we go lotsa places until i duno how to blog it out! haha..but i think the pictures will tell the story~ jz view it as a fake/real/ridiculous comic~ ahah~have fun!

ya!i'm ready!

No.1 ~ Reclining Buddha Temple

The *sleeping buddha*

Wheel of fortune --> a wheel that shows ur lucky no. which will interpret ur fortune~

yeah....tis is the result~not really und act...but it is quite good overall~the only 1 thing tat we need to concern is tat we cant marry now..haha


the fake *lian hua*~ so big!

No.2 ~ temple opposite Reclining Buddha Temple

there r about 30 pictures which show the story about buddha hang on the wall along the walk way in the temple

can u see a big buddha in the picture below??? don't ask me..cz i can't see it!aha

No.3 ~my favourite place! Botanical Garden

the couple~ Elaine & Chee Wei

crazy in Botanical Garden!!!




u jump i jump!

cheh!i know la!u jump higher!!! blek!

*ss-ing in the garden!


Playing wit DUSTBIN =.="""


finally~the day end wit *My best friend's girl*







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  • xiao xing
  • hehe...ur body is very flexible...
    nice pose^ ^
  • haha no la!those are stupid pose!hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/15 15:31 回覆

  • 凯婷
  • hi

    hi thr .. wah , go so many place ah ?? hehe next time dance group also make a trip lo ?? hehe ..=)

    thanks for ur comment ya .. we together gambateh for this sem oh .. take care and see ya ..
  • oo...sure!take care too yo!

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/15 15:32 回覆

  • chiew shi
  • I went to penang during sem break too...haha..we also took the same background with you...haha...:-)
  • o really??let me see it next time!haha

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/15 15:32 回覆