i feel fresh today~after the dance class~

i know tis is wat i want,i like n i need~

all the stress n pain gone through the sweat~

i need to be positive n optimistic!

i need to grow up!

i need to be more confident!

i need to take the first step!

i need to learn not to be coward!

i need to improve! *especially my english**omg*

i need to change!

yes!tat's all! i need a change!!!!!!!!!!!!


p/s : if u found any mistake or error pls do not hesitate to tell me!eheh i wont be angry!i swear!ha

p/p/s : thxx Ethan n dear for the words tat to comfort me!really thxx!



A smile of a day can change the world~

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  • theng
  • phew

    ya lo .. haha , same feel ..