Last week was a really busy week. Assignments! Activities!! My time table is full and i really wanna take a rest on the weekend!

However, i did not rest on the weekend! BUT i ENJOY so much on the weekend!

For ur information, the princess from Kepala Batas is coming here to visit the colleges that she interested to study in the future!

So, we got up early in the morning with panda eyes *due to the satay celup party on yesterday nite*, n rush to LCCT to fetch the Princess and her Queen. zzz ! oopsss! forgot the other one d! It's the Mr.Cold prince! He is joining us for the trip!! surprising rite? lolzzz


i love my ruffle top!!!! cheap but nice n comfortable!


see the Majorlica Majorca comb mascare effect?? i love it!!!!! now i only i found tat i have bottom eye lashes!!! lolzzz


as usual! SINGING all the way long to the airport! ha


So, our destinations are as below :

The 1st day

Sunway college & Monash university

Sunway pyramid




HELP college

Midvalley + the gardens

Full house + niuzhesui

Midvalley *movie*

The 2nd day

JOGOYA @ Starhill



ORZZZ rite? we went for so many places in 2 days! zzz It's tiring! but It's fun!!!

I took a lots n a lots a lots of pics! and i think i need to spread it up into few posts!

Pls have some patience leh wei~ haha

Let me share with u all the wonderfull experience and memories !!k?


Sunway college & Monash university

I really learned a lot after the college touring with my cousin! and i dunno tat ter are such uni/college tat offer such good facilities.

Sunway college & Monash university is alrite! but then the counselor really *dog eyes* lo!

she keep on talking about MONEY MONEY MONEY and how good is her uni compare to the others!

this is not wat we would like to hear from her! we need suggestions on wat course is the most suitable for our princess as she is planning for further study at UK after her pre-u! STUPID counselor la!

So, we ended up wit unsatisfaction and uncomfartable feelings!So depress! lolzz



Then we proceed to taylor! and!!!! we came out with "heaven" feelings! lolzzz

The counselor is a kind-hearted and patient person!He explained almost everything to us include those that we do not know but it's important for us to know!

But the problem is! the fees are sososososo expensive!!! one year pre-u cost at the same price with my 3 years study in MMU!!! RM35000!!!LOLZ

it is a problem for me but not the princess! ha

n besides, i found tat Taylor student really enjoy lo!!

Their hostel cost RM650 for a SINGLE ROOM!!!!!!

BUT with fully furnish (tables, bed, chairs, TV, washing machne, heater, AIR CON! everything tat u wish to be ter WILL be ter for u)

The most ridiculous part is, they have cleaning service once in a week!!!!!

WALAO EH!!!!! The condition is better than leaving in ur house leh wei!!!! so geng! zzz

HELP college

i think fate dont bring us to HELP! We meet a lot of obstacles before we reach ter! n after we reached ter, the office is CLOSE!!! mamamia

ok lo,good oso! atleast we do not need to consider about it d!

so jz choose between Sunway college and Taylor!

but i personally love TAYLOR so so much!!!

i bet the princess fall in love wit Taylor too! and she promised tat she would made a windbreaker for me after she graduates!!!

zzzzz the water edi freeze la wei!


ok, after all the college thingy!!! ITs our shopping time!!!!! yahooo!!!!

First, i would like to said a million times of thank you to my dear AH KIM! cz she brought us to the heaven!

especially the NECKLACE!!!

i never thought of i willl have it!!!

i'm so depress after looking on the price tag!

although it didnt cost so much! but for me, it is consider expensive d!

However, thank you so muchi!!!

i really love tat necklace!!!!! i love it as my 21st birthday present!!

For ur info! i m still 21 ok! lolzzzz

ok la then, i should stop here n proceed to the next post! stay tune!!!!


ps : I ve meet the fashion blogger - jing tat i love so much!!!! its a must for me to view her n her sis blog everyday!!!!


fashion blogger - jing me n cute Naomi! i love Naomi's style! she looks so cool on her skirt pencil skirt!n i love her T too! i was considering to buy it wen i was at her shop! but i ended up wit not buying it cz we r quite in a rush! sobsob

ohya, if u go to jing's blog today! u can see her whole outfit on her 2nd blog post~ Wall-E style! cute n fresh!!! how creative she is! she really good in dressing up herself! n for ur info! she is jz a young cute gal! younger than me but more fashion sense than me!!!!

ive got to learn from her!!! a lot n a lots more!



pps: tats too much for me! everything tat i wish to have, every place tat i wish to go, every restaurant tat i wish to dine in, everyone tat i wish to meet ALL FULFILL!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u!!!!! u know who i m saying rite!!!! *not my bf of course* but i m really wanna say a million thx to him for treating my family as his family n become our driver, drove us here n ter, bcome our soul mate, follow us here n ter for shopping!!!! cool n lovely :p thx :p

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  • 凯玲
  • haha jing caught ur sight by her dress first or u spotted her in her face? cool ler i hope i can bump into kennysia or SuAnn someday. haha. *dreams*
  • haha not her dress! but her hair!ha act i spotted Naomi first, who u can see at the right side of me, then after i wave at her, i saw someone who looks familiar! then wen the 2nd time i wave at Naomi, oopsss! is Jing! i took about 30 minutes to decide to approach them! ha cz i know i wont have a chance again next time if i din approach her by now!!! luckily i approached them!!!i think u might meet kennysia! cz he's from SARAWAK rite? ha Su Ann a bit difficult! cz she's at overseas!act i wanna meet kennysia too! wanna scroll around his head! hahah :p

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