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I was a lil bit busy this 3 days to help up Out Of The Box at USM!

It's my first visit to USM even though i'm from Penang!

n I had fun meeting those new faces while sharing my experience with them!

Bear brought his US Quaters collection for some explanation regarding the states in US!

me & Phei Ling!~

Piggy Bear with srsly messy hair!

between, sorry if my dumb face scared u away cz i seldom doll up nicely these days!

had been busy for a lot of stuff n i'm just couldnt really bother to dress up nicely!


ps: Working life gonna start soon! N.E.R.V.O.U.S!!!!!

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As the title stated, this is the most dangerous and challenging adventure that we ever had in Grand Canyon!

Since we were in Grand Canyon, we were all agreed that we should explore Grand Canyon from head to toes!

So here comes the most excited activities in 2010 - Phantom Ranch Hiking Trip!!!

FYI, i only do ballet/yoga aka soft sports and i would never try dangerous/heavy sports!

BUT! All of them were decided to go, how can I not follow leh?

FYI, we need to have permit for the trip! we are not allowed to hike and camping down there without permission!

Yeah!!! WE ARE READY!!!!

Look down from the top...

Getting down there...


Look how steep the trail is!

I wanted to give up but I finally convinced by their spirit n energy!

so..I went! We went!!! 6 of us together!

It's a 2 days 1 night trip!

we gotta try our best to hike all the way down before sunset n get back again in the next morning!~

We were all fully equipped!

hiking shoes, hiking sticks, sleeping map, sleeping bag, food, drinks, cereal bars, toilet paper, camping tools...etc

Between, pls ignore my stupid outlook cz it's not easy for me! trust me!

Imagine how heavy the backpack is! We have to carry them down n carry them all the way up again!

Us with round faces! lolzzz

Rest after 1 hour of hiking!!!! Come on! xiu xi shi wei le zou geng chang de lu!

see how amazing the view was!

Finally i saw something *straight*!

I fell down like 8 to 9 times! cz it's too steep already!

I srsly want to give up at the 4/5 times...but i couldnt...cz we were actually quite far from the top d...

so...no choice lo :( have to keep moving!

Some of the points for hikers to take a good rest before continue the most challenging journey!

Betwee, Sky was getting darker n darker!! arghhh!!!!

I fell down like 12345678 times n no rasa after all!

Jess was trying to help me to tie my shoe tighter so tat i wont fall down anymore...

Sky getting real dark now!

After crossing this black bridge n we r done with the first part of the mission!!!!

n yeay!!! we finally reached!!! (we took this the next morning cz it was too dark in the night time)

Jess and Bear's hardwork! we were just kelefeh! hahahhah


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Williams - A small city near Grand Canyon.

We, employees of Xanterra stand a chance to go Williams by train for free!

We planned to go there around the end of October n we thought we gonna make it!

Hell no! We failed to get our desired day off n we need to work that day!

But nothing can beat us since we were really try our best to finish our work earlier so that we could rush to the train depot on time!

n luckily we all made it! I still remember how awkward n tense we were in order to finish on time!

Me n my twin sis made it n we were the first batch who reached there! we were so worry that 4 of them couldnt make it n we gonna have to cancel the plan! but NO! THEY MADE IT!!!! ALL OF US MADE IT!!!!

Here we go departing to the most misterious city! - Williams!!!!

Our train ticket!!! not ticketssss but ticket! cz we only get one ticket with 6 seats given!!!!

see how cute the love is? They punched it with loves!!!!! I told u americans are friendly!!!!

Amazing views along the journey!~

Truly love the views!!!!! It's freaking amazing n beautiful!!!!!

yeah! ppl singing in the train! It was fun!!!!

Love this picture the most!

n deng deng~ here comes the drama!!!!!


The robberies!

OMG! look at his pants!!! this is so funny!

n dont try to fool him by giving him money! cz u will never get it back! trust me!

He was trying to scare that baby!

n guess wat?

who cares huh?


This is so funny!!!!

we never thought that there will be such an entertainment activities in the train throughout the journey! The train even stopped just for all this funny activities!!!!

He came by n claimed tat he's not a robber! a police instead!!!!

*i can't differentiate! thought they just look the same?*

Tat's how they look similar i guess...funny pants? lolzzz

All of us + 1 camera man~ We looked tired cz we were all just finish washing 16 messy rooms within 6 hours!!!!!!

yeay!!! finally reached!!!!

whoa! so dramatic one?!!!!

The depot! Nice decorations huh? They had christmas decorations already even it was just November!

Random captures around the city~ *we walked through the whole city!!!!*

us in a freezing cold weather!!!! It was really really super godamn cold tat night!!!!

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So, i've been travelling go n forth penang n kl, penang n kl, penang n kl n kl (soon) for 3 weeks non stop...

The purpose is kinda obvious *if u followed my facebook* --> Job hunting!!!!!

ohwell, it's not easy after all!

My anxiety disorder is killing me all the time!!!

I'm so worried tat i would be jobless! which was kinda insane!

n.....i found tat....Everything changed!

Friends seemed to be all grown up~! Matured n independent~

Had few fantastic gatherings with uni besties n i realized how much i missed them!~

They were all grown up n look like a *real* adult already! Earn, live n spend all by themselves!

n some of them even gave their parents pocket money already!!!!!

*not sikit sikit punya, lots of them gave RM1000 ar!!!!!*

Wahliao eh!!!!!! wen only i will have tat day har? I gotta work real hard d!!!!

n I'm really excited to get into job world d!!!! but as for now, i'm just gonna spend my very last 8 days *grace period* crazily!

n n n I gotta brush up my english n communication skills asap before i get killed in the marketting war! God bless me!!!


kla~ I'm just gonna stop all the nonsense n share some amazing photos here!!!

Some amazing pictures taken by Bear wen we were in the US!


Have u ever seen snowflakes before??

yes! I've seen snow but I havent seen the real snowflakes!!!!! It's really amazing!

Like I m watching it under a microscope!!!!

n more...

n more!~!!!!!!

OMG! this is so freaking amazing!!!!

I never knew tat snowflakes actually look like snowflakes!!!

OMG! wat am i talking about????%^&*&#@%^&

here comes the postcard picture tat i love most!

It's union square @ san franciso!

I've been there but i don't actually remember tat it was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish i can go back after all.....




ps : There r a lot of ppl asking a lot of questions regarding the USA work n travel trip! So,I'm gonna summarize it n post it up next!

So if u still have any questions, pls

email me at piggysherlyn87@yahoo.com or

facebook message me (same email) or

leave a comment here or

write to me using my form spring box (at the side bar)

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By Bear

It's all started with a dream.

A dream to explore somewhere new.


And with the minor help of luck, thank god I was able to have enough financial support to pay for the program fees and air tickets. And it started with curiosity and excitement. Here we go!


It began at Penang International Airport. Ethan and HY were there to say goodbye. :)

Checking important documents. J1-Visa, checked! Passport, checked! Boarding passes, checked!


There were few transfers before we could get to final destination. It's really tiring!


Penang - Singapore - Hong Kong - San Francisco - Phoenix


J1-Visa is the visa for exchange visitor and it comes along with DS-2019 for the details of VISA while allowing you to stay another 30 days after the working period.


------------------------------------------------- XXX -------------------------------------

Pen - City of Merlion

1st meal on the flight. A simple snack.


I felt that Changi Internation Airport is quite comfortable. With free WiFi and proper resting places, it felt alright to overnight there.

You can find free massage too!

The shot with myself, planes, and interior of airport.

This little cute gal js enlightened the night. lol!

------------------------------------------------- XXX -------------------------------------

The journey continued with flight to Hong Kong.

Don't forget to switch your phone to flight mode.


Beautiful morning.

And yes! Above the clouds.

United Airline (UA) has the screen to show your current location, along with the outside temperature, mileage travel, distance and time to destination as well.

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Yes! I'm blogging again!

Really glad tat i can still blog rite now!

Always thought of shutting down my blog for a couple times! =.=""


Anyway, I really really DisneyWorld Gift Store!!!!!

There r too many stuff to buy!

Even my friends who dont really like Mickey gets crazy n shop so much there!

Tadah! Here r part of my Disney lovies!!!! n most of them r souviniers!!! =.="""

Let's get started!!!!!!!

My super cute n oh-think-too-long-before-buying bag!!!!!!!!

It's USD20 each n my budget was a lil bit tight already tat time!

I'm srsly glad tat i got it!!!!

It's my first ever CASUAL LOOKING BAG!

U know wat! I'm very into casual look these days!

USA & the Authentic Mickey mouse head pen!!!!!!! LOVIE MAXXXXX

Guess wat's this?

It's for salts n peppers!!!!!!!! So goddamn cute right!

I specially got this for Mr.Bear sis cz she gets married when we were in US!!!

Extraordinary Minnie Pencil Case n Minnie Santa socks! It's for my lil baby sis!

This pencil case is mad cute! but i forgot to take the cutest part of it!

i shall just leave it next time!~ ha sorry la~ i'm just lazyyy


I tell u wat it's freaking expensive n pretty at the same time!!!!!!

see! i told u! it look OMFG nice!!!!! I dont even sampai hati to eat it!!!!

Chef Mickey's shaped pasta!!!!

OMG! this is extremely cute isn't it?

Minnie's bake shop!!! lolzzz

here comes the 5 stars loves!

there's candies!!! OMG! there's candies at her back!!!

I gave this lil cute Mickey to my niece n guess wat?

he said : I DONT WANT! n THROW IT FAR FAR AWAY!!!! fml till the max!

cute!!! i love Minnie's shoes!

They r just too cute to resist!

OMG! I had been so excited for this whole day long!!!!

My heart beats too fast n i really scared tat i cannt cope wit it!

I'm just too mad excited today! siao~



~The End~

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I can't wait to get back to my home sweet home now!

It's been 4 months, I'm here, in the journey to one of my dream countries, the US.

Mixed feelings.

I've learned so much things which were beyond wat i expected to learn there!

Like wat i wrote in my FB status...friendship, love, life n everything were just so wonderfull!!!!!

n of course! the most precious thing tat i learned are...friendship...& love....

I never feel this way before! Feeling sad n even cry for friendship!

In the past few months, we worked, we cooked, we hiked all the way down to phantom ranch (grand canyon), we gossip, we helped each other n everything! we just did everything together! the 6 of us!

I can't...I just can't leave u gals!!!!!

I'm in Singapore airport right now but my heart is always there!

at u, Lai Chao Chao, Lok Yun Yun, Jesssyyy, Baby Sokeng hearts!

I really hope that we go travel together again in the future!

Like i said..until i bring my babies, Chao Chao bring hers too, Yun Jess n Sokeng bring their bf n babies too! n keep on goin until we old!

we can still hold each other hand....with tongkat on the other hand of course, n go bac to grand canyon...n flash back all our happy days at grand canyon!




walao...........think too far liao!

okla! I should stop being so emo here cz i dont wan to get any attention n scare ppl by crying in such a midnight at singapore airpost =.=""


so, Let's recall what i've done in the past year 2010!

#1 (Jan) Singapore anniversary trip with precious, Khai Ling n Bear


#2 (March) Amazing redang trip with Rendezous gang~


#3 (May) First ever fashion show @ MMU~



#4 (May) IVSC song composition competition @ MMU~



#5 (May) MMU Prom night~


#6 (Jun) Pulau Ketam with Rendezous gang~


#7 (Jun) Taiwan dream trip with the love one~


#8 (Aug) Graduate with the love one & rendezous folks!!!


#9 (Aug) Last farewell dinner with finance sisters~


#10 (Sept through Jan 2011) 

23th birthday celebration~

new hair cut~

 & the most fantastic moments in between year 2010 & 2011

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Aloha! Is anybody still here? muahahaah

Anyway, Some of u might already know tat grand canyon is snowing right now!I mean, for those who have my facebook~

I can;t really describe how amazing the snow is!!!!

I love it so much!!!

but not all the time =.="

cz i hardly work since my workplace is located in the middle of the jungle n which is freaking cold!

I used to get cramps all over my fingers n toes!

Finger nails cracked more often than  usual!

well, anyway, i have 2 days left only before my last day work!!!!!!


see? excited not? it's that freaking S.N.O.W!!!!!

Brunch + Lunch!~ Turkey sandwich!!! not tat yummy after having too much of it during thanksgiving!

*It's foc for whole day long during thanksgiving day!*


Next, i would like to represent u the amazing views of Grand Canyon!!!! Sit tight!!!!

walao eh! sibeh sui lo! dont playplay ar!

It's gonna be far away better in the December!!!! but sadly we're not gonna be here already!

but we'll be in New york at the end of December! n I've heard from a lot of ppl saying tat NY is gonna snow quite heavily at that time!

Hopefully we'll get to take more pictures tat time!

It's really really amazing!

we used to see snow from movies, cartoons, magazines, gift cards n etc! but i can never expect tat i will see n touch the snow myself at this point of time!

I had once almost going to give up the chance to come here for work & travel!

n I'm seriously glad tat i finally made up my mind n came here!

GC huan ying ni, wei ni kai tian pi di~ hahahahahaha

I this picture a lot!!!! like bak zhang kia!

me look like a bak zhang after all the layers n layers n layers!

*already look so bak zhang in real life anyway~ wakakak*

I this picture too! cz it's taken by me! muahaha

He throw the ice n i snap the picture! wakaka!

wah! so enjoy hor?

ok! itu saja bagi hari ini!


nanti mau pigi kawan punya rumah eat dinner!

got a big chef name da san from Thailand gonna cook for us!

walao eh!! yumyum!!!

sayonara!!!!!~miss me ya kawan-kawan, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan!~ 

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As the title said so....i have too much things to blog!

It's been a hectic month~ hmm hectic in terms of searching the unlimited happiness in US!

we packed up our day off with a lot of exciting programs!

we went water flooting trip, travel around a small town near grand canyon - williams, hiking down to the canyon - phantom ranch, gathering n online at our secret place...

I can't tell u how fun it is!!!!!!

n it's 25th of Dec now!!!! Thanksgiving~!!!!!!!

which also means there's only 5 days left!!!!~ n we gonna travel in the US!

OMG!!! I can;t believe time past so fast!!!!!!

ok...i know..i had been saying this like 123456 times...

but it's just too fast!!!!!!

weight gained too fast too =.=""" lolzzz


Anyway, vain pics for fun!!!!!~

oh well...i'm not gonna try this again! fail to the max =.=""

Love my purple smokey eyes!!!!!!! my first attempt on smokey eyes!

Laura mercier loose powder save me from being like a panda!

ohh...another vain one...u can;t see me~

Last one! can u see my beret anyway?


okies~ tat's all for now!


ps: Actually, i have a lot of pictures tat i wanna blog here..It's just tat i still need a lil time to get the courage to do tat..cz i did not make up in most of the time! especially during all the trips tat we went this month!!!! The phantom ranch photos were like !@*(@!*(#@#&* =.="" No eyes see!

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So, It;s Halloween!!!!!!!

Wat to be expected during such a big day in the big US?

yes! bunch of ghosts and candies!!!!!

we had a seriously unforgettable Halloween ever!!!! seriously!!!

Let's see how the day goes on~

hahaahhaha! BIG BIG BUNNIES!!!!!!

u guys wanna know y tis guys wearing such a cute costume standing in a -2 degrees cold night without any jacket or warmers?


n which ended up with nothing happen tat night!

haahahahah! lolzz!

tat guys offer us to take picture right away cz he saw us staring him with seriously weird n thirsty eyes! lolzzz

n...FYI, tis is a night before Halloween! which is on the 30th of Oct~

n here comes d long waited real Halloween Day!!!!!

we were quite excited as we heard tat there's an event held at the recreation center!

so, we get home n prepare n go on the employee shuttle happily!

our employee shuttle took around 45 minutes for like a small tour in Grand Canyon~

It's not really long though..n our destination is like 30 minutes ahead!

we went up the shuttle happily n guess wat?

the driver told us tat the event actually held yesterday night but not tonight!!!!

WTH!!!!! he told us at the moment tat we reach the recreation center!!!!!


so? here's the funniest thing ever tat happened in my US WAT!

we went up the employee shuttle at our place, trailer village n toured with the smartest driver for tat freaking 45 minutes n back to trailer village again!!!!

there r still a bunch of ppl wen we get out from there!

but all the fake ghost dissapeared within 45 minutes n we DID NOT GET TO SEE/EVEN TAKE PICTURE WITH THEM!!!!


super stupid lo!!!!!

but still, we managed to take few pictures for tat day!

us, with similar bunny ears + sweater + same leopard print boots!

sisters in action!!!! lolzzz

n she is so goddamn small!!!!

walao! i look like giant!!!!

n here's the only ghost tat we had! lolzzz

i hate this stupid creature!!!! cz he.can.talk!!! OMG!

knocking doors expecting for candy!!!!

but all we had was a pair of panda eyes staring at us! WITH NO CANDY!!!! :(((

n tat's my inspector!!!!

5 golden flowers~~!!!! see how small they r!!!! OMG!!!!!!

I love standing at the back! tat's my perfect place!

Bear n da kitty turned bunny~

n yeah! tat's our night!

since we dont have huge bunch of ghost accompanying us for the night, we had the bottle in the boot!


ewwww! y izit so smelly?


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Only me, u & Grand Canyon~

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Nope! It's not a new hair style...but new styling technique u can say~ lolzz! ha

I tried to do another type of curl tat day since I've got sent home after working 3 hours at laundry =.="""

n the only work tat I've done is putting all the rags in a couples of plastic bags =.=""

business running slow now!

we hardly get to work for extra hours during our OFF day! :(

so, i was thinking, y not I spend sometime with my super short hair! lolzzz *for me, it's SUPER SHORT!*

I tried to curl more this time compare to last time..

n I'm kinda surprise with the effect!

cz I always thought short hair is too ugly n boring!

but well...It's not!

My fringe is getting longer now!!!!!

Shi Hui, pls fly to US n help me cut again! :(


FYI, It's one month time before my US tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm super duper EXCITED!!!!

Time past so fast!

2 months already!!!!!!!

Yesterday, the Halloween day...

was my last day at my working place, Yavapai Lodge...

cz they gonna close on 31st of Oct since winter is coming soon!

n it's my last day working at Yavapai Lodge!

As usual, after shouting tat housekeepingsssss, i enter the room n i found a super duper big surprise for me!!!!!

guess wat? 20 dollars as a tip? Not even using any facilities in the room except the bed? not even the bathroom?

20 dollars??!!!!!!





Lotsa ppl get 20 dollars as a tip before...n i always pray hard so tat maybe someday someone s gonna give me 20 dollars tip!

I was like....OMG! M I DREAMING?

n YES! It's the happiest Halloween ever!

Thank you guest!



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As wat the title said so...Walmart! yeah!!!!!

I named the title as Walmart fashion diary since i have no time to take nice photos at other places instead of walmart...

n part of my closet r from walmart too!

this is how it looks like!

me!!! on my beloved biker jacket!!!!!!!!

Bear always wanted me to get a biker jacket cz he likes to see gals in biker jacket!

I'm not really into biker jacket although it's been in trend for so long!

cz I love everything feminine but not biker jacket!

It's cool n not easy to carry out!

But I was wrong!

cz it could be feminine too!

me with my super lovely tutu skirt + Leopard print boots n handle!!!!!!!!

ok i know...i admit...i look seriously chubby here..n...it's a fact!!!!!

I gained a lot of weight! I'm not even dare to look at the scale now!!!

maybe it's 60+ or 70 kg now! =.=""

no la! I'm just kidding!


sob!!!!!! it's almost 60 d :((((((

cheese n chocolate r killing me!!!!

I feel so sinful everytime i eat cheese/choc/ice cream!

But.....I'm HAPPY!!!!

I can never eat like tat wen i'm in Malaysia!!!


I should just stop all the nonsense n watch out my weight....

but i tell u wat..

all the muffin, brownies selling here were super nice!!!!!!!!



ok! bac to my fashion diary!

Biker jacket : Ross *US*

Tutu skirt : Forever 21

Leopart print bag : gift from bro from Bangkok

Leopard print boot : Walmart *US* 15 dollars only!!!!!!!!!! cheap right?

My boot!!!!!! Let's zoom in!

It's actually a homewear boot!

For winter usage!

but it's super nice n i just cant resists to wear it out =.=""

n since I've asked the gal n she said tat it could be wear out too!


okla..tat's all...

Let's end this post with the most famous American chips!!!!!!

Lay's!!!!!!! Can u imagine?

It's 1.79 dollars which is around RM5 ++ only!!!

Stupid M*** sell so expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!



some job updates here..

my hotel/lodge will be closing soon on 31st of October for winter!!!!!


I;m gonna switch to the El Tovar hotel which is the most expensive hotel n oso the oldest hotel in grand canyon!!!

Finally i can see all the rich ppl!!!!!!!

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Hi guys...Longlonglonglonglong time no see!!!!

n...I CUT MY HAIR!!!!!!

More than 4 inches dropped! thanks to Shi Hui for helping me to cut it!

I dont know wat's the reason that brought me to this decision..

but i kinda love it!!!

see! how short it is!!!!!

I wish to cut short hair for a longlong time ago...but i dont have the leopard courage for tat!

n I was seriously boring with my long hair! n since i'm now at US n nobody's gonna laugh at me if my short hair new style fail!

so I was thinking y not have a try?

so how is it? u like it?

n yeah! tat;s my new contact tat i wanna show u for a long time ago!

it's a 14.5 mm barbie lense~ n it's super cheap!

n tat's my japanese gyaru inspired double eyelids! *parellel double eyelids~!*

real colour under sunlight~

n my hair color become more n more ash brown now!

sorry tis picture is a lil blur cz i took it in the car n my hand shakes like wat =.=""

I kinda like tis photo!!! artistic not? =.=""

n..last one! the stupidest act cute photo!!!!!

so how is it? u guys like it?

I love it!!!!! It;s been 5 years i never cut my hair short!!!!

n I keep my fringe long since last year!

I cant stop laughing right after i get this hair cut!

Imagine this hairstyle without any curling/styling!

It looks a lot like Hiong Ku! *Budak Kampung*Village kid* muahahaah


Life getting better here! n it's been 1.5 months already!!!!!

Yesterday, i was seriously stress n nervous! cz i was inspected by my manager instead of my inspector!!!!!!

n I was really happy cz she likes my job!!!!!!

U know wat..she looks kinda fierce, scary n strict sometime! especially in those job related stuff!

n it's not easy to get such praise from her!!!!

I;m seriously happy no matter wat!

n...n..n.. i like my inpector much too!

She;s just 21 years old!!!!

How shamefull i am!!!

Inspected by a gal who is younger than me!

lolzz hahaha

but anyway...she;s great!!!!!!

n i've got few great friends here!

Sharing all the joy together!

Especially the moment we share all our tips *food* eating right away after our working time!

Tmw we gonna have chocolate fondue party!

n guess wat?

I gained more than 1 kg already!

n the scale is going up! since winter is coming soon!

oh dieeee!!!!!

U guys might wont recognize me wen i got bac home!~!!!!




no eat no energy..

eat a lil bit lil bit enerygy...

eat a lot ngam ngam energy!


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午餐又没时间吃。。。通常都只吃cereal bar或喝咖啡。。。




幸好昨天有个台湾的朋友,Albee,她是 Yaya Shi Hui的朋友拉!*她们来找我们了!!!开心!* 给了我一包的药。。。



每次都因为我们这里的onion ring超好吃,就一直叫!现在不敢叫了!


对了,Shi Hui来超开心的!





明天会出去玩,会拍照片给大家看看! 哈


















大家如果真的想知道多点关于这次的咨询的话,可以到我们的agency的 facebook看看哦!

Out O T Box 点击这里看看吧!




原本还想买ipod touch 4的。。。伤心。。。。

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登登!就是这个了!Rocky Mountain Caramel Apple!!!!!!!!!!!


留口水了吗!!!真的很好吃!但很贵!一只要20+ 马币!但如果不要convert的话!是还可以接受拉!不过还是贵~



这是另外一种巧克力~ 不是蛋糕,也不是冰淇淋。。是巧。克。力。。。不能放冰箱的巧克力~







哈~ 拜咯!see ya tmw :p

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自从来了美国之后。。。每天都是t-shirt跟track bottom。。






后面那位emo的是我好友香香公主拉!他名叫阿香!我们在同一个地方工作哦~ 别看她人小小。。她可壮得很呢!





对了!这次用的电发棒是baby liss的!M size的!之前生日用的是比较小的。。现在s m size都有!很方便!















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YO! It;s my birthday!!!!!!!

n I had a seriously amazing  23th birthdaY!!!!!

oh no!!!! I'm getting old already :((((

sigh! time past so fast!!!!!

n....clinic was my first destination of the day! muahahaha

Dont worry..I'm totally ok! Doctor wanted me to go bac for the second check up~ n tat's my only day off of the week :(

With my new lense!!!!!! It's not really clear here though =.=""

Curled my hair at 6am morning! n guesws wat? it lasted for the whole day long!

More than 12 hours!!!! Revlon hair curler bravo!!!!!!

I got it from Walmart US at the very first day i reach Arizona~ n its super cheap!!!! 12.79 dollars only!

My report!!!!


but...NO!!!! I DID NOT!!! cz I;m not allowed to yet!

see the last sentence...AVOID CHEMICALS! =.=""

housekeeping is all about chemicals! No chemicals No housekeeping!

so...I have to be a house person for another week! =.=""

House person is the person who helps the GRAs (housekeeper) to strip all the bed sheets n clean all the trash, vacum all the rooms, folding up the linen, cleaning up the store room for the freaking 5 builidings which contain 16 rooms in each building =.="""

Anyway,...I had fun!!!! so no worries!~

Favourite picture of the day!~




oopsss...have to go now!!!! to be continue....*tomorrow*~ night~

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