Velvet ribbon - the lovely one~ boutique owned by one of my favourite fahsion blogger - Jing

                      she is a fashionista! n i love the ways tat she dress up herself! n of course! her sis -hui wen too~

                      I fall in love wit Revel in me at the first sight! my friend - khai ling tell me about tis gal!

                      Jz go to their blog n u will wat i m feeling right now :p



u all know tat i will love tis dress rite? pinkish stripes r so damn cute!

but then its marked pending edi~ gals! tell u all wat!

hunt it wen u saw it! if not, u will regret like me! sobsob


Rm 45

look at the small wave at the bottom of the shorts! cute rite?



the lovely one! toga dress! i like the way she mix n match~ it seems more attractive than other e blogshop that sell the same item! a bravo for u Jing~ ha


top shop inspiral tunic in black~

tis is their latest collection~

got 3 colours~ black beige n pink~




feeling ichy edi? click on their website now :p

Tipsietopsie - a new online boutique shop! friendly seller~ i love the way she reply my email~ *in semi formal type, wit regards* hehe



The ribbon waist clincher!!!! owhhhhhh arent them lovely? i've ordered the purple one~ hope that they will succsfully restock it!!!

mama!!!!!!!!! can't wait for it!!!! lolzzz




sherlyn is so in love wit tis 2 dress!!!!!!

still thinking of getting one of them~ lolzzzz

but then tis month i really needs a lots n a lots of money!!!! 1 performance n 1 prom night to go! sobsob

CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then i really love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh~


The dressing lab - the online shop tat i heart so much but never deal wit them before..zzz sigh ha

anyway, i had found few clothes from their e boutique tat i love so much! hehe

ps : dont said i din intro ya! ha jokejoke


helter neck ruffle zipper dress



zip zip zip! ruffle ruffle ruffle!!!! owhhhh i heart it so much~ i never try tis kind of dress before~ *a bit mature for me*




Wei shan! i think u will love tis top ha! its ur style :p


ps: sherlyn is kinda busy tis week~ n next week too :p cz her xiao bai is coming soon!!!!!!!!xiao bai~ mummy love u so much!!!!!

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  • theng
  • wah , so ngam ah ! i also discover this few site neh .. lolz
  • hhe yaya~ i love velvet ribbon the most~ but havent deal wit them before~ hope tat will get some stuff from them in the future d~ ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/04 17:30 回覆

  • hui wen
  • Aww, love, you are too sweet! :))))

    I like the halter neck ruffle zipper dress too!! But too short for work! T__T
  • wow~ hui wen is here ~ happy nehxxx thx for visiting my blog! ha * i heart ur blog so much* hehe n the ruffle dress consider short izit? haha act i m not really know about wat act can we wear to work~ izit must be at the knee length or can be shorter? cz i m goin to have my intern soon~ *nervous* ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/04 17:33 回覆

  • Jing
  • Awww, i was so shocked to see myself on ur blog, LOL! :D Thankssss dearrrr, you're sooo sweet! *mwah mwah*
  • hehe i m so shocked tat see Jing coming on my blog too~ thx for visiting o ~ ha i really lke velevet ribbon stuff~ but havent have a chance to deal yet~ hope i can grab some stuff from velvet ribbon in the future :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/06 17:16 回覆