It's Monday again......time is running so fast..n i'm imsomnia-ing here...

i've been busy for this 4 weeks since school opening...

n i think i'm falling sick on fashion d~ha =.=

tis is wat i love n i always want too!!!!!

i love fashion...

however, as a student,

i need to focus more on my studies,

i need to concern more on my financial status,

i need to do something tat is good for my future,

i need to learn all those soft skills which is important for the future,

i need to control myself from shopping zzz, ha

i need to occupied my timetable wit activities,

i need to love myself more,

i need to know the way say thx to ppl whoever treat me well,

i need to hang out wit my gal friends more often,

i need to improve!!!improve!!!! n keep improving!!!!

i need to be brave, no more cowardness,

i need to maitain my diet and my health,

i need to i need to i need to i need to..........


ter r so many things tat i need to do before i graduate!

ter r 2 sem left before i graduate...

industrial training is coming soon! is *SOON*..

n i really want to work together wit dear...

however, ter r many things tat we cant control,

let's jz pray for it~


i want to do thousand things tat i can, even it is out of my control/expectations/capability!

i'm planning to go for travelling after graduate~ hope my dream can be fulfill!!!

hmmm nope, hope tat time i will have enough money to go for travel! ha




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