i saw the clickonnetworks updates from xiaxue...

n this is the latest video from xiaxue


i think tis video is interesting but i m ouch-ing wen i watch it although it is not ouch at alll...haha

i did not see ppl do tis before n i did not act got such thing oso..but i think she looks great after the botox n lips fillers...

she is one the most famous bloggers in Singapore n i think most of u have seen her blog before...

i start reading her blog since i saw her room which is posted in her blog....n she is the first blogger that i think is interesting n keep me visit her blog oftenly...

i had saved some of the pictures tat i think it is pretty good and fabulous...



first, her princess room...






second, her geng chao photoshop skillss...

u can find it from her archieve

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thursday, September 25, 2008




1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

check out more archieves from her blog...she got a lot of interesting entries..i love the way she do the advetorial tooespecially the INDULGZ~

she is really good in blogging...she got about 10k-20k of ppl visiting her blog EACH DAY...imagine tat..Kenny sia is about the same too..is jz tat he is from Malaysia..

n i think gals will like xiaxue as well tat they saw the girlish/pinkish/sweet entries....its all about gal's dream...

by the way...she is not jz blog about those girly things...but current issue too~

so jz check it out yo!




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  • 凯玲
  • So she didnt successfully motivate you to pick up photoshop skills? Haha.
  • hehe yes..she motivated me...but failed...haha..i really pc retard la..=.= i tried to liquify like her oso...but end up wit a face like the ghost in the water...u get it? haha

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/15 00:41 回覆