It's been 3 weeks since i moved in here...a super big & sweet house, credited to Ms. Christina, who was my unimate previously & my housemate now :))))

Since i ever started to work, i feel that home is very important to me..especially the bed!!!!!!

I believe that most of you would love to have a great bed so that u can jump there right away after ur working hours! (After bath la of course~ ha)

We had been shopping quite a lot for the pass 3 weeks...Ikea - Houz Depot - Courts & we always end up buying everything from Ikea =.="""

Btw, the currypuff was like supernice and i just couldn't resist eating them every single time i visit Ikea!!!!!!!!

lolzzz kla~ back to the topic!

So, piggy & bear finally got their dream bed frame yesterday!!!!

Here we go!!!!

We brought all of them using our lil red MYvi!!!!!! Imagine how i squeeze in there and get consistent weird stares by other ppl!! lolzz

Yo! Let's get started! Mr. Bear is the executive while Ms. Piggy is the audience cum assistant ~


Step 123456 - Connect Head & Foot Frame together using side frames n that's it!!!!

TADAH!!!!!!! It's super freaking nice ok!!!!!! I wanted to have it for like 123445657 years already!!!!

Our Ikea Bed!~

Zoom in for a lil bit! That lil handsome Bear was the first Valentine's gift that Bear bought for me using his lil red motorcycle bringing it all the way back from MidValley to Cyberjaya! It's like super damn far already if ones got to travel using motorcycle! Have to carry this whole big thing somemore! =.=""

Btw, there's no more big thing 3 years after that and when it comes to the fourth year, i forced him to buy me a soft toy again!

So here she came! My super cute lil Hello Kitty!!!!!!!

Dear Mr. Bear, thanks for everything! I promise you that i WILL wash & iron all your working attire for the whole month & wash our toilet like..hmm 4 times in a month?

I'm just kidding anyway~ haaaahaaha


Just to share my lil dream bed room here :)))

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