yes!as stated in the title!we love Sakae sushi! however, at the same time, we need to save money oso! =.=

economy crisis leh! must not spend too much on food right?? cz i need to keep some money for my daily/weekly/monthly/yearly shopping! =.=

so, wanna date wit ur gal @ her favourite sushi restaurant which have nice/sweet/warm/romantic environment but wit limited budget??

Let me teach u how to choose the *best green colour plates*! hahah

here we go!


First, bring her to her favourite restaurant of course!

I'm sure u familiar wit tis logo rite?? yes! its SAKAE SUSHI!!!!! SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Second, choose the most romantic place in the oulet to show ur sincerity!

like this.....


ps: i didnt edit/contrast any part of the pic! it is really a nice place to take pic!

pps : Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid


Third, tell her that she is really beautiful by taking her pic n ur pic n claim tat u wanna keep it as a memory!

ps : oh, so sweet! (for beginners only)

pps : must praise her although she might not really look so good! haha oopppss! *the men's secret!*


her pic~


ur pic~

Note : must take those pics tat she looks better than u instead of u look better than her! ha


Fourth, BE A GENTLEMAN! *order for her*

Note : bfore tis, u must ask wat she would like to eat! Most probably 80% gals who r beginners in relationship will said : cincai/sui bian/u order la.

Notenote :u order la.

GREAT! So u help her to order!


Next, choose n grab the best green plates!


Salmon sushi --> RM1.90 yuhhhoooo! my love one!!!!

おいしい o i si i ~好吃!


Spicy tuna temaki --> RM1.90


tamago sushi --> RM1.90


Fried tofu --> RM1.90


Fried maki --> RM1.90


Tuna mayo sushi --> RM1.90


Lastly, DON't SO KIAM SIAP LA! First date eat like tis wer got ppl wanna date wit u! hahah

n fortunately MR. ANG is a bigbig eater! haha so he ordered the one i like most!!!!wakakaka


curry katsu don!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




ps : wei!mai siao siao! all the above methods can only be use on me!not ur gals la lolzzz! she will definately kick u out if she know tat u purposely choose the cheap cheap one for her! haha

but for me,all those green plates r jz enough for me to dance in the sky!!!mamamia!


pps: the purpose i wrote tis entry is to show u all tat RM1.90 can do many things oso k! n not necessary tat only the luxurious restaurant wit high calories/heavy food will satisfied ur gal! sometimes gal might need some small surprises in order to maintain a long life relationship! try it nehx! it works! it is really happy wen u n ur gal/boy waiting n fighting for the green plates! haha

ppps : i 'm craving for salmon sushi now!!!!!!lollllllllzzzzz


pppps : nice deco tat found in Sunway pyramid!




wau! so nice rite??i found it at the entrance of the ASIA AVENUE!!!!! money money come come come!!!!!


datedatedate again n again n again~

DSC01921 copy.jpg

our shoes for da date :p

愛しています -->ai si te ma su 我爱你~

ppppps : i m taking Japanese language tis semester la! haha let me introduce myself to u first!

nice to meet u

my name is sherlyn

どうぞよりたくお がいます



hellokittyicon.gif end~



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