OMG!!!!! i m soso wanted to grab all this skirts!!! but then its all too tiny n too short for me!

n all the prices are not above RM40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mamania!!! y am i so big size?? how good if i m born in tiny size! i can wear shortshort skirt n high high heeelllssss!!!!


so if u r tiny, y not u grab it immediately! i love the 3rd one the most!!!!!!sobsob again n again n again!!!


ps : sherlyn jz brought *sherry*小白*bac all the way from penang! n *sherry is currently learning make up! will show ya all wen she can master all the make up skills n dressing skills k!!! WAIT FOR SHERLYN!!!!!! n WAIT FOR SHERRY TOO! ha

pps: owwwwh i m so so tired now n i nearly fall sleep wen i was driving lolzz! 

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  • Michele
  • the 3rd skirt refering to the black de?
    i feel that skirt nice nice ^^
    hehe.. got layer feeling~~
  • i damn love tat skirt! but it is really short! haha y everyone discussing tis skirt? haha go here see see ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/08 17:25 回覆

  • kiM
  • Thanks girl!!!u're just way to good to us!!!!love you...:D
    u're our ambassador!hahhaa
  • trend reports! gogogo! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/09 02:11 回覆