Pre BOat Boat~

dear : b,lets go steamboat tonite!

b : huh ???????? r u sure???????????????????????????????????? y suddenly so high???

dear : let's go la!jz have fun ter!

b : la....if wanna go oso can...u drop me @sunway n find me after ur boat~

dear : huh?? y like tat??u don wan to eat tonite??

b : yes! i guess soo....ahah due to my

dear : really?? they said the steamboat ter really nice, lot of choices, ice cream sommore....and the most important ter is the chicken wing!

b : huh??got ice cream summor???got chicken wing oso???? huh..........hmmm hmmmm hmmmm..

dear : aiya jz go la!

b : ok la!then i eat little bit ok??

dear : ok sure no problem!!

i was warning myself not to eat too much!if not i will be suffer again in the constipation!

Boat Boat -ing~


tis pic stolen by me @ detectiveang's blog!! haha dont worry!i'll pay for it!




kari~mihun~fried rice~

wau i love all the mee meesssss...but nobody seems like attracted by the mee! haizzz..haha

nothing special rite!jz a normal boatboat!

ok! lets introduce something special to u! hmmm! not *thing* *one* act...ahah

here they are!

the King of the chicken wings!

yeah!pai seh!he din take pic tat day!but i think tis pic is suit to tis title!!!haha!dont ask me y!

see???this *ARE* his Victory! grab chicken wing competition =.="""


next will be the King of the prawns!

he almost ate all the prawns in the shop!!!

see?? wu kiakia bo???haha

ok la last will be the King of icecreams =.=""

showed on his hand! hahah!! hey! u must jaga ur weight ok??

nn....wat about me???

dear : wei u don eat so much le!later u stomach ache again!

b : nvm la...a bit only!

10 minutes later

dear : hey...stop eating edi u seems like eat too much edi!

b : nvm la....jz a bit more only!

30 minutes later

dear : wei! y u so tai sek??jz now u said u will eat little bit only

b : wer got! nvm la! long long 1 timE!! nvm!!! hmm can u get the ice cream for me??

i gave so much excuse to myself!

n  i end up wit full satisfaction!!!!


i know it is bad for my health!but i dont care tat time!!!i jz wanna be happy !!!jz for once !!haha

so mission failed la!!!


Post BOat Boat~

here r we!

wei loon,wei jie,li ping, hui ying, juin hau!*i din spell it wrong tis time!*

bac roll : soon keat,dear,me

front roll : **,** (sorry i dunno pai sei pai sei,dont scold me),soon ming,big pig, wei loon again =.="""

ok la!kenyang sangat!dah nak tidur le!!good nite n tata! muacksss

p/s : eiii pai seh!i wrote tis post few days ago jz dont have time to post it!








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