finally~ phewww~ fahsion diary is bac!!!!! Sherlyn is alive!!!!! hahah =.=

my sayang sangat peplum polka dot dress is finally here~


i suppose to sleep now!!! but i jz cant wait to blog it! really love tis dress!!!! gonna sleep wit it tonight~ ha


yeah~ my baby~ gonna wear it to my god sis's wedding~ n finally....ive got the chance to wear it!!!!!! =.=


see the heart? i love u u love me we r happy family :p


n da peplum~~ owh my dear, i love u so much!!!!


ok done!!! let si go!!!

first, tie Sherlyn's handmade polka dot bow on Sherlyn's messy hair!!! lolzzz!

forgive me k? i jz dont want to waste money on hairdo =.=""


its really really blur!!!  b cz i cant see anything wen i took it~ ha


2nd~ tie an oversize bow on Sherlyn's fatty elephant waist! =.=

sorry la! i know i m fat now!!!! will try to diet SOOONNN!!!! i dont want to go bac to 60 KG!!!!! oh mama


ok~ done~







normal_4a3663ea7c907.jpg normal_4a3663ff060f5.jpg normal_4a3664234aa10.jpg     

wink~ da polka dot Sherlyn is here~

still remember the necklace~ finally i ve got to use it TWICE!!!!! ha

n sorry ya~ i dont have other heels~ tis is my only one heels~ sobbbbb so pity~

buy me one k? ha


more photo will be up in next post o~

da Sherlyn's happy family~*wink*

sobbbb i miss them sosososososososoosos much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*click click*

peplum part 1

chanel inspired OL bag~

Sherlyn's handmade bow




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