1) dad,mom,bb,bro n dear must happy n healthy always~


2) bb n dear dear lovelove always~



3) my pig biao mei will be my best ji mui forever~


haha pig biao mei!see u so cute!!!haah blek

words for year 2009



copyright : Mr. bear


copyright : Miss. piggy




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  • detectiveang
  • 明天会更好是罗大佑的歌咯。。。you steal copyright!hoho
  • =.=

    Sherlyn 於 2009/01/03 04:32 回覆

  • 凯玲
  • resolution is something you make up your mind to do wor...not some bday-wish-alike...my new yr resolution is to read at least a book a month and to start a saving plan for graduation trip! yay!
  • hehe thxx for the correction~ i correct it d :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/01/02 18:30 回覆

  • yuenhuiaw
  • wah~pig biao jie u draw de ar?my ben ren more cute lar,haha~but dun worry....all of ur wishes will come true de~kekez....waiting for u come back!miss u always,muacksss