Tis is my gal!

Yesterday, bf keep asking a sea of question...zzz

However, i love one of his question *who is the artist tat u like most*

BRAVO, of course LEONA LEWIS...

tis gal!popping up through one competition in UK call *The x-factor*

i forgot wer did i found her existance d...

but i begin to fall in love wit her after all the youtubes hunting..

she really have a great voice! great body posture! great outfit! great attitude too! wau!

n u know! OMG! she is born at year 1985! she is 2 years older than me ONLY!

n she is earning a sea of money now! wow...wer am i at the age of 23?? zzz Woking? strugling?haha

the pic above is her first album -->spirit

i got it wit me as well! thx to the bf~ *its my birthday present! teechie*

n i strongly suggest u all to go n watch her video on her *life performance*

she sing so well n all of her performance are nearly perfect!

she improve a lot during the competition or even after her competition,wen her album lauched!

n i found tat the audience will shout like hell n last about 3-5 minutes after each of her performance, during the competition!

Besides, ter r a lot of ppl like to compare Leona wit either Mariah carey, whitney or kellyclarkson!

do u all know *a moment like tis?* kelly's song....

got many ppl compare them through tis song...however, i still love Leona's version, cz she sings far more emotional than kelly.

In opinion, after listen to Kelly's version, no doubt tat she is good, but then i think she emphasize more on technique...

but Leona sings through her heart....my bulu all raise up every time i listen to her song!

n until now, i've own tis album for half year time, n i still love it so much!

i never get bored wit her album! never at once!

here's her *a moment like tis* official website


my tears flew down after watching it!

*A moment like tis, some ppl wait a life time* .....my heart melt d!


tis is her live performance! so great n touch!!!!!

*i will be* *LEONA's version*

Avril's Version

I love Leona's version so much!!!!! but i like Avril's version too!

they sing in different style! however, I love Leona's version the most!

I love the way she handle the song's story line...the way she emphasize her vocal wen the story come to the climax....n how she end the song!

*Better in time* A must for me in k session! ha


*Bleeding love*(live) I love tis song! but i couldnt sing it well! its too hard for me! lolzzz


Her songs list for spirit album~

1.Bleeding love

2.Whatever it takes


4.Better in time


6.Take a bow

7.I will be


9.Here i am

10. I'm you

11.The best u never had

12. The first time ever i saw your face

13. Footprints in the sand

the songs tat highlighted is those tat melt my heart! go n have a try if u havent listen her album before!

it will burn ur ears n melt ur heart! n u will keep on *wow-ing* n *sob-ing* after all!

haha *jz kidding though*

but her album is the best album tat i ever heard!

i love all the songs!


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