Had been so busy this 2 days~

n i m very puas now after singing at rendezous cafe at kampung pandan!!~

got ppl treat us cake today~

n ter's a H on my cake! my name!!! wakkak

anyway, i dont have the picture =.=

BUTTTTT! all the pictures are coming soon~ as da bf is coming down tmw~ yahooo~~!!!!




ps: i m really tired now~ its 1.06am....i really need to sleep~ chat with u all tmw k? :p



3 good news for today~

1) I m gonna construct a yoga class for all the managers n interns!!!!!!!weee

*although there are only 17 of us~ wakaaka*

2) tmw gonna sing at Kota damansara station 1!!!!!!!!

so excited! 

 n i m now still searching for the lyrics! lolzzz

any songs tat u love?

drop me some tips k?so tat i can sing it tmw! wakaka



n ter willl be a big surprise!~weeeee


n oh god!!!! i dont know wat should i wear tmw night!!!!! :(

gonna find it NOW!


i m kinda love tis style~ casual but sweet~ anyone knows wer to get tis kind of black colour skinny pants?

craving for 1 for so long d!  hellokittyicon.gif



ps: i m READY for the da cutesy ribbon top! gonna wear it on this weekend if ter isnt any buy it!

I wont sell if ter isnt anyone paksa me to sell it as a punishment! lolzzzzzz



finally...my layout is done!

how was it?

i love it so much cz i put a lot of effort on it!

n im so in love with floral now!

so...pls dont ask me again k?

i WONT sell my floral dress~ cz i love them till faint! wakaka

n finally...50k~ so happy nehxxx!!!!!



special thanks to poh sian, A very sweet gal for helping me to make this~ weeeee




yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!!!!!!!!!!


so touch!!!!!!!!1 wakaka

pls ignore me! haaahaa

besides, anyone know how to zoom in the number? can't actually see it :p

very happy la!

like my birthdya! lolzz wakak

my wishes :

1. write in proper english *start from next post onwards*

2. Secret

3. Secret




da lonely gal n da lonely boy =.=


bb n dear.gif

sherlyn's vintage bag.gif


da pink lady always in love wit baby pink vintage bag and da blinking shining ribbon ring4a3669bee6819.gif





50k is coming soon! i want n must not miss out tis time! my dear...plsplspls help me print screen k? hahaha

jz for a memory la~ weeee



at seri kembangan station 1 now!!!!!! owwhh i miss cyberjaya life so much!!!

i miss the day we bump together n sing like a mad cow! really miss the day squatting in front of the computer n do my online shopping!

i miss the day yum cha wit all those buddy in the midnight! i miss the day we singing on the stage!!!!

i miss the day we dance *nothing* together wen our dancer teacher is not here :(

i miss the day we rush all the bloody assignment together!!!!

i misss....i miss everything here!!!!!!



ps: anyway, i m having audition here :( not much confidence! na mo guan si yin pls bless me n give me luck~ *cross finger*





wat i have done>? i lost all the comments !!! lolzzzz sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

i really appreciate all the comments tat u guys leave!! but i dont know y~stupid sherlyn!

i made a coffee for my boss today!!!n he appreciate it much! so happy nehxxxx! never thought tat i can actually talk wit him so close!! wakaka

today my manager bring me to another company which we always deal wit! another new exposure for me!

today is a happy day~ weeeee


*update at preloved site*clickclick*




da songs tat make me cry...so touch..

Andrew Tan 陈势安 - Tian hou 天后





Lala 徐佳莹 - shen qi bai ma 身騎白馬


Lala 徐佳莹 -chu kou 出口



found tis cute site~ http://www.eternalmoonwalk.com/

submit ur moon walk ter! wakaka

by the way~ i miss MICHAEL JACKSON so much!

many ppl try to hurt him by all the rude words..especially the media...

so sad la!

n look at tis! omgggg!

he is the legend!!!!!how good if he CAN return...:(

love u Michael...





not feeling well for 2 days...

i had been go n back from my work within 4 hours work for 2 days...

n finally, i see doctor today cz i have a really  serious gastric..

my manager keep on emphasize tat i really need to take good care on my health d...

sincerely...i really don't know how to get started...

i use to avoid all the traditional drinks or medicine which are good for me...

including kek hwa, liang cha, hong zhau or anything tat have tat particular smell :(

nowadays, a lot of obstacle tat i need to face...

first, is about the financial problem...

i need to spare some money for medication/car services/any emergency..

i do not need to think about this wen i was studying...

but now...since i live here alone..i really need to be VERY INDEPENDENT....

n i really don't want to take any extra from my parents as i know they really work so hard to raise us up...

ter r a lot of things tat i miss in the past few months...

n no doubt tat i m REALLY REALLY ICHY now n i m so WANTED TO SHOP although i did'nt see anything tat i like~ :(

maybe its b cz of the loneliness....

i know it can;t be a good reason...but IT IS THE most important reason....

i m trying to focus more on other things...trying to do something rather than shopping..lolzz

i bet every girls love to shop!

i can shop watever  i like last time...but not now....

people always said tat working life is really different wit our uni life...

n yes..i experience it now...

hope tat i can really past through tis phase...

some of u might still do not have tis problem as u r still staying wit ur parents..

but try to be prepare if u really wanna stay outside alone or out of ur family..

family play a BIGBIGBIG role in our life...

n without their support....i can;t stay here until today...

thanks for mom's n dad's understanding...n oso da bf..

n now i know...y a lot of ppl try to hide their problems from their parents...

tis is wat i feel now..i don;t want to let them know tat i m sick cz i know they will be very worry...

it's tat kind of feeling..

i don't know whether it is true or yet to be true..but i think i had learned a lot about life....

n in 2 more months.....i m gonna reach 22....its the time for me to grow up...

no more childish thinking or attitude! lolzzz

even my manager said tat i look like a mui mui trying to work in adults office! wakaka


guan si yin pu sa bao you...amitaba :p



hi all!!! i m back from penang

n yes...its been quite a long time i didnt update my blog due to the buntuness of online shopping!

but i m back! n back wit more awesome stuff!

n still!!!! I LOVE SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

lolzzz my godddd!

n guess wat? my english rose pictures all GONE!!!!! MAMAMIA!!!!!

tis is the only one~ sobbbb

i wan all the pictures baccc!!!!!


next update :

da floral family *tmw, 20/7*

da ribbon blazer

da 10 years poofy skirt~

ps : a very me photo


very lil make up wit a very plain t shirt n hot pants plus a side way fringe~

no photo edit no colours edit ..none of everything...

a very pure sherlyn...

i felt relax n enjoy my life now...:p

hope eveyrthing goes well in tis brand new week...







以前, 我很珍惜我所买的每一件裙子。。。因为他们都是最美,材质最棒的。。。



















oh goshhh!! i am running out of time!!! plsplspls forgive me if i reply ur comment late k?



my favourite buy of *THAT DAY* haha~ its been a long time~ i loveloveloelove tis pair of heels sososos much!!!!

 n guess wat's next?

i jz bought a BOW BLAZER!!!!!!! but its in black~ plain n black~ but wit a ribbon at the side pocket~

but i still love it~ gonna wear it tis weekend n will post up on tis weekend k? wakakaka~




I miss u all....it is hard for me to hold my tears ...i miss u all! really...i miss u all...love u....



ps: working outfit for today~ my new checkered oversize bow dress~ owhhh love it~

weee it's friday again!!!! but unfortunately, i didnt go anywer as i fall sleep once i reach home!

imagine how tired am i! had been busy for the whole week...tiring...but quite happy n enjoy! jz hope tat ter isnt any mistake again :(

ha~ n guess wat? my handmade ribbon is in WIP mode! really hope tat i can master the skills n share wit u all wat i really love...

but its a bit hard for me as the material is too little! i need to work it out with the most limited material! :(

haha~ n yeahhhh! dad, mom, kakak, baby n bear are coming here n we will goin to genting tmw!!!! yahoo~

owhh.. i miss my family so much! n at the same time..i wish tat they can stay here with me forever....

miss them n love them soso much!~!!!!

ohya, forgot to talk about my title!

ha..guess most of u heard about taylor swift rite?

love story is one of her song tat bear loves so much!

he wish tat i can sing tis to him one day~ i m still learning tis song la~

english song is very different wit chinese song! especially the pronounciation...still got much to learn la~

owhhh yawn again~

nitenite friends... :p sweet dreams~4a3669bee6819.gif

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  • detectiveang
  • wah...your this post long long lor...good to think like tat...being more optimistic ya! Healthier you will be..:)
  • haah yalo! 6 more days to a month! but i lost all the sweet comments!!!!! so sadddddd....wakaka yala! listen to ur nice words! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/24 23:48 回覆

  • theng
  • meow ~~~
    here i drop u a comment la .. =)

    i've found an ballet studio in kajang thr oh , so wait u come back , if u r interested we go learn together la =)

    take care and miss ya oh leng lui ..
  • my dear! i jz saw ur commetn here! my godddd wakka yalo~ i miss u too dear! i WANNA GO BAC TO CYBER!!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/31 01:18 回覆

  • sh13ngs14n
  • hey girl~
    u got 50k original pic???
    if got...can u send it to me??
    dunno whether can help u or not...just wan to try it~
    hope that i can help u~
  • hehe really~ thx first o~ will send to u later ya :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/27 21:22 回覆

  • winnaa
  • nice new blogskins babe..floral will be one of the favourite of mine too.. =D
    i'm so likey your florl dress..and ya babe..maybe i know how much is the Kate eyeliner? as im a beginner too..=p
    hehe..i like that purple sandals too..you can get one for yourself babe..=]
  • oo..the kate eyeliner is RM49.90 including the brush~ hahah n i m so seriously,deeply,from the bottom of my heart want tat sandal!!!! but i m now having shopping ban :( so no choice :(

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/27 21:32 回覆

  • khailing
  • oh yuanlai this is the audition u talked about. all the best in your singing!!!!! er i want 品冠 's 那些女孩教我的事 can???
  • hehe ya dear~ but wednesday one is not an audition~ its a real show d! weeee waakak n tat song is a guy song la dear~ any gals song? :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/31 01:17 回覆

  • winnaa
  • hye there~ owh..i love black skinny jeans too..easy to match and makes our legs look thinner..kakaxx..=p
    i have one which i bought at KL,sungei wang..it costs R50 and really comfortable to wear~ XD

    O.O...why suddenly having shopping ban de? shop too much le? hehe..btw babe..the sandals will definitely look nice on you..=]
    good luck in your singing too...miss your voice nehx..^^v
  • really? RM50 can get one d? ewauuu must go ter n see d lo! n for the shopping ban....yes! i shop too much! hmm tats one of the reason la~cz as u know, now i m staying outside alone~ i really need to manage my finance well~ see doctor ar...petrol ar...evrythign is money :( n i lovelovelovelove tat sandal la my dear! dont convince me wakakaka~ n thx for the words o~ i will gampateh in my singing de~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/31 01:20 回覆