thank you everyone....for the emails and the words...

tis is my first time receiving emails from someone who r sweet and handsome.....thx for all ur words n i felt motivated u know...

it is a great motivation for us or who those performing on the stage..


so touch.......

thx everyone!

thx KS for giving me tis opportunity to perform, thx to our band...Je Sen*drummer*, Kit leong*violin*,hui ying*keyboardist*, bingxin & hui yan *backup singers*, the big guy*base guitar* n my love one...*guitarist*

click here for the video :p



me u anigif.gif





ballet anigif.gif  

ps: still collecting photos n videos....:pwill keep on update once i receive the photos :p

pps: i love the night....n i love the song....its the first time i feel so warm....without worrying about wat ppl comment about our song....

it is the words tat deep in my heart for quite a long time...

ppl will never know the feeling unless they got hurt from love before....

wen the person u love betrayed u....n left u before u realize it.......

i jz wanna sing it out loud!!!!!!!!!

express all the stresss n sadness...

thank you dear for this is sad.......but after tis......i m feeling better now.......

i will let the memory go.....




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  • birdbirdtan
  • thanks so many people, never thanks me also~ though, dunno got what to thank me la~~hahahaha
  • u ar!!!!!!! lolzzzzz wei u got our group photo for the songs ma? i wan!!!!!! lolzz y recital's photo so difficult to get de? ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/28 16:53 回覆

  • mynn
  • looking really good in your black dress :D
    u sang well the other day .I was there too but had to leave early ,so did not have to chance to take a picture with u .
  • thx a lot o gal!!! haha yalo! din take pic wit u! i was finding u tat time~ haha nvm~ next time we take again :p haha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/30 11:44 回覆