yeahhhh!!!! its my first time to gym!!!! owh!!!! exhausted!!! bt FUN!!!! its been a long time i never exercise! n guess wat? i m so weak!!! lolzzz

i felt dizzy right after the skipping~ n its jz a lil warm up! lolzz


yeap! i m ready~



yeah! tis is wat i need to do!



my trainer~ cute?hhaha

1st round : skipping? easy la! mana tau, after 1 minutes....



lolz! forgive me k? its  been 1.5 months i did not exercise!!! my godddddddd


i manage to finish it! so smart rite?

sit up? sob

push up? sobsob

pull up? sobsobsob

!@#$%^&*(*#@ ha~

its tiring! but i love it! i cant even leave my hand up now!!! lolzzzz!

let's see how others do k?~

MY IDOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ----> karen! she ISSSSSS a pretty gal!i love her skin~ hong pokpok! so cute!!!

n see? the superwoman begin!

geng chao ness.gif


my idol.gif


see? geng leh??? gals u know!!!! lolzz! i can't even leave tat thing up!!! its sososososossssosososos heavy!


da monkey on the swingggggggggg


they call tis as work out~ work out means repeat a certain movements as many times as possible within a given time~

i tell u wat! ur mind will jz off right after 10 minutes! its tiring u know! they do sit ups rigtht after the dont know call wat =.=""

my idol.gif

i mean...right after tis~ haa~ ohya! see the gal in white colour shirt? she s younger than me lei wei!!!!! 19 only!!!! so poor me :(


tis is Anna~ visit her blog~ i love her blog~ my first impression on her : strong, independent, capable n superwoman! lolzz


hanging in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


da Mr.yeng!


uik! he skip so fast!!! 10 times faster than me sobbbbbbbbb


pics below credited to Push More~


I WAN HER TUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!! ITS NOT A TUMMY!!!! SHE HAS NO TUMMY!!!!! ARGH!!!!! ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!


UIIIKKKKKcan u breath?????


wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *shy*~ ha~




wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *SHY DE LEHHHHHH* ha!


ps: its an unforgettable experience~ i m planning to continue~ n gals! dont worry! i wont become like them de k? they GYM everyday!!! n its not easy to become like them! ha~ i m might choose tis or yoga~ the ppl ter r friendly!~ i felt so comfortable without any strange feeling~ thx guys n gals~ weeeeeeeee n thx to Mr.yeng for treating us! :p

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  • theng
  • hi

    wah , so healthy lifestyle ah ?? not bad oh u working alone in here ... jia you =)
  • hehh~ no la~ jz started~ everything still on plan! but i love ter! the ppl ter very friendly! i feel home~ *so sweet* wanna go again!!!! arghhhhhh

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/20 23:03 回覆

  • karen
  • Jia you oh!!
    Push more!! :D
  • yeeepieeeeee karen is here!!!! my idol~ yaya! push more push more! wakaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/20 23:04 回覆

  • edm
  • yea~ now we had converted another new pushmoremon~
  • wauuuuu i m not word blind rite? but i saw a lil mky here~! haah! welcome to piggy home! although u r from different species~ ha n yes!!! oh wait...wat is pushmoemon? got such word de meh?

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/20 23:06 回覆

  • Jiayi
  • wow, which gym u went? got personal trainer somemore? haha, u nvr upload your pic during the gym oh...
  • Push More~ jz click the word push more on top of the post! go visit their website! ter got more pics!!! i wanted to upload! but nobody help me to take picture~!!! haha~ n i m so so weak! dont wan la~ later sia sui! n i dont want to ruin tis post too!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/20 23:09 回覆

  • Michele
  • hehe.. agree wit jia yi.. cannot c piggy doin gym.. not nice la.. =p

    im growing fatter also.. with all the eating n not exercising.. i also need start exercise jor.. if not sure become fei po.. ^^
  • hehe! k la!i promise tat i will take wen i have the chance to go ter again k? ha~ aiya! me now fatter oso! haizzzz! we gampateh nehxxx! ohya! u can go for dance class ma! dance class gonna start soon! can exercise d lo!~ so good! envy u la!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/21 22:21 回覆

  • John-Son
  • Why is there a cute creature on my shirt ...oh no ....
  • uiiikkkk cute leh!!! it looks a lot like u! ohhhh wait! u looks a lot like it~ ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/22 21:39 回覆