My darling holly,

          I don't know where you are or when exactly you are reading this. I justhope that my letter will found you safe and healthy. You whispered to me not long ago you couldn't go on alone. You can Holly.

          You are strong and brave and you can get through this. We shared some beautiful times together and you made my made my life. I have no regrets.

         But i am just a chapter in your life - there will be many more. Remember our wonderful memories, but please don't be afraid to make some more.

         Thank you for doing me the honour of being my wife. For everything, I am eternally grateful.

         Whenever you need me, know that I am with you.

          Love for ever,

          Your husband and best friend,


PS. I promised a list, so here it is. The following envelopes must be opened exactly when labelled and must be obeyed. And remember, I'm looking out for you, so I will know...


Save yourself the bruises and buy a bedside lamp!

PS. I love you...


A disco diva must always look her best. Go shopping for an outfit as you'll need it for next month!

PS. I love you...


Go on, disco diva! Face your fear of karaoke at Club Diva this month, and you never know, you might be rewarded...

PS. I love you...


PS. I love you, Holly, and I know you love me. You don't need my belongings to remember me by, you don't need to keep them as proof that I existed or still exist in your mind. You don't need to wear my sweater to feel me around you; I'm already here...always wrapping my arms around you.


Have a good Holly day!

PS. I love you...



       I hope you're having a wonderful holiday.You're looking beautiful in that bikini, by the way! I hope I picked the right place for you.It's where you and I almost went four our honeymoon, remember? Well, I'm glad you got to see it in the end...

       Apparently if you stand at the very end of the beach near the rocks across from your apartment, and look round the corner to the left, you'll see a lighthouse. I'm told that's where the dolphins gather...not many people know that. I know you love dolphins...tell them I said hi...

        PS. I love you, Holly...


Shoot for the moon and if you miss you'll still be among the starts. Promise me you will find a job you love this time!

PS. I love you...


A sunflower for my sunflower, to brighten the dark October days you hate so much. Plant some more, safe in knowledge that a warm and bright summer awaits.

PS. I love you...

PPS. Could you please pass this card on to John?

To John,

Happy 32nd birthday,

        You're getting old, my friend, but I hope you have many, many more birthdays. Take care, enjoy life, take care of my wife and sharon. You're the man now! Lot's of love,

        Your friend,


        Told you I'd keep my promise...


Cinderella must go to the ball this month. And she will look glamorous and beautiful and have the time of her life just like always...But no white dressess this year...

       PS. I love you...


Don't be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you...

and remember, shoot for the moon...

      PS. I will always love you...



From sherlyn

pps. my tears drop in a deep n slow motion...i know i will love you more after this...the precious moment that i ever had...

ppps. i don't know why all my words can't be show in Italy...but it is in Italy format in my draph...

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  • theng
  • hi

    hey gal ..
    today i juz brought this novel from the flee market at street mall thr .. almost half the book i've read .. is nice .. =)
  • ya~it is jz so romanticc....i cry all the way i read this book! the movie is great too!!

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/13 02:46 回覆