totally match wit my england coin chain bracelet! *refer to prevoius post*

love the studs so much!~hellokittyicon.gif


da tea dress~


Before da bag~ *BUT!!! with my new DRESS n HEELS n n my lovie pinkish shopping bag~!!!*weeeeee


After the bag!~


i m a bit nervous on the combination at first! as i never try something mature like this!wakaka

n my fringe is long d! so lazy to cut it constantly~

how do u think?:p

can i be mature? i mean, sometimes? aahah

my ribbon heels!~ finally got to wear it after i left it for about 2 weeks at my hometown! lolzzz


ps: sorry ar..my toes really ugly n i cant introduce them to u all until i manicure it! lolzzz


dress : T&S

vintage clincher : Juru auto city *seen at T&S*

heels : One U

white bucket quilt stud bag : Miss Selfridge

england coin chain bracelet : online


here's the money tat i use to buy this bag! *NEW RM50*

i was so surprise wen i get it! so cute la! n i have yet to keep the old one...:(


hmmm...ohya~ can i share some of my make up?

heheh i m a beginner in make up...but i love make up...da bf's sister n my bro r the 2 most important people in my life to help me present well..:p


my bro was the one who taught me about make up...he is a make up artist previously..

n then later on..i meet da bf's sister! she is the one who teach me a lot of make up n give me a lot of brander make up stuff!

really thx for ur contribution! to da bro n da bf's sis~ or consider my sis too~ hahah

* i know la! i really bu yao lian! but so wat! waaak*

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yeahhhhhhhhhhh! finally ive got the chance to meet u!!!! krispy kreme!!!! they r now at Mid valley! n i never know about it! oh my!



   DSC04535.JPG DSC04537.JPG

da oreo one! crispy, cruchy n creamy~


da pie type doughnut!


arggggggghhhhh!!!yummmmmmyyyyyy!!!!! i lovelovelove it~da icing type chocolate doughtnut!  its totally different wit Jco or Big apple~ not a hot n soft type~

i dont know how to describe it~ but i kinda love it too!

but if i can only have one, i will choose JCO wen i m hungry n choose tis wen i need some deserts~ weeeee haha~

nnn today~ 28/6~



dear dominos pizza.jpg

weee da bear is here!!!! but he's gonna bac today oso!!!! :(


hahhha!!!! n yeahhhh!!! my new top from room!!!!!! lurp it very much!!

Sherlyn jz bac from wonderland~ wakaka








i like tis paper bag skirt soso much!!!! n yes~ she is da sister of my polka dots family~


#1 da poofy princess polka dot dress~


#2 da polka peplum dress~


#3 da ribbon polka denim dress~


#4 da polka scallop dress~


 #5 Alice in da wonderland~

#6 黑色诱惑~


#7 da pink polka princess top~



oh god~ i really love polka doT! never enough of all the dots!!!! give me more!!!! give me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha~

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yeah!!! its friday!!!! finally!!!! n ter r a lot of good news today!!!!

ive meet my precious today!!!! owhh dear... i miss u all!!!!!!! especially michele n khai ling!!! i miss da day 3 of us shop today n wearing skirts together!!!!!n between, da bear is coming down from penang!!!!!

yeah! its my birthday! its my birthday!

*its not my birthday! its jz tat i m as happy as wen my birthday comes!*

its 7am now! n we both wake up cz its been almost a month we wake up at 7! hA~


today~ 27/6~ da big blue bulb! ha~



Another great news here!!! finally i can do peacock eye d!!!!! see?? ahhhah!


today's outfit~

bow hairband : forever 21 RM7

bow necklace : ungly duckling RM19

bow top shop inspired skirt : velvet ribbon RM55

strip top : pdi RM49



da precious~ ha~

Birdbirdtan : ok la i admit! u both look alike here! got a bit *husband-wife-face*! direct translate form chinese! lolzzz ha

  DSC04193.JPG DSC04194.JPG


tat's da unagi tat i intro in the previous post! n yes!!!! we went to pasta zenmei AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!


DSC04197.JPG DSC04199.JPG DSC04201.JPG 




i love dots soso much! n tis is jz part of my dots! ha~

will update next time wit my latest polka dot sister! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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yeahhhh! it s Saturday!!!!! although it's over now~ nvm!! i still can smell da happinesss n puas-ness of tat day!

n my shopping partner is -------> tadah~ my idol Karen!!!


yeah~ still remember da push more gal~ here she is! phewwww! still love her tummy!!! oh no!!! she has no tummy!!!! again n again! ha

n our first station is ----> PASTA ZENMEI!!!!!!!

i never know tat ter r 2 different Zenmei which are pasta zenmei n sushi zenmei~ anyway! i love BOTH!!!!!!







OMHGGGGG!!!!! i miss their soft shell crab so much!!!!!

DSC04317.JPG DSC04318.JPG

egg in pasta!!!! owwwhhh watasiwa WANNA tabeimasu it AGAIN!!!! lolzzzzz

ha~ pai seh la! i throw the ni hong go to my sensei d! mama


unagi!!!!! my favourite!!!!!!!really soft n licinnnnnnn......lolzzz licin english call wat d ya?

anyone can tell me?


our 2nd station ----> chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sherlyn, pls forgive me! i know i promise u tat i will n must diet! but i jz cant resist it~ sobbbbbb

DSC04321.JPG DSC04322.JPG




arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! i m dancing in the sky dddddddddd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

craving for it for such a long time!!!!!!! always saw ppl blog about it! but never tought tat i will have the chance to taste it!!!!!!


Karen took tis pic for me~ weeeeee

ohya, forgot to intro to u gals~

Karen is a really sweet n capable gal! she taught me a lot of things tat i never learn or never realize before!

i feel so warm when i chat wit her....

n really thx for lighthing up my day~

she is a cheerful gal who able to cheer up the ppl surrounding her! i still have so much to learn from her!

n i m now changing towards a more mature n stable way...

now only i felt tat i m a big gal!!!! ter is only 3 months left for me to be a lil gal~ sobb

i'm gonna turn into 22 soooonn!!! reall soonnnn!!!

i DONT WANT!!!!! I WANT FOREVER 21!!!!!!! sobsob


k la~ let share wit u gals/ guys wat i bought today k? :p


i love nose so much recently!

tadahhh~ my lovely princess pinkish glass shoe!!!! the real colour is better than the pic!!!! its baby pink!

n finally i found a pink shoe!!!! gonna hunt more in the future! as u all know, i love pink no matter wat! jz give me pink n polka dots n i shall give u a kiss~

oppppssss i mean, GOODBYE kisss~ ha `



not too high n not too low!!!! Sherlyn's favourite!


here is another one tat i eye-ing it for quite sometime! n finally i got it!


see? not too high n not too low too~ it fits me so well!!


cute lil bow~ oooowhhh my love~ my darling~

pink, ribbon, and polka dot! tats wat i love~


another favourite buy is ---> kate eye liner!!!!

DSC04349.JPG DSC04350.JPG DSC04351.JPG

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This will be a super duper longgggggggggggggggg picture post!!!! lolzzz

i ve no idea since when we took so many pics~ zzz

n all the pics r credited to Sam~ lolzzz *my hp was no battery once i reach there! !@%^%!^*

anyway, FIRST N FOREMOST, i would like to share with u guys about the dress that i really hate it while i receive it n end up love it so much after i try it~!!! zzzz

Here u go~ da checkered ruffle high waist lil poofy skirt~



Pls click here for details~ :p


destination 1: Sunway pyramid~ u might ask, huh? again? zz haha For ur info, Sunway is the nearest shopping mall tat we can act shop till drop~ ha

I wanna show u all the pic tat taken by Sam while we was in the car~ He is really good in *cathing angle* aahaha *direct translated from mandarin*zzz




my lovely hello kitty~


my handmade bow~ nice? click here n seesee~


First station : Subway~


Subway of the day~ No.5 I forgot the name d~ its something like dont know wat meatballs de ha~

Copy of DSC03659.JPG


its hard to see the meatballs here in this pic~ *left part* it is really nice!!!!!OMG~ i wanna try it too!!!!! but i edi bought my love-most-almond Jco donuts~ sob~ k la~ will try it on next Wednesday~ ha

Copy of DSC03671.JPG

Copy of DSC03661.JPG

my *lovebite* haha

Copy of DSC03665.JPG Copy of DSC03666.JPG  Copy of DSC03672.JPG Copy of DSC03673.JPG


my owl sisters earing~ haha so cute nehxx!!! n i didnt expect tat it will be so big~ but still ok n acceptable for me :p in fact~ i love it too~ :p

n i suddenly found tis cute SUPERRBBBBBBBBBB SIZE BOW!!!!!!!! ommmggg!!!!!

we've turn around all the way from d escalator JUST FOR IT! lolzz haha pai seh la~ u all know la! i m a ribbonholic!~ ha


cute rite? tis is bread history if i m not mistaken~




2nd station : Etude house~


the wall paper is nice but i dont like the pink color of the bed~ not really nice cz its not tat kind of baby pink...a bit rough~




owwwhhh i dont know who they r~ but i love the outfit of tat gal~ her layer tutu dress so nice!!!! n it match so well wit the satin pink~ owh melt d~

DSCN6721.jpg DSCN6722.jpg

their BB cream~ they r having promotion now~ 30% if u purchase above RM20~

but i m not really recommend their BB cream cz wen we try on, it doesnt really work~ i prefer Skin food BB cream~ really nice, soft n comfort~





the poor guy waiting for us 3 gals~ lolzzz i think we spend about 30 minutes in tat shop~ cz we really bought a lot! ha but we learned a lot too~ :p





theng, michele n me


me n Sam


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A really stress labour day!!!!!!!

final is around the corner! assignment due date is jz behind my bac! n i m still far away left.........=.=

n ter r lots of unhappy things tat happened recently!!!!!!!!!!!

i NEEDDDDDDD A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i NEEDDDDDDDDDD some REFRESHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



n finally today i bough sherry to pom pom at old town cafe! only at RM8 leh!!!!!!

WORTH rite? no need to wash myself until gila n pengsan still havent clean her up! lolzz

n they r still working on labour day!!!!! yahoo!!!!!!!

n i jz realized tat sherry reached 1000km d! lolzzz! she really kacau la! ha

n n n n its my first time to drive to IKEA!!!!!!! wakka! so smart leh!!!!!!!

nnnnnnnnnnnnnn i dont knowsince wen i took so so so many pics!!!!lolzz until my album is FULL!!!!!!lolzzz








our precious moment!!!! omg...i m gonna miss u!!!!!!!!!!


the *MUST EAT* at IKEA! lolzzzzzz oiishiii nehxxxx



see my hand!!!!! i dont knowsince wen  i cut it! lolzz

n tats my black golden chain bracelet tat i wanted to sell! but not anymore! lozlzz

i m so berat hati to sell it wen ter r some ppl asking about it!


i love u!!!!!!! we must stick together for tis only-1 month!!!!! sobsobsob


IKEA's staircase! cute rite??? so creative!!




i like tis room!!!


owh Audrey, u know i love u! i wish to have it after settle down my permanent house~ ha RM300 + leh...sob


i wan tis...










and tis as well =.=""".............

omg i love IKEA's food!!!!!damn delicious leh!!!!!!


was wanted to show u guys but i always forgot to capture the name! ha im glad tat i mange to capture it tis time!

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第一次把小白驾到我完全不会去的广场好紧张哦! 幸好有2为小姑娘陪着我,我才没那么怕了!


yahooooooo!!!!!!!! shopping day! i ve been busy for the whole week! jz for the exam on yesterday morning!

and finally, all the midterm came to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!no more midterm!!!!!!!!!

BUT..........lots n lots of assignments coming up!!!! oh goshhhhhhhh!  SHERLYN will be DAMN busy for tis month!!!!!! until the 1st of MAY!!!!!!!!!sobsob

however, i still need to go shopping yesterday! to find my prom night stuff!

yeah~tis is the first time xiao bai bring me to sunway pyramid! *i have no idea how to go ter! luckily got michele! thx for da helping gal :p muacksss hahah

n so...tis is my oufit today :p my lovely vintage full skirt!

i love it so much!!!!!


n i have add some accesories today  ha! *happy*:p


这就是我们3个了~ 看!我都说了,我的刘海长了!糟糕!怎么去到时才发现!只好把刘海梳过去旁边~

左起: 我,凯玲,michele雁玲...我们都有玲耶!只不过是不同的玲! 哈 michele,我有写错你的华语名吗? 不好意思~ 哈哈

yo! we 3 gals~ me, khai ling n michele~ tis is the first time we go for shopping together!

its really fun shopping wit u gals!



1 项链 1发喾 1晚宴包 1 对耳环 1 戒指 1 腰带 2 彩带 1 包不应该买的厕子! 天啊! 都不知是熊奖错还是我听错!他说刷子,要厚的,好的! 但我明明听到他说要厕子,厚的,好的!阿!真是的! 好本哦!

What i brought today:

1 necklace, 1 hairband, 1 clutch, 1 ring, 1 earings, 1 waist ribbon, 2 ribbon stripes and 1 C2P tissue paper!!! lolzzzz

lets show u all wat i found today!!!! *I FOUND* but didnt *BUY IT* sobsob


常经过nichii都没正式看过他们的上班服饰...今天终于去看到了! *开心*

bumping around nichii n i found some formal clothes tat i really into it!tis  ruffle top is so cute! can i wear like tis to work?

hmm i mean the vest! can we wear vest like tis to work? :p




tis skirt is so nice~ see the lines? i didnt try it cz i really found a lots of clothes tat i like n i m really lazy to try~ lolzzz ha



最喜欢右手边那个模特儿穿的!上一是不是很好看呢?裙子也很特别!一层一层的~ 但我不是很喜欢这件裙子..因为总觉得我穿起来回怪怪的哈!

nice? i like the right one...the design of tis skirt is quite unique...but i not really like it~ jz heart the top~ ha


诶,多出一位男的了! 哈这就是维纶! 有多个男生真的很好,因为终于有人可以帮我拿东西了! 哈

wei loon *the center one* join us for dinner~ its good to have a guy wit us! ha as he will help us to carry our stuff! ha



凯玲...总觉得这张照片很自然,好像真的在Pose那样哈!都忘了是什么时候拍到的~ 哈

khai ling..i dont know since wen i took tis photo! but u look natural in here! ha nice pose! :p



vintagevintagevintage owhh i love vintage!



嘻嘻~ 这件裙子漂亮吧?但超贵的!马币188叻!也等于泰币1880! 不是很划算!但真的很美! 哈

其实是Michele试的!我看她穿了美,也拿来试试看! 哈

a TOPSHOP inspired dress! the material n cutting is so damn nice! but then the price is nice too! RM188! huat ar!


看!天啊!michele好漂亮哦! 她很喜欢蓝色,也很适合蓝色! 看她穿了之后,或直接烧光我的头发! 忍不住了!也去拿来试!

OMG! michele u look gorgeous here! TOP SHOP IS LETTING TIS DRESS FOR RM 160!!!! 50%discount from RM313!!! OMG I WANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


结果一试!天啊!我好喜欢啊!!! 太喜欢了! 太太太太太太太太喜欢了!!!原来我也可以穿蓝色的! 怎么一直以来我都没试过啊?

i know i m not the one who should find dress! but i jz so in love wit it!!!!!!


谢谢凯玲帮我捉这腰带 哈因为这件裙子是10号...她们家的店员说我应该穿6号的!我好喜欢!!!! 真的好喜欢 !

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The desease become more n more n more serious! even WORST!

Total translation to mandarin :病入膏荒!lolzzz



下篇文章会介绍哦~ 嘻嘻

lolz...tis had spent me a mountain of $$$$$$$$$!

but all r the stuff tat i needed~ formal clothes, car accesories,slipper,hairband,bb cream n make up remover, *steling locker*?


看,我的宝贝,她好像生病了,一到家就躺在那里睡着了~ 好心疼~

owh my poor lil gal~ she is so tired after school! i love to kiss her wen she is sleeping~ she's jz so cute!



yeahhhh finally my lovely pinkish bowish lacey pouch!







tis is my best friend!!!! i love tis after testing so many kind of *best friend*! ha




Thin n comfortable, wit nice herb smell....lolz i dunno how to describe it la~ but then it is really comfortable! u wont feel heavy or *pack* even for the first 2 days!!! but its kinda expensive! about RM100+ lolzzz nv ren ar....nv ren....


ps :可能会双语的朋友们会发现我写得华文与英文的意思都不一样,哈那是因为我分开2次来写,希望可以把当时的感觉写出来,而不是为了翻译而翻译,希望大家不要见怪哦~谢谢:p

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Last week was a really busy week. Assignments! Activities!! My time table is full and i really wanna take a rest on the weekend!

However, i did not rest on the weekend! BUT i ENJOY so much on the weekend!

For ur information, the princess from Kepala Batas is coming here to visit the colleges that she interested to study in the future!

So, we got up early in the morning with panda eyes *due to the satay celup party on yesterday nite*, n rush to LCCT to fetch the Princess and her Queen. zzz ! oopsss! forgot the other one d! It's the Mr.Cold prince! He is joining us for the trip!! surprising rite? lolzzz


i love my ruffle top!!!! cheap but nice n comfortable!


see the Majorlica Majorca comb mascare effect?? i love it!!!!! now i only i found tat i have bottom eye lashes!!! lolzzz


as usual! SINGING all the way long to the airport! ha


So, our destinations are as below :

The 1st day

Sunway college & Monash university

Sunway pyramid




HELP college

Midvalley + the gardens

Full house + niuzhesui

Midvalley *movie*

The 2nd day

JOGOYA @ Starhill



ORZZZ rite? we went for so many places in 2 days! zzz It's tiring! but It's fun!!!

I took a lots n a lots a lots of pics! and i think i need to spread it up into few posts!

Pls have some patience leh wei~ haha

Let me share with u all the wonderfull experience and memories !!k?


Sunway college & Monash university

I really learned a lot after the college touring with my cousin! and i dunno tat ter are such uni/college tat offer such good facilities.

Sunway college & Monash university is alrite! but then the counselor really *dog eyes* lo!

she keep on talking about MONEY MONEY MONEY and how good is her uni compare to the others!

this is not wat we would like to hear from her! we need suggestions on wat course is the most suitable for our princess as she is planning for further study at UK after her pre-u! STUPID counselor la!

So, we ended up wit unsatisfaction and uncomfartable feelings!So depress! lolzz



Then we proceed to taylor! and!!!! we came out with "heaven" feelings! lolzzz

The counselor is a kind-hearted and patient person!He explained almost everything to us include those that we do not know but it's important for us to know!

But the problem is! the fees are sososososo expensive!!! one year pre-u cost at the same price with my 3 years study in MMU!!! RM35000!!!LOLZ

it is a problem for me but not the princess! ha

n besides, i found tat Taylor student really enjoy lo!!

Their hostel cost RM650 for a SINGLE ROOM!!!!!!

BUT with fully furnish (tables, bed, chairs, TV, washing machne, heater, AIR CON! everything tat u wish to be ter WILL be ter for u)

The most ridiculous part is, they have cleaning service once in a week!!!!!

WALAO EH!!!!! The condition is better than leaving in ur house leh wei!!!! so geng! zzz

HELP college

i think fate dont bring us to HELP! We meet a lot of obstacles before we reach ter! n after we reached ter, the office is CLOSE!!! mamamia

ok lo,good oso! atleast we do not need to consider about it d!

so jz choose between Sunway college and Taylor!

but i personally love TAYLOR so so much!!!

i bet the princess fall in love wit Taylor too! and she promised tat she would made a windbreaker for me after she graduates!!!

zzzzz the water edi freeze la wei!


ok, after all the college thingy!!! ITs our shopping time!!!!! yahooo!!!!

First, i would like to said a million times of thank you to my dear AH KIM! cz she brought us to the heaven!

especially the NECKLACE!!!

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Hmm...dunno how to start act haah!!! but one thing that i can tell that yesterday is my happiest day for shopping!!!!

n i really spend alot.=.="""........so, broke now!!

I tot it was cute but i know i doesn't look cute by ACTING cute! haha

okla! First, i would like to introduce gorgeous, amazing, exotic cosmetic which caused me insomnia for tis 2 days! 

  Majolica Majorca

This brand is very famous in Japan,Taiwan and now coming to Malaysia. U can see it everywer in VIVI or POPTEEN magazine. Their products packaging are dainty and their famous-ESTTTTTT product are their comb mascara and their eyeshadow.

There r 4 types of mascara which u can check it out at their website and i think i would prefer the comb one as u can see many good comments about it at Malaysia babes forum.

& yes ,the mascara is good! but me,tis c2p gal end up wit did not buy it! a bit regret now!but nvm!cz i'm goin to buy it next week!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!!

ok,although i miss up the mascara, i do buy the bling bling eye shadow!!!& also!i did not buy the one i like most which is the one i show in the pic below!i end up wit buying the the other one (act is the same,jz the colour are difference). I prefer brown colour and i wanna make a chocolate-ish, natural, and sexy brown smokey eyes! (smokey eyes not only in black colour k?)


This is wat i dream for!

Attractive??nice??sliver-ing???loving it?? ---------------------------> GO GRAB IT!!!!!

Attention :this brand is available only in designated Watson, which u can refer here for their locations~


This is wat i bought! sorry lah! i know my camera is lousy!so blur =.="""

ok, after buying this, we jz started to shop around and here is the results~

anyone who have small big eyes as me can try to use this brand of eyelid sticker. It cost me RM 8.90 for 30 pairs ONLY. Seems like very expensive compare to others but u wont regret using it as for me, i use each pair for 3 days sometime it can stay for about 5 days..so, worth it! I bought the MNG basic top at RM 25 n the quality is really good. But i'm quite curious about the price as there r 2 types of baisc singlet, with MNG word and without word.

The one wit word is about RM35 but the one without word only RM25. So i jz take the one without word la..its the same wat...jz the word MNG =.=

Dear bought tis cap for himself!!!surprising???haha don't worry i saw him wear it n i think tis cap suits him! he is now on the way to fashion!!!


stARbuCks goes green!

Book from dear...A WALK TO REMEMBER

This is a love story which being recorder as a movie wit the same name as the book. Bear watched tis movie before n he felt touch wit the story behind...act we r finding some story book which will help to improve my english as u all know my english is really bad! ha!

i didn't watch tis movie before but since he recommend tis book to me n since he said he will pay it then it's ok la! haha

no la, jz kidding...i'm quite like tis book oso de although i havent start reading it~

ok...everything come to end..but wait.....tis is the last thing n the one i love most !








I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove it so so muchi!!!

Tis bag was chosen by dear & tis pic was captured in the toilet of Gurney PLAZA!

haha..dear, i really love it so much! & it was so great as it chosen by u cz i am the one who choose for u every time...






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