yeahhhh! it s Saturday!!!!! although it's over now~ nvm!! i still can smell da happinesss n puas-ness of tat day!

n my shopping partner is -------> tadah~ my idol Karen!!!


yeah~ still remember da push more gal~ here she is! phewwww! still love her tummy!!! oh no!!! she has no tummy!!!! again n again! ha

n our first station is ----> PASTA ZENMEI!!!!!!!

i never know tat ter r 2 different Zenmei which are pasta zenmei n sushi zenmei~ anyway! i love BOTH!!!!!!







OMHGGGGG!!!!! i miss their soft shell crab so much!!!!!

DSC04317.JPG DSC04318.JPG

egg in pasta!!!! owwwhhh watasiwa WANNA tabeimasu it AGAIN!!!! lolzzzzz

ha~ pai seh la! i throw the ni hong go to my sensei d! mama


unagi!!!!! my favourite!!!!!!!really soft n licinnnnnnn......lolzzz licin english call wat d ya?

anyone can tell me?


our 2nd station ----> chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sherlyn, pls forgive me! i know i promise u tat i will n must diet! but i jz cant resist it~ sobbbbbb

DSC04321.JPG DSC04322.JPG




arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! i m dancing in the sky dddddddddd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

craving for it for such a long time!!!!!!! always saw ppl blog about it! but never tought tat i will have the chance to taste it!!!!!!


Karen took tis pic for me~ weeeeee

ohya, forgot to intro to u gals~

Karen is a really sweet n capable gal! she taught me a lot of things tat i never learn or never realize before!

i feel so warm when i chat wit her....

n really thx for lighthing up my day~

she is a cheerful gal who able to cheer up the ppl surrounding her! i still have so much to learn from her!

n i m now changing towards a more mature n stable way...

now only i felt tat i m a big gal!!!! ter is only 3 months left for me to be a lil gal~ sobb

i'm gonna turn into 22 soooonn!!! reall soonnnn!!!

i DONT WANT!!!!! I WANT FOREVER 21!!!!!!! sobsob


k la~ let share wit u gals/ guys wat i bought today k? :p


i love nose so much recently!

tadahhh~ my lovely princess pinkish glass shoe!!!! the real colour is better than the pic!!!! its baby pink!

n finally i found a pink shoe!!!! gonna hunt more in the future! as u all know, i love pink no matter wat! jz give me pink n polka dots n i shall give u a kiss~

oppppssss i mean, GOODBYE kisss~ ha `



not too high n not too low!!!! Sherlyn's favourite!


here is another one tat i eye-ing it for quite sometime! n finally i got it!


see? not too high n not too low too~ it fits me so well!!


cute lil bow~ oooowhhh my love~ my darling~

pink, ribbon, and polka dot! tats wat i love~


another favourite buy is ---> kate eye liner!!!!

DSC04349.JPG DSC04350.JPG DSC04351.JPG

RM49....a bit pricey but worth it! cz the gel really soft n it is sosososososo easy to apply!!!

for those who dont have any experience on make up should try tis!

n i always encourage ppl to use gel eyeliner cz

first, it wont smudge like the pencil type or even the liquid type~

secondly, its b cz gel eye liner is so easy to apply! n u dont need to waste ur time to wait until the eye liner dry off~ 

third, its easy to remove although it is waterproof~

owhhh love it~



wait!!!!! i found something weird!!!!!



Casper is playing wit my panty!!!!!!!!!!!!1

arghhhhhhh! i m gonna !*@!()(*&#@!$^)(*&^%$#@$()_+)(*^$#


off to !@#%^()(*&#@()(*&^%$#@!




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  • khailing
  • hey i think the makeup products here are cheaper. i can help you to check out the price yeah if got anything you're interested in i can help you to buy. Mj, kate, anything. Since you're princess liao it's my pleasure to serve you hahaha.
  • really? ha! i heard my friend said so! especially MJ~ tell me wen u bac nehxx! i can TT the money for u! help me 2 luggages of clothes n make up stuff bac here lo! ha! kidding la!ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/23 20:57 回覆

  • Gavin
  • budak ini, kuat shopping la!!!!!
  • budak ni, kacau la! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/23 20:57 回覆

  • theng
  • remember to close it fast after using it , if not it will get dry easily oh =)
  • yaya! tats really important! n yes! i will take care it really really well! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/23 20:58 回覆