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如果是不好看得蝴蝶结我一样say no!但这件真的太好看了~ *烧到尽头了~ 哈*


i lovelovelovelove tis shirt wen i saw it at the first sight!!!! ive forgotten about asking anything n i jz bought it online immediately after i saw it!

lolzzzz its the colour tat i love! n its the bow type tat i love too! i hearts those cutey cutey bow~*but not all the bows* ha~ it must be really nice  n in perfect condition, then only i will love it~ lolzzz ha n tis shirt really really nice la!!!!!lolzzzz gonna faint on it d~ haha




这件的才质还蛮不错的~而且是有弹性的~所以穿起来会有修饰身材的效果~ 哈

the quality is quite good...made of stretchable cotton n it helps to shape u well! wieeeeee~


实穿照 ~ outfit*~



哈哈 还可以吗?我个人其实真的还蛮喜欢的~ 不过可惜的地方是上方有点宽。。。对我们这种*小可爱*不是很好,会凸现缺陷~

所以呢,我打算把这件那去拍卖~大家可以去我的拍卖场看看哦~ 或者email给我~

有兴趣的话请email me 哈

haha izit ok? i love it so much personally....however, tis top is a bit too wide for me as i dont have such great body figure for it! hahah

n tat's y~ i m putting it on my preloved site d~ anyone who interested try to go ter n have a look k?

or email me


姐妹们拍照的时刻到拉!大家有没注意到~我们都是穿裙子的哦~ 哈

photo session wit da precious~ weee weee~ see, we all wear skirt! nice right!!! gals deserved it! i loveeeeeeee skirtsss!!!!!!!!


michele, me, khai ling


khai ling, me , michele


me n michele


跟粉红笨蛋男友自恋照~ me n ma dear in pink~ hahah



下篇预告 :可爱无敌菱格包!*da poem需要压后,因为我不想草率po文,想把衣服配得美美的,再把照片拍的美美的才po出来~*大家要等我哦~:p


ok, i think i should *pen*-off here~ hehe

next update : its all about the cutie bags! *i would need to postpone da poem post as i need sometime to take pics,hehe wait for me o :p*




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