Today,after the interview, mama n papa decided to get me some formal clothes for my internship later! yahhoo

so we went to queensbay mall later on...n guess wat i found? CANTON-i is ter! wow

i know CANTON-i is b cz of their egg tart! their egg tarts is so famous n they sold out so fast each time i visit lolz

Queensbay mall CANTON-i




mama & papa~ ha

anigif 3.gif

i love their environment so much...the lights r soft n comfortable~


their menu *nice view of hong kong* lovelove


as usual, wet tissue :p i took tis pic is bcz i m attracted by the


the cup so cute right? the waiter said tat they will provide exactyle the same cup if we order their hot drinks~ ha so cute nehxx


ying yong!!!!!!! i love ying yong!!!! highly recommended!!!

u can feel the mixture between coffee n milk tea! *MUST TRY*

ying yong :RM5.00 *a bit expensive though, but worth it!*

anigif 4.gif


heh the next one must be my lover la! canton-i egg tart!!!! BRAVO!!! the outer layers r so crispy n the inner layers r so soft n it will melt immediately in ur mouth~ WOWWW i want it some more la! ha

egg tart : 3 for RM5.00 *MUST TRY*

anigif 6.gif

i forgot wat is the name of tis dessert d~ but i still can remember the crunchiness n sweetness!!!!

it is something like fried*muachi* wit peanuts n sugar  as its fiill.....yummmy!!! a MUST TRY TOO! ha

RM5.00/ 4 pieces

anigif 5.gif

yeah~ tis is mummy's food! roasted pork rice!

i love it so much!!!! lolzzz give it 5 starssss!!!!

A MUST MUST MUST MUST TRY item! it jz taste like heaven! lolzz i really dont know how to describe it!

but the meat is so fresh!

forgot the price d~ but its around RM15


Canton-i, Carp Fish Balls & Lettuce Congee 顺得鲮鱼球粥
Carp Fish Balls & Lettuce Congee 顺得鲮鱼球粥

i saw tis from the menu, n it seems so attractive!!!


here r mine! u all must try the porridge...soft like those for babies one...RM11.80


their homemade balls~


dad's porridge....not much different from the outlook... but it really taste different wit mine~

  anigif 2.gif    

they made my day! lolzz see? beh tahan lo


hehe cute dad! :p


lolz mom! u wanna be the embassador of kicap izit? ha


*the end*


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  • Michele
  • yer~ food so nice~~ T_T
    got pic d look delicious le~
    somemore got Sherlyn here describing bout the tastiness of the food~~
    beh tahan~~ XD
  • their food really nice u know~ wanna go again next time~ but really expensive lo~ zzz but worth it! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/03/28 13:51 回覆