Is JCO's donut better or Big apple donut is better?

Personally i love JCO's donut more than Big apple.....

but i seldom eat JCO's cz ter r only few store in KL area....while i always got to eat Big apple as u can find it in most of the Jusco outlet...

most of my friends claim tat Big apple's is better than JCO's...

but i really love JCO's one...

so i would like to ask about u ppl's opinion on it...

1) which one would u prefer?? JCO's??? or Big Apple's??

if can..tell me why ok??

i jz wanna know..

i extremely seriously wanna know about it..

2) is ter any relationship between JCO & Big apple??? cz they sounds similar....although the way to prepare the donuts is a bit different

3) Which flavour do u like most?? in JCO (if u choose JCO in question no.1) & in contrast....


so, i'll start it first...


1) absolutely JCO's. It is becz JCO's is softer than Big apple n if wont become *thick/hard/keras/硬* after u left it for a longer time.But Big apple's yes.

2) i dunno...tat's y i need ur answer...pls pls tell me yo friends~

3) Alcapone,cheese me up,why nuts,Jcrown Oreo

ps. i know i write the word *most* but these are all i like *most*

all my friends...pls pls tell me yo! i really wanna seems like ppl like Big apple more than sad...

but nvm...jz tell i extremely seriously desire to know the answer...

pls help me up friends!


pps. act i love Big Apple's donuts oso de...the alomond one...the durian one...the alien & predator....the tira miss u...the cheesy one...

arghhhh confusing d!=.="""

but i still love JCO...oopsss....i love Big apple too

oopss !@#$%^(*&^!^&*&^$#@!@$&*&^@$%*$#

u all tell me la =.= plsssssss

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  • piggysherlyn
  • one vote for JCO by Ethan ONG~weeee
  • 梦蓝
  • Greet from first time here!

    Of course It's originally from Indonesia, u can get it very cheap there. For me la,Big apple is imitating lo, coz existed very long liao. tat's what my sister told me la. don't u feel that their logo is like similar? hmmmmm
  • ooo..izit??its from only i know...i love JCO so much...but they have not much outlet in Malaysia..emm emm their logo is quite similar. i didnt notice it though....haha thxx for the info o! its great tat atleast now i know wer JCO from... :p

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/15 15:55 回覆

  • firewire
  • krispy kreme, you dont get it in malaysia at the moment, maybe someday you do :)
  • is a donut shop oso??weee wee great!hope it will come to malaysia...but i really dunno about this brand..hehe i ll google it nvm~ :p thxx for the info yo :p

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/15 19:21 回覆

  • piggysherlyn
  • one vote for BIG APPLE by yeimei....
  • JiaQi
  • I vote for jCO
  • yoyo same wit me yeepie~

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/15 23:05 回覆

  • 信子
  • 我投jco.. 我媽也比較喜歡Jco..
    big apple的filling比較甜

    krispy kreme is really not my cup of tea... it's really sweet! >.<
  • wau seems like many ppl like JCO haha!!! happy wee wee ur mom like jCO oso yo!!!2 votes leh!ahha yaya i agree wit u jco的皮比較軟&酥

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/16 23:40 回覆