Click on the name of the boutique to go to their website :p *enjoy*

Boutique Featured : Trend reports

Another lovely checked top from Trendreports! 

Still remember my polka dot ruffle top?

i got it from here too! so check check! hha


looking for a cute dress for prom?

here u are! the velvet bow! nice rite? love it so much!

n the price is so affordable!

not more than RM50 for a dress? WOW


Boutique featured : style influx



a Zipper dress is a must to follow the trend! ha

n OMG! tis dress is so lovely! i love it so much! go grab it before u regret! :p

RM49 only~

4 colours for u to choose! nice right??

i love the ribbon type the most :p


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