i'm bac wit a really small updates!

i really wish to introduce this blogshop as they served me the best they can!!!!

n i love their stuff too!

GOSSIP gal bow necktie!!!!


i jz cant resist tis!!!! n i think i need it for my formal clothes~ wakaka

bought the black one d :p wink~

i like the pink one too~

but i really cant wear it to work la! ha so *stunning* ha

RM13 each



gals would love it! lovely pad~ ha

i like both too~ but i bought the top one as i think it is more suitable for sherry~

haha RM10 only~

browse throught their site~ i think u would love their items :p especially the gossip gal inspired bow tie~

owwwhhh cant wait!

n guess wat~ they have the fastest selling product~ *HIGH WAISTED SKIRT*


RM40 only~ act fast before u regret~ ha

ps: thx labelleaf for the prom service! always love those efficient blogshop~ :p wink*




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  • theng
  • hi

    thanks for the info oh ..
    still wondering wan to buy or not .. haiz ...
    hv to control liao oh ..
  • hehe dont think le! faster buy! if not no more d~ ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/05/06 22:05 回覆