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nahh don't laugh ar u all!!! 



Say Hi to the birthday girl Beatrice! She's onyl 21 years old! #jellyarrrrrr 

21 d! it's time for party and alcohol!

Mad Cute!

Minnie mouse and pikachu!!! Back to our childhood time! 

Decorations by the sales team. Awesome right?!

Little Black Swan!

Love her eye make up! Not sure how she did it! it looks complicated for me to learn loll

Christina rocking her ourfit with her new born tatto! SEXAYYYY

Ballerina my love!!!

I love her outfit the most! Never seen such a nice spiderwomen costume!!! #jakun

Save-money-outfit. All you need is your gf's hair extension and KFC bucket wtf


Sushi!!!! so cute and creative!!!

My eyes can't stop looking at her! Our new model at Twenty3, Cheryl rocking her halloween in her most sexy playboy outfit!

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This is how groupon peeps look like today, the last Friday of April!




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some photos from iphoneeeee


Love this top so much! it's one of my favourite awesome pieces from Twenty3 when i first launched it last year! 

"eyebags getting worst!!! have been too active in the night time lately! --> watching kang xi la don't think too much =.= " 



made my bed myself! it's super huge n heavy man! i'm so proud of myself!!!!! scratches and bruises were all over my leg, head and shoulders though FML



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #1 : Playing around with this super cubi portable sauna bag wtf

check out the deal here --> http://www.groupon.my/deals/national-deal/digilife-foldable-sauna-tent/716041182




Working in Groupon is AMAZING #2 :Bean bagggggsssss!!! I can't live without them!!!



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #3 : I have awesome colleague who proposed to marry me in public! Thank you Aaron!!!



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #4  : Unlimited supply of chocolates every single day! (NOW U KNOW WHY I KEEP TALKING ABOUT DIETDIETDIET FML)



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #5 : Back to school party!!!!! I failed again this time! I was trying to be in sports attire but i ended up look like a psycho teacher wtf

Lao Pos look so pretty that day I LAP U GIRLS!!!!



Working in Groupon is AMAZING #6 : Twins Party!!!! WHY M I NOT IN THE PICTUREE!!! pfffftttttttt


- The End of my crazy happening life! Gotta get back to work now! -


ps : So, i have an english teacher now who will help to edit my blog post due to my super awesome england. argghhh England sucks laaaa why grammer so hard oneeee!!!

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Poco Zakka - My all time favourite Japanese Restaurant!


Their green tea comes in pot.

Salmon Don

Beef Teriyaki Don

Salmon Cheese Roll!!! This is killer!!!! Must try!!!!!

Poco Zakka & Kitchen


2 outlets in total.

Sunway Giza

C-01-G, Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU5/14, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 47810



Bangsar (HQ)

1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar 59100 KL


Groupon Deal Link 



More Reviews : 

We tried ALL their dessert in our first visit at Bangsar! Click here for more info & pics.














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This is the 2nd time i bought Tenjin's groupon!

The first visit was too awesome that i really wanted to go back even without discount!

& I guess the team heard me (LOLOL) haahah they brought back this deal again! with different choices of bento though!


  • Bara Chirashi Zen (Fish + Seafood Set)
  • Sushi & Yaki Sakana Zen (Sushi + Grilled Mackerel Set)
  • Sashimi & Yaki Niku Zen (Beef & Sashimi Set)
  • Salmon Don & Oden Zen (Salmon + Stuffed Bean Curd Set)
  • Curry Seafood Katsu Rice Zen (Squid + Scallop + Prawn Set)
Curry Seafood Katsu Rice Zen (Squid + Scallop + Prawn Set)
I was super duper hungry that's why i ordered this! the portion is so damn big!!!!! LOL
Sashimi & Yaki Niku Zen (Beef & Sashimi Set)
Look how thick the salmon issss!!!!!! slrrrp
Lao po u look so pretty here!!!! 
Tenjin Japanese Cuisine
Grand Millennium Hotel,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2143-9399
Groupon Deal Link
More reviews : 

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Obviously, this is the reason i bought this groupon! hahaahah

Seafood Spaghetti with Shirasu - We didn't order this..they sent to wrong table but it looks really good!!!!LOL 

Chicken Teriyaki Steak

Ceaser Salad with fried fish fillet - this is not part of the deal..

The deal is for 2 persons only and we have 3 person in total so we ordered extra main course.

Their Almond Mixed Fruit Macarons is really awesome! Soft & not too sweet~Must Try!

Their Signature Coffee - Cappucino

Piggy daddy


En Ginza Café

Tokyo Street, Level 6, Pavilion, Jalan Raja Chulan 
Kuala Lumpur 55100



En Ginza Groupon Deal link



More reviews :


Ps : not much review found..but you can definitely get more info from Groupon Deal Page! The awesome photographer shot the whole restaurant perfectly! :)





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Who am i?

I don't really know! lol

I was supposed to be in Penang that day but i decided to fly back cz i really don't wanna miss this super happening event!

When i first started working, there are like few ppl around only! now we have so many awesome colleagues n i know it's gonna be really really fun!

I miss home so much that's why i decided to go home on Friday night!

Mom n Dad were supportive and encourage me to go for the event! 

At the very last minute, i burned my return bus ticket, book a flight and here i am! At Groupon Malaysia Most Happening Halloween!

You don't wanna miss this and guess WHO'S OUR BOSS!!!!! MIUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

that's pervert Detectiveang & the fashion nerd sherlyn!

hahahaha =.=""" who's this?!!!!! i look like tok tok chiang!!!!!!

Let's get the party started!!!!

Hi Audrey! you're so pretty!!!!!


Can you believe that the uncle at my right side is Thor?????? Looks like Bai Fa Mo Nv instead! lollll hahaha

Geisha Loves Calsberg too? haha

Who's that?

Woah! Phewiiittt!!!


Ghost dates?


Woah! dong ngo mou dou? haahah

woahhhh so enjoy lo him!



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I'm not supposed to blog at this hour but well, coinceidently i saw this & all the pictures were done edited by bear & uploaded in FB, then yeah here's the blog post! weee :)


So, back in Aug, all of us decided to pemper ourselves a lil bit n bought this deal!

n we were kind of lucky cz it sold out within few hours!

It's a really good deal cz we get to try out these awesome bento set @ Tenjin at RM29 worth up to RM50+! 

Here's what we can get! (As seen from Groupon site)

  • n here's the real time Tenjin Groupon Experience!


Makunouchi Bento





Sashimi & Tori Teriyaki Zen

The Sashimi were so fresh! Definitely gonna visit them again next time!


Me n my lovely colleagues! :)

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I'm back!!!

It's been really hectic recently...

but i love! love what m doing right now!

The job and the career...It's really not easy to strike a balance between this 2...but i know i can make it!

I've received quite some suggestions in form spring (yes, i'm still reading it sometimes, lol) to blog about my working life...

There's nothing much but fun! (of course + stress! hahahahah)

The company make this customized mug for every single one of us..

As usual...I'm not gonna use it cz it means so much to me! 

I've been with Groupon for 6 months! Unbelievable..

There's so many challenges that incurred throughout this long long journey....it feels like 6 years although m just 6 months old here..


The boy came in after that...We're single and available in the office btw...lolll hahahah 

2 panda with 12334556778888 metres deep dark circles!

n.....here's the real "life @ groupon!" =.="

We are happy family!!!!!! 

Banana dance? phewwiiiit! sexy! btw, spot our CEO here! haahhaahahahahahhah 

OMG everyone seems so serious learning banana dance from Mr.Banana! 

if you call in to Groupon for inquiry, u might hear from him! hahah

Walao eh!!! 

The boy finally graduated!!!!! yeay!!!! Congratulations!!!!

owhhh sweettt....

wao they really look alike! 

nobody is listening to bosss......ahahahaahahahha


What is that??!!!! 




n yeah! that's life in Groupon! 

Work hard & party hard!



Photos by Ethan, our awesome photographer!


ps: yeay! m just came back from vacation!!!!! will blog more soon :) 

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The Top = Bukit Gasing = Our office!!!!! Lol

We had a pool party yesterday night in our office...& it was really realy fun!!!!!

Since I'm the photographer there should be no problem if i start this post with my self camwhored pic right?


Wanted to blog about this N years ago! This house is too pretty already!

oh no! That's not my boss! lol

Meet Chris & Haslam!

Miss Groupon 2011~

yeay! Indoor Kaki ssss!

Bean bags!!!!!!!!!!


k! U're cute! Certified!

He's having too much fun!

ei boss, y u peek at the right corner there! u scare me u know! =.=" hahaaha


Pretty Joanne with the lovest Groupon T!

Pool wrestling?


wah! see all the guys!


- The End with my signature camwhored picas! -


Be one of us!

Send your resume to talent@groupsmore.com if you are interested to join us!

weeehoooooo advertise pula! lolll

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If you follow my facebook, you would probably see me posting awesome deals from time to time...

The reason being is bcz....THE DEAL IS OMG SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! n i used to like OMG I NEED THIS!!!!!!!

And after i shared it out...i would never get a chance to buy! "since i just received my FIRST cheque after stepping into the working world!!!"

n yes!!!!!!!! I'm gonna buy 2 vouchers right now cz I'm just couldn't resist the OMGSOGOODANDISRSLYNEEDTISGROUPON!!!!!!

so, if u wanna buy and u have totally no idea how it works....FOLLOW ME! *although this is my first purchase LOLOLOL*

WALAO EH!!!!!!!THIS IS SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's at puchong though...but so wat? at least now i have a reason to go for a date...=.=""" "punch!!!!"

okla...the main reason is bcz i'm a huge fan of those spaghetti n pasta!!!!!!!

Give me pasta n i'll give u 2 cents! "okla..not funny at all! continue.."

so what u do next is...click "BUY NOW" and u will be here

Login with your facebook just in case you haven't.

You will be directed to the main page and click on the deal that you want to buy again...

Click buy now again...lolllll ahhahaa

& u will be here! Click the token if you have one!

For Number 1 :

Put the no. of vouchers that you would like to purchase. You may purchase multiple for yourself (Depends on the T&C of the deal). If you are allowed to purchase multiple vouchers for yourself, *fill in the number* and that's it.

HOWEVER, if you are not allow to buy more than 1 vouchers for yourself BUT you would like to buy more vouchers for your friend, do the same thing ** AND go to Number 2.

For Number 2 :

Check "Buy these Groupons as gift for your friends"

AND key in your friends' name :)))

For Number 3 :

You will have thess cashback tokens IF

You shared this deal and ppl click on it and ppl who click on it bought it =.="" (RM5 token)


You are the first 30 buyer for each deals in Groupon! (Usually all the min purchase of each deal is 30, but sometimes it might not be 30 as well, check before you buy lo!) (RM2 token)


Invite you friends "Refer to the side bar of the main page"

When you are all set, scroll down to Number 4 :

You can pay either via credit card/Online bank transfer/E wallet/Offline Bank Transfer

And you will be directed to your bank's website!

You will come to this page right after your payment.

& hor, no worries, we are previously Groupsmore so the name of merchant is corret :)

Mine was CIMB bank and u need not to click anything cz it will pop out itself! haaha

And you're done!!!! So I've got 2 vouchers now! "you may find it at the top right corner of the website"

ohya! wait! you will receive 2 emails after that. " Check the mailbox that u used to register ur FB"

1 is from ipay88 & another 1 is from Groupsmore saying tat u already purchased 2 vouchers of watwatwat & blablabla

From ipay88

From Groupon

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