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ok so this is the 2nd time i dyed my hair red. 

The first time was awesome and i don't really dare to go really red still. 

It's been 2 months since i dyed my hair. The color faded off quite a lot and it was a bit orange-ish instead of red. So i decided to find Hikky again.

Hair is super important to me and once i fell in love with one color, i will do it over and over again! 

I wanted to get Rihanna red but Hikky strongly disagreed with it cz i would need to bleach my hair for at least twice and my hair will be very very dry after all. So we sticked to the previous hair color but the result turned out to be much redder than what I expected. This is probably because my hair was already quite bright previously and the extra amount of red hair dye made it even redder.

I did a video here so that you can see it clearly how's my hair condition after the hair dye and also how it looks like under normal lighting & bright lighting.


They're having hair treatment promotion now where you can get a Shiseido hair treatment for RM99 only. And the hair dye was RM260 only for my hair length. Worth every penny! 

Hope you guys like it! 

The color will definitely fade off a lil bit after i wash my hair! Will update after that yo! :)


ps: Shop here for Lace singlet top :)


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I was looking for some new hairstyle inspirations and i wanted to have short bangs so seriously! 

And this is the result after all..


Do you love my Elvis hair wtf

Little heart at the top

Ugly duckling Sherlyn wtf


And coincidentally, bf was thinking of ideas for his Hawaii Theme company trip to phuket..

He suggested shark and i was like, where got ppl dress up like a shark for hawaii theme party one?!!!

He insisted so i made him this..

So both of us got new name now! 

Sherlyn Elvis & Barry Shark wtf


It's a super lame post i know! 

Have a great weekend people!!!!


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I got this question very often and I've always wanted to do a video for it.

I recorded this video 3 times and this is the only time that i managed to finish it LOL

cz my hair is super long and super thick. By the time i finish curling my hair, my face always look like zombie hahah


Here's the video!

I'm using babyliss Pro 25mm hair curly iron.

Some simple tips here : 


  1. To create the voluminous effect, make sure that you hair is clean & dry before you curl your hair. 
  2. You may apply hair mousse while your hair is wet and blow dry it later to achieve the even longer lasting effect. 
  3. If you have thick hair like me, separate your hair into 2 sections, upper and lower sections. 
  4. Start by curling the lower sections first then slowly move up to the upper sections.
  5. I love curling them outwards and sometimes i do mix the directions to create the voluminous effect. 
  6. After curling all the sections, don't forget to touch up the upper part.
  7. This is because in this video, i focus a lot on the curves at the bottom half of the hair instead of the upper part. And the upper part of my hair usually needs more touch up because it's really long and when i curl it around the tong, it hardly get warmed up.
  8. While for my fringe, i normally split it into center parting and curl them outwards and swipe one side to another side so that it looks more natural when the curls mixed together.
  9. You may apply hair spray after that to secure the curls OR pin your curls each time you finish curling A section of your hair and release it when you finish curling all secitons.
  10. I don't normally use hair mousse nor hair spray because i don't really like the smell LOL And it still stay for a good couple of hours as long as i curl it properly, with the correct heat and the correct tong.

Thanks for watching. Hope it helps! 

IF you have better tips, pls share yo :)


Read here my other hair tutorial posts.

Fish tail braid & 4 strands braid

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I'm not really good in make up yet. Still picking up the skills and this post is gonna be mainly my detailed make up pictures.

You may run away now just incase i kinda blur your eyes with too many of my pic.

Just want to show ya all what i did to make my eyes look 2.5 times bigger. LOLOL

Here's an overall view of my make up. 


Product used : 

The Face Shop HD Perfect BB Cream

The Face Shop Fake Eyelashes (XL size)

Empro Triangular Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)

Majorlica Majorca Eyeshadow Palette (BR355)

Maybeline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black)

Stila All Over Glow Pretty Pink blusher (S1K6-01)

Canmake red lipstick (03)

Freshkon Alluring Eyes contact lense (Winsome Brown) 


What i did to make my eyes look bigger :

1) Lengthened my eyeliners with longer wings to create the dramatic effect. 

2) Lengthened my eyebrows to match the length of my eyeliners.

3) Draw fake bottom dramatic eyelashes.


More pictures! HoOOLaAALaaA

Will update more about Groupon Halloween soon!!!


For the mean time, don't remember to check out our November update tmw at Twenty3 FB! http://www.facebook.com/Twenty3.Paris


Also me at nuffnangX! 


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Yup! that's the brand name! Too Cool for school! #cute 

I was so excited when i received this! They were imported from Korea and which brought in by a girl who loves Korea so much that she created a fan page just to gather everyone who loves everything about Korea! *Her Korean Things

From left to right, milk gloss, crayon lip sticks & mashmallow puff.

I'm using pink crayon lipsticks & milky pink lip gloss. I've always wanted a pink lipstick cz that's the only weapon for me to look sweet especially when i need to go for any dates, anniversary celebration & etc. 

The crayon lipstick was really soft and easy to apply. But it's kinda fragile at the same time since it's crayon. I broke mine cz i was too harsh while applying it. 

Like mom always said to me : "Can u be more girly ar? you dress up like a sweet girl but always act and talk like a man!" #rolleyes

Sorry la mom! My voice is already like that cannot change. And i cannot be too girly! have to be man a bit so that i won't kena rob wtf *outogtopic* 

Red, Orange, Pink.

The colors are soft and not too heavy. It's perfect for work & school! Not so much for party though. I love it cx it's very casual! 

The next one would be the marshmallow puff. so kewwttttt 

can be used to apply BB cream/foundation/ concealer using the edge or blusher using the bottom.

Love my pink lips!!!!!!! 

In overall, the quality was quite moderate, but it's definitely a good gift to pemper yourself or to your friends! 

I love the crayon lipstick the most. But sadly mine broken d! Gotta buy one from them again.

For more details, head over their FB yo. Click


Before that, pls follow me at NuffnangX-click yo! Search *Sherlynlicious* :)

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There're a huge range of red color lipsticks out there.

I really wanted one but i don't know how to pick which exactly the "red" that i want.


Should i go after those red with glitters, orangy red, pinky red, chilli red. I have no idea at all.

I've been searching tips online and there's actually quite a lot of websites are talking about it.

It doesn't really make me feel secure about it though. Cz i think different people have dfferent skin tone.

So the best way to get the red lipstick that suits you the most is still, try them out yourself!


Very Basic Tips! You probably already know about this! But sometimes we just need some assurance from people who did that before don't we?

1) Go to drugstores like Watson, Sasa etc! I love Watson the most cz there's not gonna be someone who's gonna follow you throughout your whole buying process. I don't like to be shadowed by those sales girls cz they kind of like adding indirect pressure to me LOL. 

2) Pick ANY brands that you like, be it Revlon or any others, you can even try all of them if you're able to go there for a couple of times! 

3) Pick one of the lipsticks, wipe the surface on tissue paper for cleanliness purpose. Try them out by applying them on your lips. Wipe them off again using tissue paper and make sure that they're clean before you put them back on the rack.

4) Now, walk around with your new red lips if you "kinda" satisfied with the result! You will know whether it's good or not based on the comments that you might get from others. You will have more time to get use to the color too.

5) But well, if you're not satisfy yet, wipe it off with your make up removal tissue (not encourage to do too many times), I'm using biore  though, and try other colors until you satisfy!


And this is my ONLY ONE RED LIPSTICK! From CANMAKE, Sasa, around RM69.90 If not mistaken. 

this awesome reddy last me for about one year and i'm still using it now. 

I'm not a very adventurous person and there's no need to be adventurous on this unless you do heavy make up in most of the time.

And if I need to attend wedding dinner or any important events, i will top it up with my lip gloss to make it more outstanding. 

I rarely do so though. Cz the red from the red lipsticks is good enough for me.

It's more like a orangy red instead of hmm redred.

Took this when i first started using this. My hair still brown that time.

In bright day light.

And some iphone pictures.

One bad thing about red lips is that it hardly last long, especially when you're in an event or something.

This is the most effective and i guess the only way in my knowledge on how to keep the color.

Red lips are fun!!!! You can even create the shape of the lips that you want buy using lipliner and concealer. 

You may read more here.



Hope this help! Got this question quite often lately so i was thinking might as well just blog it here :)

I'm not a pro in make up. I only have 1 very basic set of cosmetics and they're all very easy to use and very afforadble.

And yes, i'm as lazy as everyone else! Once i get used to one brand, i rarely want to switch to other brands unless miracles happen! hahaha

Btw, my red lips look even better with my red hair!!! Red addict!

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I'm bored with my old hair and decided to make a change!

Bf suggested red and i was like, ooooo reallly? okie guaaaa *a bit kia kia*

I then proceed to google some pictures and all I found were pictures of naked women with red hair WTF =.=""

I don't even know how to show Hikky, the hair stylist of the hair color that i want cz most of them were naked WTF

Btw, Hikky is a japanese hair stylist who work under Number76 Japanese Hair Salon and she's also the one who did Audrey's make up and hair for her wedding. 

I love Number76and followed them for quite sometime to find out more about the latest trend of hair styles and hair colors.

Lotsa famous bloggers did their hair there too! Fourfeetnine, Cheesie, Jane Chuckei etc.

So I also damn kiasu and made an appointment with Hikky (She's currently working at Mont Kiara). 

ps : I was actually impressed by her after seeing all the hairstyles that she did for Audrey.

Before the hairdo. 


I was kinda worry at first cz i don't know even know what type of red i'm looking for. So i was kind of like "forcing" the bf to pick one for me.

But we ended up just to let Hikky do whatever she wants cz we trust her more than ourselves. haha

*Bf sitting at the back giving me weird face cz he was bored!*

She separated into a few sections and dyed the major 2 parts of my hair first before proceed to the rest of my hair.

I guess it's to balance up my hair color since my hair color were kinda messed up by me cz i never take care of my hair.

My heart beats super damn fast when i see my hair become like thissssssss RED.....

And she dyed my eyebrows too!

I turned over and asked the bf : IF i failed to change my look this time will you still date me? 

He said : I will run away instead 

Me : @#$%&*(*%$#@#$%^& WTF FML


My hair was really smooth and soft!!!! 

Hikky gave me a temporary curl after that. 

Dress from Miss Selfridge.

Love the lace details at the side. 

Got this dress from Sunway Pyramid branch. Can't really find it in other branches though.

Thanks Hikky!!!!!!!!

I love it you're awesome!!!!

Got my free membership card from them and i'm gonna get my free hair treatment since it's my birthday month!!! how lucky m i!!!!

My hair on the 2nd and 3rd day.


Hair Stylist : Hikky, Mont Kiara Branch

Price : RM260 (For waist length hair like me, otherwise, it's cheaper)

Website : http://www.76style.com/

Audrey's wedding hair styles : http://fourfeetnine.com/2012/08/31/the-wedding-reception/

Twitter : @number76style





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It feels like a real Monday although it's not Monday today...

n guess what? I slept at 7am today morning! I couldn't sleep just because of another teh tarik ice!

I don't know what's the reason why i couldn't sleep whenever i drink teh tarik ice! It's effect is totally the same as coffee! It's just that  i don't drink coffee!

It's 1211am now...n i'm still in the office....waiting for that Mr.Bear to finish his work...

So i got nothing to do n decided to do something crazy since it's Friday night!!!!! I wan fireworks on Friday night!!!!

There isn't any so i create one for myself...


很random的麻花辫 = very random punya braid! hahahahahahahahah

Direct translation!!!!

This is actually a combination of this...

and this...

Lol! It's just a random thingy la..willl do a better one next time with more hair styles without panda eyes! lol

I've been wearing this make up since morning 10am till now! It's like that one....so pls bear it~ :) 

Love our office interior design n lighting! Gotta bring my DSLR next time if i'm gonna have another "camping night" here! Lol

Where's my ribbon!!!! :( Btw, i love this shoes! Got it when i was in Penang! but it's really dirty already..owh sad :(


n...if you don't know yet....xiaxue have pink hair now! OMGSOPRETTYNCUTE IWISHIHAVETHECOURAGETODOTHAT!


Pic credited to Xiaxue's FB page




ok....it's time to go home now...

Selamat Hari Raya guys! Happy holidays! Enjoy kao kao the last 2 days! :)

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I'm sick with my hair color and i really want to dye my hair again in salon instead of doing it myself at home..

I'm just way to lazy to do all these beauty stuff lately...

My piggy cousin dyed her hair and i gone crazy when i saw her hair!

It's like OMG super nice!

So she brought me to this hair salon WHICH i introduced her to cut her hair there previously =.="""

A famous salon born from Taiwan~

All these pics were stolen from their page --> http://www.facebook.com/boris.hc.malaysia


So..back to the topic..

I always stick to 2 hairdresser - 1 in KL & 1 in PG LOL!

I hardly trust others cz i always scared that ppl will burn my hair? LOL

I mean very "nice" & which is totally out of my expectation that kind =.=""

That's the best photo of hair color...

I know i look pale here and i srsly regret for not putting proper make up today...

No fake lashes, no lip gloss, concealer not even =.="""

Btw, i really like this color! My hairdresser mixed 3 colors in order to get this color..

It's something like ash brown if not mistaken. (More towards greenish brown *Called ya ma lv in mandarin*)

Well, the greenish part can hardly see especially in indoor space.

This is how it looks in indoor space with sun lightning...

I wanted to curl my hair but i couldn't cz my hair will surely become very dry if i do...

& This is how it looks in indoor space with soft lightning...

Outfit of the day~

Wore this skirt and heels quite often these days~

I love this socks it's too cute to resist!

Photos from iphone! loll


I'm getting more n more socks recently.....officially in love with socks trend...

Some people ask me how to pair socks with heels...don't u feel awkward when u get weird stares from people?

Well, my answer is...y should we care about this when this is our life instead of others?

Wear what you like and suit you the best...

Be confident! :)


PS : Can't believe i wrote the last sentence. FYI, i'm have super low self-confidence. Guess i've improved a lil bit through my current job. Hope you girls like this post :)

PS 2 : This is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to share it cz i really like their services!

PS 3 : Spotted some good cosmetics from Benefit counter again...save save save n buy buy buy!!!

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I've dyed my hair since January and i wanted to blog about this long time ago.

Lotsa people asking me how's the color, would it fade off after a couple of months...n i always never get to answer it since i dont really pay much attention on it...

Liese Bubble Hair Dye - Marshmallow Brown

Took this photo during cny and that's when i just dyed my hair few days ago..

I used only 1 bottle of hair dye since my hair was kinda short that time...

This is about 2 months later...obviously, the color seems lighter now..but i kinda like this color...it makes me look fairer i guess?

By the way, yeah! i changed new hairstyle again!

This is temporary though...I'm just too bored with the heartshape n straight barbie hair style...

Wants to try out something new! Something more mature? hahaha

OMG I hate those roots but what to do? but well, this is the only time that i actually relized that my hair color is really brown! lolll

I used to push my hair in this way to increase the puffiness of my curls~

Almost done~

Never really see the back part before...lolzz

n...photoshoot time!!!!!

Another love from Ugly Duckling Closet...I'm just couldn't resist all their clothes!

Earrings : Taiwan

Ribbon rings : Taiwan

Pearl Diamond Necklace : Forever 21 US

Scallop top : Room8008

Ballerina puffy skirt : Ugly Duckling Closet

Accesories in detail..

OMG Pearlssssss!!!!

Pls ignore my ugly nails!!!!!!!!!  Lol!!!! I promise u i'm gonna spend plan some budget for my nails d!!!!

They r just way too ugly!!!!!!


By the way, anyone wants to learn yoga?


Groupon is having great deals for yoga class at Bandar Utama! RM28 only for one month unlimited classes!!!!Map provided!

The instructor is a guy though! loll that's y i need someone to accompany me there lol!

but of course the intructor is good la! I just need a companion! lollz


My heart broken whenver i saw those great deals cz i can only see n cannot buy!!!!ARGHHH!

n i can't believe that  i actually created a wish list just for that! lollzzz

1) Show Concert Tickets

2) Shoe Pod

3) Photobook

4) Mani Pedi

5) Yoga class

They just came all together and it's very hard for me to decide which one to buy!

cz i always have lotsa reasons that i need to buy all those stuff! lolll

okla! this post is really messy now!

First start with liese bubble, then fahsion diary, then wish list pula! =.=""

Actually i have more...

6) Iphone Angel case - anyone can tell me where to buy this?

7) Lasenza Lingeries set

8) Ikea small table

9) A Mary Jane Pumps

10) Eyelashes? Facial? Eyeliner? Long pants?

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Accidentally found this picture in one of my old picture folders...

Lotsa ppl say that i look different in different hair style...

I don't really know that cz sometimes i don't even know how i look like or how ppl think about my hairstyle..

I'll just stick to the same hairstyle for a long period n get bored n change n stay m get bored n change again..

n yeah~ I've compiled all my hairstyles so let's have a look~

#1 Long Straight Hair + Short Fringe

#2 Long Hair with Side Bangs

#3 Long Hair without Bangs

#4 Long hair with Center Parting

#5 Long Curly Hair with Side Bangs

#6 Heart Shape Hair with Short Bangs


So, What's next?

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HOLY SHIT! I forgot tat i cant dye my hair when my aunty visit!



one more week :(((

cny is coming soon!!! cham la!!!!!

My roots grow so long already!!!

My whole fringe is in BLACK color now!

OMG! I cannot tahan already!

Countdown-ing! 2 days more before i dye my hair in Liese Marshmallow Brown!~ weeeweeee

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YES! Finally i've got to blog about this..

Unfortunately, Mr.Bear is not by my side at that time..

Therefore, no nice pictures taken k?

but still, i'm really excited to share my first ever self hair dye experience!!!


They have a wide range of colors! I decided to go for Ash brown due several reasons~

1st is bcz i've seen lotsa Singapore bloggers blog about this hair dye in Ash brown color! Including Dawn Yang!

ok, i dont know how u guys think about her..but i thought she's really cute! *Without thinking of the plastic surgery part*

2nd is bcz...now only i know..the color that i dyed previously is Ash Brown!!!! =.="""

it's just tat maybe its the first i dye my hair..therefore, the color doesnt really show up! but it shows now!Mad excited!!!!

176-353-large.jpg 176-353-large.jpg

this is how it looks like~I didnt really got to snap a picture of it cz i;m really nervous!

Havent done this before!

DSC09111.JPG DSC09115.JPG

So, before all the hair dye thingy..skin allergy test is really important!

I took this test before i dye my hair cz i heard quite a lot of times from those Taiwan Entertainment show which stressed a lot of skin allergy test!

n no worries if u do not know how to do it cz everything is inside the box inculding all the instructions~

I'v done mine for twice, first, i waited for 30 minutes n 48 hours for the later...

I've done lotsa research before i decided to dye my hair myself since i'm a very kiasi person..=.=" n i really dont want anythign bad would happen!~

After the 48 hours, which enough to prove that i'm free from any skin allergy, i get my process started! yihoo!

This is wat i found from their site...The procedure is totally the same as wat u can see in the picture below~



n here r some behind the scene photos~ haha


Oh ya, the bottle above is provided~ including a pair of gloves, 2 bottles of hair dye content n a small pack of hair treatment lotion~


see the bubbles? weee~


I left it for around 30 minutes since my hair is long~

n Here is the result!




*The top part of my hair is still in ash brown color~ i took this picture in the car tat's y cant see the color of the top part!will take more picture of my hair in future*:p

The color was really even! SUper easy to use!

I've read some bad reviews of this product too at the same time..

U can see here...What i can see there most iinclude hair becomes really dry after using it & bad smells!

I was a lil worry at first! but it didnt happen at all!

As u can see from my picture....it actually softened my hair well!

I dont know how long will it last....n i think tat's the only question tat i cant really answer wen ppl ask me~ lol haaha


If any one of u tried this product before, share with us k? Jiao Liu Jiao Liu :p


Important notes :

1) Please do the skin allergy test 2 days before u dye ur hair. This procedure is a must to avoide any unforseen circumstances eg. Itchyness, redness etc

2) Do not wash ur hair 2 days before u dyed ur hair. This is to create a protector layer to prevent the hair dye touches ur scalp directly.

3) Please do not dye ur hair if u r having PMS! Bcz that's wen u body n ur skin r at the most sensitive time!

4) Use 2/3 box for short hair, 1 box for midlength hair (shoulder length), 1.5 - 2 boxes for long hair.


All these information were collected from my research from various sources including various bloggers reviews like Dawn Yang, The Miracle Seasons, forum about bad reviews*click*, entertainment show hosted by professional hair stylist like Xiao Man Lao Shi and even the administrator of thier FB fan page itself.


This product in some designated watsons in Malaysia only, which include :


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Recently, i have received lotsa enquiries regarding what hair styling products that i'm using/which brand of hair styling products works the best for temporary perm/what hair spray that i'm using n a lot more!

So, yeah! i decided to share all the hair styling products that i'm using now!

Everything can be found in any watson/guardian/jusco anywhere! n they r all affordable!

*cz i'm still student n just graduated n just employed n just unemployed =.=""*

Here we go!!!!


Back Left : VS soft wave mousse, Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy), CatWalk TIGI hair spray, BedHead TIGI Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner

Front Left : Liese #04 Clear Cube Wax, Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness, Lucido-L Soft Touch, Gatsby Wild Shake & Gatsby Air Rise



VS soft wave mousse



I got this mousse from Taiwan Watson at around NT100 only! So regret that i didnt buy more!

cz i tot this kind of bottle might be restricted to bring in to the airplane! sighhh lolz

anyway, this is the best pre-styling product that i have!

It really helps in ensuring my curls stay at their own places =.=" for the whole day long!

I used this especially when i'm goin for any performance or photoshooting session!~

*Have to use slowly cz Malaysia dont have ! =.=""*



Lucido_L's products!


Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness (Yellow)   

Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple)

Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink)


Lucido-L hair curl lotion (Airy)(Pink) is another type of pre-styling products!~*apply before hair perming*

It works somewhat similar with VS soft wave mousse!~

i usually use this when i perm my hair very often since its available here n i restock it easily! hahaha lolzz

i know its lame!anyway, VS soft wave mousse still works the best to me :p


Lucido-L Soft Touch (Purple) is also one of the pre-styling products!

The only different is that it is useful for straight hair instead of perm hair!~

n i use it everytime i tie a pony tail so tat my hair will look much more softer and smoother!~


Lucido-L Ultimate Fluffiness (Yellow), a post-styling products instead!

I used to apply this right after i thong-ed my hair!~

Anyway, i dont really like this cz i cant really see any difference before n after applying it! my curls never stand everyonce i use this! =.=""



 Liese #04 Clear Cube Wax



I got this at Taiwan as well! but i bet its now available in Malaysia!

*They have a wide range of hair dye products that i wish to share with guys next time! excitedddd*



Again, it is a post-styling products!

This is really especially when i wanted to create a soft wave effect!

I rate this as my 2nd best post-styling products!

I mean in the range of wax products!~



Gatsby Wild Shake (Purple) & Gatsby Air Rise(Green)


I love the purple one!

My curl wont ever drop everyonce i use this!

It's the best hair wax that i recommend!

I never use the green one before~ but i guess its more to guys! lollz haha

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yes! i always wanted to have Angelababy's eyes!!!! but unfortunately, i have super small eyes since i was grow! =.="""

i was really busy these few days n i dont wat causing my left double eyelid to be expanded which then inspired me to fake my right eyelids at the same time!

i was trying to stick for like 20 minutes n still it didnt show up =.="

my right eye used to be smaller than left eye! now the left eye become so much bigger than right eye due to the sleep eyelid effect! =.="

after all, i was thinking..y not stick it in other way? i mean *terbalik* it~

n yes! it doneeeee!


here's the original n natural left eyelid~ *without eyelid sticker*


n here's the cheat one~ hehe

 can u see the sticker?

wait..here's the more obvious one...


yeah~ can see it clearly now!

dont worry just incase u think tat it would look fake in real life! cz it wont....it will be totally covered up by ur eyelash!~

but it would be totally obvious if u did not make up or put on eyelash~

i use super minimal eyeshadow here to expand the effect of the double eyelid...

*Black eyeshadow usually wont make ur eyes bigger, unless u wan a sexy kitty look, then u can go for it..but if u have small eyes like me...always try light eyeshadow...like light shimmering brown! tat works the best for me*

so here comes the camwhoree!!!!!!!!!

my hand pain like h*ll after the shoott!!!!!! its really not easy to camwhore using DSLR! :(((

DSC_0043.JPG DSC_0044.JPG DSC_0045.JPG DSC_0054.JPG DSC_0060.JPG

love much? i love it till maxxxx! but i really dont think that i can do it the 2nd time!

good things always happen for the first time but not 2nd time!~

anyway...still gonna try it out today!

i really hope tat i can master it! zzz

Another vain pic here n say byebye :p


owhhhh! how good if i born like Angelababy n Dawn Yang!

then i will not need to waste so much time on make n dressing up =.=""




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yeah!my first attempt on the korean romantic hair style!!! EXCITED!

not really good..but atleast it last long!!!~ it remained like tat even after 6 hours!




把头发分成2边,再把各边分成4~ A BCD

A C 从外往内卷, 再把 B D 往外卷~

卷完了之后再把2把头发一起从外往内卷~ 用手指的哦!卷好了之后,涂上定型膏及喷上发胶就可以了哦!



1. 可以的话,先涂上慕丝再上卷。。这样。。。卷出来的造型才会更持久哦!

2. 再来,用手卷时,千万不能太大力,以免压扁刚卷出来的弧度~

3. 定型膏及发胶也很重要哦!要小心作选择哦!找到好的产品会放上来分享哦!



This hair style is really simple and easy to get it done~

First, separate your hair into 2 sides.

Divide each sides into 4 bunch..A, B, C & D

For A & B, curl it outwards while for C & D, curl it inwards

*this is what i learned from magazines and also from some readers comment of my blog:p thx!*

After everything done, grab both sides and twist both sides inwards using your fingers~

*this is to create a huge volumn of heavy wave curl*

Apply hair gel and hair spray n it's done!

Some tips to share :

1. Kindly apply musse before you curl your hair~ this is quite important step as it would help lots in ensuring your hair stay long!~

2. Do not press your hair while you curl your hair with your fingers as it would affect the volume effect of your hair~

3. The choices of hair gel n hair spray is uberly important~ will share once i found a nice one k?

*actually i found..but havent really try yet~ :p*







heart the heartsssss~很爱很爱的其中一条丝袜!









The costume for performance in uni~

I had worn this dress for 3 times n i'm still love it so so so much!

the tutu is awesome as it helps to cover up my little tommy! =.=""

n oso, love the lace so much! so romantic la wei!

its the best dress tat i found within these few months!






sinimaseh.....forgot to tell u guys tat i'm a romantic lover! lolzzz

n oso...sorry for the photos cz i didnt got to take it nicely tat day cz we were in a rush!~

paiseh nehxxx!

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yuhoo! here's my 2nd make up post~ *click here for the 1st one*

ohya! sorry for the bad quality of the photos :( cz my camera is with my mom n i ve got no camera anymore for this period :(

all the pictures are take using webcam!~ 

n i hate the quality! cz i cant even see the purple color eyeshadow in any of the pictures taken....sighhhh

so here's the Face of the Day~

I'm going to friends birthday celebration after that....so, i was thinking of doing a simple + romantic make up~

For my face, i use Skin Food Mushroom BB cream + Laura Mercier face powder..

its almost the same with previous post..the only different is the eye part *long instead of round*, the cheek part *natural instead of peach* n the lip gloss *transparent instead of pink* that i m using~

i prefer blusher n lip gloss which provide natural effect so tat the focus will be on my eyes~



i use Majorlica Majorca's eyeshadow palette *same as the previous one* n Mac purple eyeshadow for the area around my lower lashes~

as u can see from the picture above, im actually lengthen the eyeshadow D so tat my eyes will look longer~

I've skipped color C this time and used color B as the base before i apply color D.


here's the purple Mac eyeshadow that i used for the area around my lower lashes. 


Apply again after ur mascara if u wan~ *to make it more obvious*

For eyeliner and eyelashes part, pls refer here the 1st one



yeah! tat's the benetint liquid blusher from benefit.

lip gloss is on the opposite side~ in transparent color...

i love benetint so much as it blends really well with my skin...n the lip gloss is really nice! highly recommended product!

n i m done!~


will try to take clearer picture next time!




(1) i will be having a photoshoot tmw for my fashion diary!!! arghhh very nervous arggg!!!! cz the camera man is not Bear! he's a pro instead! wish me luck~

(2) more n more assignment again! my schedule all pack! will be having a fashion show next saturday + a singing competition on the same day =.="""" +++ 1 assignment due date + 2 presentation + 3 pending assignment! =.=""" HELP!!!!!! + + + Bear;s birthday!!!!!! ok la! atleast got few hours that i can relax!

(3) hope u guys done mad with the poor photo quality k? i will find a camera soon! :p chao~

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Hi guys...hmm i'm not really good in make up..but i love make up so much!

cz it makes me feel secure n confidence!~

As requested, here are just my little sharing about my make up...

I dont wear this everyday but definately every outing! lolzz haha

cz it's the easiest make up tat i ever learned~


So, this is the make up that i want to share here~

Let;s get it started~


Here r all my weapons!

(1) Skin Food BB cream - strongly recommended

(2) Beauty Maker blusher (peach)

(3) Pinky girl double eyelid sticker ( I have big small eyes =.="")

(4) Majorlica Majorca's eyeshadow palette, Mascara, Liquid eyeliner and Eyeliner pencil

(5) Elianto's eyelashes curler

(6) Benefit's glossiness Lip gloss

(7) Fresh Look Brown Circle Lense

(8) MY fingerssss~ *I dont use tools cz i ve no money to buy yet! I know! its an excuse! =.=""*

So, i'll just skip the base as all u need to do is just apply the BB cream on ur face evenly.

Dont forget those important part such as ur eyebag, pimples or watever that u wish to conceal~


My eyeshadow palette. Majolica Majorca~ I love this brand n tat's y u will keep seeing its name in this post~


First, apply B  all around ur eyelids~


Second, apply C around the half end of ur eyelids~



Dont forget to blend the center part so that it can mix well with the B color.

Third, apply D at the bottom of ur eyelids~



Dont forget to tap it so that it can blend well with the A & B color.

Fourth, apply A at the outer top part of ur eyelids n the inner part of ur eyes~

*This is for highlight purpose*



Fifth, It's time for eyeliner!

*Apply eyeliner using the pencil eyeliner at ur inner eyelid and ur tear line*


Then, use ur liquid eyeliner for the rest...


I use both as for pencil eyeliner, it helps to cover up those spaces that can;t be drawn by liquid eyeliner, such as lower eyeliner/tear line...n then, i use liquied eyeliner to enhance it n oso to prevent those liner that drawn by using pencil eyeliner will not smudge easily.

Sixth, Curl ur lash n apply mascara


Curl ur lash first before mascara~

Apply ur mascara in a zig zag way..this is to spread away the eyelashes so that they wont stick together..

This will make ur eyes look more bigger n doll-er! lolzz hahaha

ohya, dont forget ur lower lashes as well! curl it using the curler but in an opposite way n apply mascara...

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