part 2 da studs!4a3669bee6819.gif

ps: yeah..i manage to blog it tonight as i almost forget tat i need to sing at station 1 tmw! wakkaa


It is an unbelievable day cz i never tot tat i WILL buy this!although i had been dreaming it for quite some times...

yeahQ da white bucket quilt stud bag from Miss Selfridge~

i dont think i deserved to buy this bag...but i will work hard!!!!!

n i think the price is quite reasonable ! m gonna sing more at cafe to earn bac the money i spent on tis bag!


anyway, it is WORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love it so much! n i never think tat i CAN buy it! *lolz*

qiang qiang! i love the chain so much! it is totally match wit my england coin chain bracelet! *refer to prevoius post*

love the studs so much!~hellokittyicon.gif


da tea dress~


Before da bag~ *BUT!!! with my new DRESS n HEELS n n my lovie pinkish shopping bag~!!!*weeeeee


After the bag!~


i m a bit nervous on the combination at first! as i never try something mature like this!wakaka

n my fringe is long d! so lazy to cut it constantly~

how do u think?:p

can i be mature? i mean, sometimes? aahah

my ribbon heels!~ finally got to wear it after i left it for about 2 weeks at my hometown! lolzzz


ps: sorry toes really ugly n i cant introduce them to u all until i manicure it! lolzzz


dress : T&S

vintage clincher : Juru auto city *seen at T&S*

heels : One U

white bucket quilt stud bag : Miss Selfridge

england coin chain bracelet : online


here's the money tat i use to buy this bag! *NEW RM50*

i was so surprise wen i get it! so cute la! n i have yet to keep the old one...:(


hmmm...ohya~ can i share some of my make up?

heheh i m a beginner in make up...but i love make up...da bf's sister n my bro r the 2 most important people in my life to help me present well..:p


my bro was the one who taught me about make up...he is a make up artist previously..

n then later on..i meet da bf's sister! she is the one who teach me a lot of make up n give me a lot of brander make up stuff!

really thx for ur contribution! to da bro n da bf's sis~ or consider my sis too~ hahah

* i know la! i really bu yao lian! but so wat! waaak*

i love Majorlica Majorca stuff! so natural n easy to use!

highly recommended for the beginners! especially the comb style mascara..

its a bit hard to remove...but it works really well on ur lashes!

i use to have a very short lashes before i use it... n i THINK *no confidence* ha it helps on lengthening my lashes~:p


n ohya.. i have totally no idea with my eyebrow...i dont know which colour pencil eyebrow tat i should use..n i dont know whether i should find someone to style it~ hahah i mean cut it..hmmm nope...hmmm *xiu* it~ hahah


da giant chair at Sunway! my godddd! so BIG!!!!!! i m wondering how they carry this whole thing into the hall! ha~


as usual.....our love coffee~ San fransisco Buy 1 Free 1 Mocha coffeee~

It is now launched inside the maxis center!~ n there r more choices...mocha..latter...vanilla...chocolate...n i forgot about another one d~

Subway parmesan oregano! i love this bread the most! n i m so craving for subway now! n its 11:46 pm :(

I can;t! as i m having diet!

today, ter is a new intern having lunch wit us...he is a student who jz back from London..he claims tat he is getting bored on subway as he use to have it everyday in London! n a Subway sandwich cost around 4 pounds! which is around RM23++ in Malaysia!

o m g! our subway only cost around RM 13 for the most expensive one! -.- 


another stupido sherlyn! wakaka so cute la this spec! i was finding some similar glasses ...but it must be black... cz i dont think i look good in pink glassess! wakakaka

see! how i dumb my shopping bag! hahah


another one in my wish list~

top shop denim dress! i saw it at top shop but never try it!

as i know..i cant control myself once i found tat it really suits me!

n they r having sales! RM199 with 30% discount! worth it rite?

seriously i love it so much!

but the problem is, it is so so so expensive! RM199 for a denim dress~

made of really soft, old denim

how do u think?

izit worth?

should i? :(

i really love it but the bf doesnt really support me to buy it as he saw the material n claims tat i doesnt worth it :(




Part 1 da tea gal~

da tea gal went tea for some sympathy~

oh my~

hahah n yes!

da whole outfit from tea n sympathy!!! weeeeee

i need more!!!! :(

owhhh wait! camwhore first can o not? wakakaka


In the car~

my dark circle is getting worst n worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bear is back!!~

da bf look really serious wen he is serious!


Hailam kopitiam's traditional roti bakar! *about the same level wit old town's* nothing special :(

weee my lovely egg! n tis is nice!

da nasi rendang chicken~ i think tis is better than the old town one cz their chicken n ikan bilis r more fresh compare to old town one~

da hailan gu niang at hailam kopitiam~!! hellokittyicon.gif

ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zzz saddddddddd :( i waste a year to slim down n i use 2 months to gain back half of the weight! :(


 i look so stupid la wei! lolzz

owl earing and england coin chain braclet : online

Top and skirt : T&S

vintage pale pink bag and pumps: vincci



i'm didn't intended to went there for so long...due to some reason....i terpaksa stay there and walk for the bloody 4 hours!!!!!!!

i m actually quite upset as i didnt find anything nice after the 4 hours in bangsar! =.=

the only thing tat excites me is.....I MEET MMU FASHIONISTA KIMBERLY~ wakakaka

sounds so stupid la! n i was stunned wen i saw her~ wanted to chat more wit her BUT FAILED! as i m too shy with my broken english~


n i FORGOT to take picture with her! lolzzzzz


it's been a long time i didnt meet wit any MMU-ians~

hmmmm except the time wen i was in penang~ haha

n i meet ying tian too a day after bangsar shopping~ weee

i miss u all gals soso much!!!!!!!

i wana chit chat!

i wanna gossip!

i wanna...i wanna,..i wanna! lolzzzzz

i want all can o not? hahh


haha anyway, i manage to grab one cutesy vintage dress from tea at my second attempt! lolzzzz


heres the original tea...


tats the poofy skirt tat i love so much from tea!!!!!!!

 i want it so badly! but bear didnt think tat i m suit to it as its a bit too poofy on me :( but i love it til cry!

poofy skirt memang kena poofy de ma~ sobbbsobbbb


and and...yeah! tats the dress tat i bought from tea~!!!!!

nice o not? i love it till faint ar!!!!!! give me a nice k? wahaha

da front view...

n da back view!

seee the cute lil bow with lace?

so cute la wei!

it has the most reasonable price with superb quality!!!!!

i m satified!!!! really really satisfied!!!!

i love u so much tea!!!!!!! :(


n heres the left out~

superb love tis dress! but the problem is, first, i can;t wear bra as the back part SHOULD BE empty!

n the front part is a bit loose for me...* i m a looser la wei!*

n if it is a bit loose for me....n if i didnt wear bra...n wen the lights run would be really really ugly n embarasssss!!!!!!!

y?y?y?!!!!!!!! i m a looser :(

anyone can help me? wakakakaka

so, i didnt buy it! but its really nice~

n i check out their blog today~ its been sold out :( sobbbbb

RM89....quite worth it actually!



tats all for temporary.....too many photos d! i dont even know since wen i took sososos many pictures!

stay here for part 2 k?

part 2 is all about the new dress tat i bought from tea :p



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  • khailing
  • 25 pounds for an awesome bag. You think it's a good deal? For me sure I cannot decide coz I have not started earning money T.T
  • i had decided! n i took so many days to think of it...n finally i cant resist anymore! so....u know la :( broke now! wakakak anyway....i bought it under bear's control! which means, he support me to buy it too! weeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/03 21:06 回覆

  • kim
  • u not fat lar dear! still ok mah! remain will be alright..:Du can buy nu bra to wear those skirt with special design on the back...and oh ya! nice skirt from t & s!!!haih i long time nvr been thr d...:(( looking forward for part 2
  • i m fat dear! wakaaka ha hmm i m thinking of buying nu bra too~ but dont know wer should i buy it~ n wat is the guidelines~ haha ohya~ maybe u can post in ur blog n share wit us how to choose a nu bra?~ hhehe n its been a long time i didnt go ter too~ gonna go more often d! wakaka ohya~ recently too busy until always lateto catch up wit trend repots' update! so sad la! i like the peterpan collar line top! so sweet n cute! but i saw the status tat all had been sold out! so fast la wei! wakakaka next time gonna be at home n cancel all the dates! ha thx for looking forward for my part 2 o!!! really happy nehxxxx~ weeeee fly~

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/03 23:50 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • the poofy skirt actually look nice ya..XD
    arghh..nice hand is itchy..
    wanna go shopping too..>,<
    waiting for the shopping diary 2..huhuuuu
  • yala dear! the poofy really nice la!!!! i wan it so badly!!! my god!!! gonna convince my bf d! wakakaak fyi, i will only buy those clothes tat r approved by my bf~ ha cz i always luan luan buy! n ended up wasting a lot of money~ haha n thx for the looking forward too o~~ double happy double fly~ hahahah

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/03 23:52 回覆

  • kimberly lim
  • sherlyn! next time don be so paiseh k? we should have taken a pic together la. wasted. huhuhu. it was so nice meeting you that day tho! we should go shopping together one day k? :)
  • hehe yalo! we should take a pic~ wakkak n i was glad to meet u too~ u r so soso pretty!!!!!!!llolzzzz sounds like a dangerous stalker~ ha n yeas!!!! lets go shopping one day la! wakaka Cant wait~ haah :p n thx for dropping by o gal~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/04 23:04 回覆

  • Ling
  • hi girl.. forgot how i found your blog. nice and cute blog u have. and u look cute too, and ya, u are NOT fat la.. really! btw, love your dress from T&S.. Is it still available? Please please email me if one day u intend to sell it ok.. im buying, for sure. Haha.
  • haah thx a lot dear for da words! n i love all the dresses for T&S too~ m still love it soso much~ not gonna sell it for temporary nehx! ha maybe u can bump into their shop see whether it is still available~ it is a very nice dress! *shy*

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/05 00:12 回覆

  • Ling
  • oh okay.. its fine.. since its so nice, i think it will be gone soon, or already gone maybe haha. oh ya, your eyes make up looks nice .. wat eye liner are u using?
  • hehe thx dear~ i m using Kate eyeliner~ high recommended for beginners too~ :p
    it is a gel eyeliner wit a free brush~ soft,smooth n easy to apply~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/05 00:30 回覆

  • Janice
  • hey sherlyn darl, mind if i ask where did you get the bow heels? you mentioned 1u, but mind telling me which shop? i want!!!

    btw, i got that bow sling pouch from vincci too! =) but in green.
  • hi gal~ sorry for the late reply ya~
    o...tat shoe i bought from old wing de~
    but i forgot the name d!
    its near the cinema ter~ i mean the old wing cinema!
    hmm ohya! i think is opera if not mistaken~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/08 10:37 回覆

  • theng
  • hi darl,
    nice outfits thr ya ... everything is nice la ..
    aiyo , dun worry la , u still slim la dun keep fit too much till too thin ok ?? hehe
    so faster 2 months already past ,see ya in next sem lo
  • yalo! 2 mths edi ar! my god! time past so fast!!!!! ei gal~ i m goin bac to cyber today nehx! maybe can see u ter! wakaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/08 10:38 回覆

  • Janice
  • thanks! i think i know which shop d. =) kakaka will go find find one day. =) thanks again.
  • welcome dear~ yaya go findfind! ha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/09 22:41 回覆