After tis 2 terrible, horrible and challenging weeks, i found tat i really miss my home n i dont even wanna stay here anymore...

my life work eat work eat work....

n i m quite down for da pass 2 weeks...

i tot everything would be fine...but oh no! its not!! but teribble!

i know i really need to go through tis phase...but its jz too hard for me....

really hope tat i can be able to adapt to tis very-different-n-stress environmet quickly..

i need to remind myself tat i need to take it easy n be optimistic!

k la, dont want to talk about the stress thing anymore~

act i ve a lot to blog about in the past..but i dont have so much time to blog it~

i ve picked up some tat i wanna blog previously...

da precious moment wit da bear n my dad... :p

*felt so warm now*]



finally all the exams finish n we decided to celebrate it at Sunway canton-i~

wow~ i really love canton-i~fresh n delicious~


its good to see u driving on my behalf...i miss it so much... i dont wanna drive alone *tears*

sherlyn combined.jpg

da poem shirt tat i love so much~ click here for details


wink~ my cutie brooch from old blossom box~:p click here for more


canton-i~ click here for previous intro about tis restaurant

DSC03717.JPG DSC03719.JPG DSC03720.JPG

their shao rou is really nice...fresh n cruchy!


u all must try tis!!!! really nice! ive tried once on Mother's day~ cant resist it!

DSC03722.JPG DSC03723.JPG

da one tat we love! tried last time with my parents...still love it until now :)



Father travel all the way down from penang to give me some support n help...

i miss u dad...:(



he is cute right?ha~ he use to worry about me every single day...he's jz too good to me...

n i promise i ll give him the best tat i could! love u dad..


my lovely handmade bow :p

DSC03740.JPG DSC03741.JPG

da bf...thx for being wit me until now.... i miss u too :(




a day before u left me to penang~


until now, i still cant believe tat we act finish all of it~ really geng chao!


his stupido face~ ha

thx for being with me all the time...

helped me to shift all the stuff from cyberjaya....fetch me everyday to work without a single complaint...*although i know u didnt sleep much* my room without my particpant...decorate my room....hugsss wen i m down...

after tis 2 weeks,finally i realized tat i depend too much on u in the past...

ter will be nobody wit me now...

no life...

i really wish tat i can work in  penang....atleast ter is someone ter..

better than nobody...:(

but da fact is still fact..

fact doesnt change...

i need to work harder for go through tis phase...

i wan my life bac!


14/6 mom's cheering sms~

有一天晚上,有一位贼进了奶奶的房里,奶奶就睁开一只眼看看贼在做什么。贼先是打开奶奶放在桌上的裙子,看看有没有钱好偷。他偷不到钱,于是就把地板上的球拿来玩,玩饿了以后,再把桌上的牛奶喝了,然后逃走。奶奶发现贼逃走后,急忙报警,但她英文不好,就说:"A man open my dress, play my bobo and drink my nen nen!"" 哈哈=.=""

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  • yeimei
  • hui lin..dont so sad ya. You just need to remember, not only you having this feeling so no need to feel so bad about it o. Give you a big hugggg...:) Me also feeling this too. Feel so lifeless ever since working but nevermind, all these will end after four months. So just be patient ya! We can go thru this de! Jia you jia you!
  • thx gal~ really pai seh cz always need u all to comfort me...sometimes i felt tat i m really weak~ haizzz n i think tis is wat we need to learn from our intership....really hope tat i can enjoy my intern in tis 4 months...u gampateh too o!!!! jia you jia you :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/14 22:28 回覆

  • detectiveang
  • emo...cannot must be tough de....sure u get stronger after this...:) Call me lar..but cant scold me...hahaha
  • i wer got scold u??pai seh la! i know recently i m really emo n always throw my temper on u...but i promise i will reduce the frequency..ha~ n get stronger soon!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/14 22:30 回覆

  • JiaQi
  • dun so moody.... i oso tired wif my working life... but we have to be strong!!! muz enjoy it... jia you!!!
  • thx gal..ya.. i will try to enjoy it :( *hopefully*

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/15 20:47 回覆

  • theng
  • hey dear ,
    dun be so sad and moody ... me also ah , bro and all frez move also not staying with me anymore ..

    alone also .. so gambateh together oh =)
  • yalor..its really hard wen the ppl around us not wit us anymore~ n yeah! we gampateh together la! ohya~ happy anniversary nehxx~

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/15 20:48 回覆

  • kiM
  • girl..its usual to be moody coz he is some one really close and u depend on all this while!!but u'll be more tough and independent after this for sure..and the relationship will become stronger too!! cheers!!!:D and stay happiness ya...u can also relieve ur thoughts and feeling here k..we are here to listen to u!! hugz..
  • yes, u r totally right gal~ thx for being here wit me....atleast...ter is a place for me to express my feeling wen ter isnt anyone beside me *tears* thx again o:p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/15 20:49 回覆