i bet all the gals love tutu rite? have u seen tutu top??? normally we found tutu in skirt rite? here u r!!! the cute n sweetest tutu top! RM39 only~ smash it!


da fringy line! tis is the unique one! u can wear it as a dress or pair it up wit leggings!!! funky n cute! RM39 only~ not more than 40 for a top/dress? cheap rite?


its time for velvet ribbon!*click*

faster browse to their website n take a look!!!!

want a top dress like tis?

but then u r out of budget?

see! they have bring tis in again! the Ms.flapper RM69

fringe had been a trend in the past~ n until now! u will still look fabulous wit it!

besides, prom nite is around the conner~ hard to find dress? here u r! i found a fancy but *dowager* ruffles toga dress!RM69

i think Jing looks fabulous here! see how she pair up tis dress wit funky accesories! nice rite? pair it up wit a waist clincher as a bonus for u! try it up!!!

check check

velvet ribbon


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