I forgot to bring me camera's cabel back!!! lolzz~ n all these pictures were captured using my sony ericsson wit only 2.0 mega pixels~

will update all the pictures again once i get the cable *if u all still interested to see la~ ha*

n yes...here's my floral family...

i bought my first floral dress early in this years...:p n then i started to fall in love wit floral wen i bought my first piece of high waist poofy floral skirt from Tea n Sympathy~


#1 da vintage floral high waist poofy skirt~ 4a3669bee6819.gif



the floral of tis skirt is a bit different with other florals dresses~ bigger n more romantic style~ wakaka


i was so slim last time...:( i want to slim down!!!!! atleast 2 kg~ but i cant! due to lack of exercise n sitting in the office whole day long :(

still remember tat me n bear went to redbox in penang wit her lovely sis~

i miss her sis so much~ its been a long time i didnt got to see her~ :(

n i miss karaoke session! i wanna go sing k soso badly!! :(

#2 da english rose4a3669bee6819.gif



yes!!! tis is the english rose toga dress tat i wanna blog last time! but unfortunately, all the pictures gone! i can't most of them~

here are the only 2 left :(


i love tis dress so much! n see my bangle? finally i found a bangle tat is suit to me! looking for a bangle for quite a long time d~ n thx bear for buying tis for me~:p


wat is tat weird expression huh babe? lolzz i m actually forcing her to try on some sweather cz it is too cold ter! haha~ n did u all see my kakak?she is squatting right behind me~ lollzzz wakaka~

i wanna blog about tis genting trip!but all the pictures gone...trying to get some bear now...hope ter r still some pic left...

n ter r a lot of things tat happen during tis little trip...very dramatic..hha but everything is fine now n again...i had learned something...weeee

#3 da vintage floral 4a3669bee6819.gif




i love the floral prints in tis dress the most...unique n very vintage kind of feeling...as well as the dress below...

#4 da pink lady lovely pinkish floral dress4a3669bee6819.gif




its a lovely baby doll dress~u know y i love baby doll dress so much? first, its because tats my style! lolzz ok...i know...it is not a persuasive reason~ wakka the most important reason y i love baby dress so much is because i have a very big butt!i use to hide my weaknesses by choosing some dresses tat r not too tight...so tat i can look good n slim..lolzzz

n i received a lot of emails regarding tis 2 dresses...n again..i will not sell tis 2 dress....cz i love them soso much....i wanna keep them for my children in the future! lolzzz kidding la~ ha but tats a great idea rite? wakak

#5 Sherlyn's first floral dress~ 4a3669bee6819.gif




tis is my first floral dress~ was planning to sell it...but i was stopped by bear..n i know wats the reason..

so sorry gals...especially eve...thx for ur understanding...


i love tis kind of style...casual...not too fancy n heavy~

#6 da zipper layer floral dress 4a3669bee6819.gif



da latest me.jpg

tis is the most recent me~ wakaka~ i love tis dress~ was quite worry about the cutting before it reaches my hand! but luckily it fits me quite well n the quality is quite good :p..thank god... i dont want to have any *impulse purchase* anymore~ lolzzz

i took tis pic wen i was penang..at da bf's house~ tat's the living room~ love tat kind of feel~ *romantic* haah

#7 da managers' favourite bow floral dress4a3669bee6819.gif



i love the back part~ ha chinese ppl call 心机重~wakaka i dont know how to translate it to english~ anyone can help me? :p




gkai ask me yesterday : hui lin, how long did u spend everyday in the toilet?

wakkaa cz i took all my working outfit everyday using my phone n DURING MY LUNCH TIME!

pls don't misunderstand me! hahah i m a very hardworking gal! no sms, no chatting, no web surfing, no sleeping, no dreaming n no SS while working!wakaka

last but not least 1~4a3669bee6819.gif


 tis is the floral dress tat i love much but really can't afford to buy n they r running out of sizes wen i m afford to get it :(

last but not least 2~4a3669bee6819.gif


vintage floral bow~KittyMallBanner1-1.gif

coming soon in ribbonlicious~

its my handmade bow :p n i saw it myself without sewing machine ha~ n its my first attempt, hope tat u all will like it~

n yes...tats my floral family! ~

but wait..i have one announcement...

Friends, my handphone kisiao again! i CANT SMS! lolzzzzz

wat a geng chao phone! cannot sms n hang for about 10 times per day!

i m gonna change my phone soon.....soon? nope....need to work harder d! lolzzzz

n i m not feeling well today...bac from work at 1pm..i need to sleep now~ nitenite love :p

sorry for all the late replies ya! cz ive got no internet access for the past few days, n i CANT SMS =.="""

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  • theng
  • i love floral damn much de .... glad tat u love it too .. lolz .. so next time when come back we can shop together lo ..=)
  • hehe sure sure~ i dont know tat u love floral oso de nehxxx~ share wit us nehx! wakaak

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/21 18:16 回覆

  • kiM
  • all the flora dress look really great on u!!! especially love the zipper wan!!! u just so suitable for dressie!!!
  • thx dear~ i love the zipper one too~ tats my frist zipper dress! wakaka although its been in trend for quite a long time ~ ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/21 18:17 回覆

  • sh13ngs14n
  • 那些裙子真的都很适合您唷!!好好看 >.<
    By the way,您要多休息并好好照顾自己唷~
  • 谢谢你哦~ 哈 我会好好照顾身体。。快快好起来。。。

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/21 22:24 回覆

  • Michele
  • love this post ^^ lots nice dresses
  • thx o dear :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/23 00:00 回覆

  • Felice
  • I *heart* the floral skirt from T&S. I want to buy it if you do wanna sell it next time, lol. *wishful thinking*
  • hehe...i love it much too!~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/11/04 02:48 回覆

  • jamie
  • like ur bow floral dress^^..where u bought it??
    have many nice clothes, envy u~~
  • jamie
  • like ur bow floral dress^^..where u bought it??
    have many nice clothes, envy u~~
  • i got it from various online store n those normal store..u can keep in view on my page cz i usually will state in my post wer i got my clothes :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/11/04 02:47 回覆