FULL HOUSE = full house!

they always full house on the weekends! ha zzz i know its a lame joke! watever! ha


the NIUZHESUI center stage? nice! but unfortunately the festival is edi end! so we miss all those pretty lights! but nvm! ter r still a lots of cute place tat u can take pics! haha


trying to post like her! she is so cute!!!!


Mr.Donald Duck is angry cz i punched him! zzz


Here we go! the FULL HOUSE!

U can feel it before u enter it! it's jz so romantic! however, wen u go nearer, u will lost the romantic feel as ter r so crowded wit ppl n its really noisy! =.=


I like their art! The boss must be a pro in design! WAU!


OMG! i love tis vintage car! n did u see tat? the car's plate name FULL HOUSE!


the lights! nice rite? they really put so much effort on design!


the flowers! I bet many gals like those flowers! especially the white lily~ *yo, lovelove*


can i have tis in my house? I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! white colours is jz !@#$%^&*(*&^%$# nice!


i love the flowerish table cloth n pillow! n the chairs! so vintage! love it!



hehe tis TV is so familiar! ha


R they look alike ? ha


tis is for sale!


their upper level! its nice! but i dont like the model! zzz


at the upper level, ter is a specific room tat store all this things! clothes n accesories r for sale too!


see the bed! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i jz wanna have it wen im getting married!



ok la! tat's all for the decoration! let's see the menu!


si lai cu shan! cute??her hair style looks like a bit baba nyonya style leh! ha



here is the Princess's queen!


da princess n me? r we look alike? cz many ppl said tat we look alike! ha


lolzz! y ur eyes like tat one? he tired edi, after driving for the whole day!


eiiik! the Mr.cool prince! he dont let me take any pic! he said tat his gf is the only who deserve to take pic wit him! lolzzz am i too ugly to be ur gf? ah


however! we still manage to capture it! ha wei! must take pic wit me next time! u r so handsome wat! lolzzz


haha as u wish = he likes tis pic b cz can write something besides it! ha so, as u wish lo!


trying to have a romantic feel!


wat weird expression is tis!!! ahaha anyway! i curi curi take de la! hope u dont mind k? ha


the honey dew milk tea! NOT SWEET AT ALL! =.=""" except the ice cream! zzz


the vanilla coconut milk shake! tis one really nice! must try next time!


the black pepper chicken chop! it looks 100% same wit the most expensive black pepper lamb chop!


da fish n chip! not so attractive rite?zzz


i forgot the name d! but i know ter r only 3 pieces of fish meat on the big white plate!


the salmon sandwich! I love salmon! but i dont think it taste nice! but it looks great!


Conclusion : I love all the decorations! they r so perfectly matched! however, the food doesnt taste nice! n the services r bad! really slow! maybe its bcz the restaurant is full wit ppl n they doesnt have enough stuff to serve the customers! I heard a lots of feedbac about it! however, its a really nice place for birhday celebration or friends gathering! ha the food ter is a bit pricey, but its still affordable! jz tat i dont think tat the value is tat high! but it's a must to try it! the environment is so nice n comfortable! i sincerely recommend u all to go during weekdays cz not so crowded n noisy! ~ the service might be better too! :p 

However, i never regret to go ter! i would like to thanks my AH KIM once again for treating us such a good meal! LOVE It! 


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  • kelmynn
  • Really nicely decorated.I bet it would look more fantasy-like in real life :D
  • yalo! i might wish to go again if the food are nice! but then...quite disspointing ha! but it will be a great place for friends gathering! ha must try it o! the environment really nice!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/03/15 03:47 回覆