This is the N time i cooked@home~ hhee talk about the end of the year~ it is quite touch tat i had grown up a lot through out tis year!!!

i never touch the kitchen before!i never wash my dishes before!!i never wash my clothes before!!!i never !@#$%^&*(*&^$# a lot of i never!!!!

however!!!!i had many of my *first* in this year~ hehe n the cooking is wat i quite happy on it!!!DEar finally give me 9 our of 10 marks! no more *no need cook la!no need so xin ku.i bring go eat good food* hahah its a sign tat he is trying to *AVOID* my food!!!haha although he didnt say out! but i know!!!haha don't worry la!!see i improve d!!!weeeweee

here's the one that i love most~


48 ho jiak n 48 ho kua~ haah *their names*


48 hor kua~


48 hor jiak~


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  • 賈文
  • omg.... wat u cooked? i dunno wat u cook...
  • lolz its a vegetarian sambal chicken and the vege mix wit japanese taufu lo~ haha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/01/02 02:11 回覆

  • wenjian
  • 只是感觉吃还不错,卖相就有一点。。。 哈哈
  • wei shan
  • ?!

    wat is tat? can eat de ar????
    hahah.....but the look is okay than mine!!! (still consider hehem....)
  • lolzzz sure can eat la!!!!it a vegetarian it doesnt look so attractive...but i though it is nice enough for my level!hahaha nvm time i cook for u to eat u try n see la hahha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/01/03 04:32 回覆