I didn't surprise when some of u found the 2nd chanel inspired bag is way cheaper than what i've bought~ *some reafers claim that they found it around 40-50*

ok~ i would like to clarify here~

hmm nope, i should clarify at the very beginning! lolz

first, i do a lot of research before i buy these bags...as it is quite expensive for me too~ * i m a poor gal :( *

n yes, no doubt that there is some shops or even blogshops sell it at a much cheaper price~ however, did u all realize about the quality different?

it might be a bit high at RM68~ but tis is not wat i concern more about...the quality is more important~

at my time....there isn't any shops or blogshops selling these bags in these quality at such price~

u might found it at lower price later than, but not my time~


anyway, until now, i still love it so much~

*jz use it for not more than 2 times :( cz i'm afraid that it will get stain easily~ i mean the pink one~ wakak*

so, please take a deep look on the quality before u buy it k? :p


PART 3 OL菱格包!!!da OL's compliment~

我上班用的格纹包!da bag tat being wit me since my intern start!




there are a lots of compartment inside where u can even skip ur wallet~

jz slip in all ur card n cash into it~

  DSC03804.JPG DSC03805.JPG 



PART 2 风靡全城的菱格包!!!my love one!

Image576.jpg Image577.jpg Image578.jpg Image580.jpg Image581.jpg Image582.jpg





OLD BLOSSOM BOX订的蝴蝶结格纹包终于来了~喜欢喜欢喜欢~超爱的~

yahoo! finally got my OBB ribbon bag from Jezmine :p happy nehxx!


pic credited to OLD BLOSSOM BOX

实照~*不知我的电话怎么了~拍出来这个包的颜色都变得不一样了~哈不过还是salmon pink啦~只不过知识稍微深了点~哈真正的颜色是像上图那样的~ 哈

da real pic~ i dont know wats goin wrong wit my phone as u can see the colour of my lovely ribbon beg become darker~ lolzzz the actual colour is like the pic above~ *from OLD BLOSSOM BOX*



zzooooommmmm~ see the bow? owwhhh i heart heart heart heart heart the bowwww!!!!!!!!



上:看!颜色又不一样了~ 哈我的电话真是的!!这个包的材质真的很舒服~有摸过的朋友都知道~ 材质真的还蛮不错的~

pic above :the colour is different again~ lolzzz ha! i really need a new camera d! haha the material is so comfortable~ i use to wrab it over my arm wen i m hot or even wen i m cold ~ ha


pic below : tis bag is quite big*but not huge! jz ngam ngam for me*~even 2 vivi magazine can fit in tis cutie bag~ lolzzz ha  weeee





穿搭照~ *暂时只有一款~之后会陆续更新*

outfit wit da bag~ *ter is only one look for temporary~ will update it once i ve new style for it~ hehehe*

下:不一样的灯光,不一样的相机,不一样的颜色~ 哈~ 这个包真的好可爱哦!好想变色龙一样~ 哈

pic below : different light, different camera, different colour~ =.=""" ~ haha watever la~



pic credited to Sam~


outing wit friends after exam~ yeahhhhhhh!!!!exam finally over!!!!!! no text book no paper no notes no stressss!!!!!!!!!!FREEEEEE





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  • yeimei
  • wah..that bag really nice and cute. suits you very much!!! I also need to buy a bag for my internship! Ahh..headache~hohoho.
  • hehe i like it so much! but i cant use it for my intern` lolzz so fancy later the boss kill me haha! but i ve bought another one for intern de! n i tell u wat!!! really really really nice until i faint ar!!!! hahahah zzz exaggerating it!!!lolzzz

    Sherlyn 於 2009/05/29 00:30 回覆

  • labelleaf
  • i love love love that bag tooXD.....the colour u have is so pretty lerr=p...i prefer navy blue and the colour you have...but unfortunately all sold out d=(...kiss bang got black colour only=(...aikz....
  • yaaa! i love tis color so much~ i saw kiss bang oso~ haha n they r having sales for tis bag~ but black color not really nice la~ a bit common~ i bought tis color cz i seldom see salmon pink color bag~ plus the bow is so big! love it soso much~ ha maybe u can ask OBB if u still wan~ cz i think they r restocking tis bag~ but the color is quite limited :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/05/30 05:23 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • Shevon
  • Hi Sherlyn, just wondering where u buy the first chanel black bag? the quality quite good~