U will love the stuff! stay tune yo!

high waist layer skirt? wow i love it soso much!!!!

the real pic~ nice? u can act wear it right under ur * bra* or at ur high waist~

2 colours...light & dark jean~

i personally love the light one~

owh! i love tis so much!!!! Taiwan fashion is act hanging on wit *sea* theme~

cute n adorable!

Acid jeans is a must to follow the fashion trend!

Grab it leh!!!RM58 for a pair of jeans? fair rite?

ps :Their stocks sold out so fast! act fast if u r interested!!!!

WOW i edi grabbed one~ now considering about the second one~

should i buy? i jz bought 2 skirts leh~

lolzzz ha

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  • can u pls gv me the website? thx~